Duncan, the modern cat icon

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This Duncan’s storyA cat that, with its discreet and popular presence around it, is still able to teach us a lot, not only about cats but also about ourselves.

It appeared on my social wall a few weeks ago A picture of a beautiful tabby cat Posing in a square, the medal attached to the collar of which fascinated me. I started investigating and discovered the story of this wonderful cat that was known virtually everywhere in its vicinity. The photo, in fact, was not taken by a pet partner and not even a family member but a shopkeeper who works in the area and who often hosts Duncan on his premises.

A family cat

Baby's favorite cartoon
In the picture: Baby’s favorite cartoon

The cat owes his name To the passion of the youngest son of the family For a cartoon characterAn emotion so unbridled that it got stuck on her as she passed the doorstep of her home right after the adoption.

A message for strangers

A collar with a GPS beacon can be a great tool to equip our friend
In the picture: A collar with a GPS beacon can be a great tool to equip our friend

Duncan, whose city I do not disclose to protect his identity, wanders the streets around it where there is a typical Piazza della Repubblica and his pet companion, to get acquainted with it. Equipped with a collar and a small tag attached to a GPS indicator To follow their movements. Nameplate, Which shows a number on the opposite side and a telephone for family traceability, you see a phrase that I personally found with great respect for Duncan: “If I live near the Piazza Republic, I’ll go home alone”. A message is clearly designed for those who can meet him and ask who he is. But it is a message that hides a lot of deep meaning.

She is a skilled cat

I was thrilled when I saw the photo in the tag because I wondered what it was like to put such a message on Petmet’s head: it’s a way to communicate with those who come with Duncan “Don’t worry about him, he deserves a cat.” Through this message, Duncan is recognized as an area, a territorial area, that extends beyond the limited perimeter of the home he owns.

This is a cat that knows how to choose

Cats are very cautious, especially towards themselves
In the picture: Cats are very cautious, especially towards themselves

But not only: Duncan bears a bond with the human family in his name (even with his puppy) but at the same time he is recognized. The ability to direct oneself And to choose how to move into his living space. And experimental evidence Duncan is the right proof! In fact, looking at the images returned by the satellite system that indicate the path taken, is simply not clear. The cat lives in a squareBut it is also clear that it tends to emphasize exclusively green areas, strategically avoiding asphalt roads and passing cars.

Adaptation with today’s cities

When I saw satellite images of Duncan, Medellin, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities with the cats that inhabit the city of Istanbul, one of the largest metropolises in southern Europe that shows how these animals operate every day. To adapt from an environmental perspective, but also from a cognitive perspective, with the structures and challenges of today’s cities.

Complex ethnographic, but not complex

It also made me think of images of Russian and Eastern European dogs crossing pedestrian crossings and taking subways to warm up, but at the same time managing a seemingly indescribable way to cross the city in one place, to understand when to go. Then get off at the right metro stop. But it still makes me think of the Oscar story, the English cat that became famous a few years ago because he could get on a bus every day, walk around town and get off at the stop in front of his house just in time. Just before the pet mate returned from work.

I All the stories that make me think On There is so much underestimation towards the animal mindTheir ability to live in an ethnographic area – even in a metropolis -, their ability to adapt, but despite the environmental ups and downs that our cities have, they are able to innovate themselves and follow our revolutions. .

What Duncan teaches us

Cats like Duncan should be inculcated among those involved in research on animal behavior – but also among general enthusiasts – with enthusiasm, curiosity and interest in the intelligence expressed by cats. Much of the comment below this type of post focuses on the dangers that cats face and how it would be appropriate to keep them safe in a collective concern practice that is difficult to contain now. However, I always hope that one day fear, especially irrational, blockade, backed by superstition, will leave a place of wonder and allow us to be exposed once and for all to the discovery of these wonderful creatures that we also tend to underestimate and underestimate. In the long run, thus denying us the possibility of really understanding them and knowing them fully.

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