He argues with his wife and throws the cat against the wall, after 10 days of suffering the animal dies

The tension in the house is increasing day by day. Husband and wife quarrel gradually. And finally the man takes a cat, a three-month-old Scottish fold that lives with them, and throws it against a wall.

The incident took place in Turkey. Police intervened at the scene, were called by neighbors, and the woman filed a complaint: The man was fined 1,500 Turkish lira (about 97 euros) for torturing the animal, but now his condition should be worse because unfortunately the cat did not.

The cat was hospitalized in a veterinary clinic where he was treated, also thanks to the contribution of neighbors, but died 10 days later.

The animal was not only severely affected by the head injury but also with cerebral edema: “The cat was hit very hard and it is unlikely that what he gave happened at once – explained L সভাপতিtfiye Tüzün Kurban, president of the Trabzon Animal Protection Association (TRAHICO). The animal was a constant victim of violence. There was one thing that made us even more sad: even when the cat was dying, it was awkward to those who cherished it. We did everything we could to make it live. But now, as an association, we I contacted and said that the person should not run away with a fine of 1500 Turkish Lira and the incident should be a criminal case. According to the law, the person should be sentenced to 3 months to 6 years imprisonment. I hope he will be condemned and set an example for all. From now on, no one will be able to use violence against animals.

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