Cats (or dogs) die? Workers have the right to mourn him. 2 days off by law in Colombia

The love of animals is also the right of their owners to mourn their loss. Including paid leave from work. This could happen soon in Colombia, where Liberal Party MP Alejandro Carlos Chacon, 48, has raised a bill under which employers are obliged to grant an employee who requests two days’ paid leave after the animal’s death. The new law aims to “recognize the emotional bond between people and their pets, whose death can have a significant psychological impact on their owners,” politician El Timpoke said.

Country of missing cats, 50 since the beginning of May. “All misguided, no race.”

An emotional bond

“Some people have no children, but they have a very favorite pet with which they form a deep and fraternal bond,” Chacon reflects. He added that paid leave would help people “overcome the pain of losing their favorite animal without worrying about work”. According to Chacon, the bill would change the lives of most Colombians, as six out of ten families have a pet. The proposal does not specify which animals are considered pets, but El Timpo reports that the proposed law defines a pet with which “the owner has a strong emotional bond”. And he noted that holidays given for the death of wildlife or exotic animals do not apply. The document further states that an employee can get paid leave only by giving advance notice to the employer and providing proof of death. The fear is that anyone will take advantage of it, citing the fake death of a home dog for a two-day free leave, but the bill aims to discourage scammers by enforcing veterinary documentation production and punishing the culprits with fines.

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The situation in Italy

The Senate and the House of Representatives of Colombia are ready to face the debate, which will take a long time. If the proposal becomes law, it will be a global revolution. In Glasgow, Scotland, two years ago, 20-year-old waitress Emma McNalty was fired for taking leave the day after her Yorkshire death. “I couldn’t show up for work because I was so devastated and physically ill,” he told the Daily Telegraph, adding that a pet is as important as a family member. “It’s time for companies to recognize this,” he said. So he launched an online petition calling for the law of mourning to be extended to pets. In Italy, there are no specific rules governing the death of a domestic dog or cat. In 2007, Supreme Court judges took a step further by establishing the existence of a “right to a permit for the care of pets”, since “not caring for a owned animal consolidates the crime of abuse.” In the case, the court ruled in favor of a young woman, an employee of the University of Sapianza in Rome, who requested a two-day leave to help her dog, who needed emergency veterinary surgery on her larynx.

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The woman lived alone, she was the only one who could take care of him and the veterinarian’s intervention was considered necessary. After the first refusal by the employer to grant the permit, the woman turned to the Anti-Vision League for legal assistance to obtain the permit. According to Profit, in fact, if the animal does not receive proper care, the crime of abandonment can even be configured. The policy confirmed by the Supreme Court, however, is not a large fake network and the right to a granted work permit may be recognized in certain circumstances. This is only if the staff is alone and there is no possibility of providing assistance to others. They must possess a veterinary certificate proven to be an animal disease, demonstrate the need to provide the animal with a veterinary or non-suspended check, have no alternative for transportation, or otherwise be unable to provide the necessary assistance.

Country of missing cats, 50 since the beginning of May. “All misguided, no race.”

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