How much can I keep? Here’s what the law says

Is there a maximum number of animals that can be accommodated at home? Let’s see what the law says about this.

More and more people have pets at home, just think of that, accordingly Istat information39% of Italians own a dog and / or a cat, with a total of about 20.3 million pets in Italy alone.

Many, however, ask themselves: How many animals can I keep in the house? Let’s see what the law says.

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Pets: Definition of a pet

When we talk Pets, We understand an animal with which man can coexist; It is also called a pet or companion.

In Italy, the main rules regarding pets are in law August 14, 1991 281 (“Structure law on the prevention of companion animals and stray animals“) And 189 of 20 July 2004 (General laws of the Italian Republic are made for the protection of animals).

If an animal is considered “Pets“Associated with Prohibitions: Prohibition on the abandonment, production, slaughter, import and export of their meat for food, transportation and storage, and their use in hazardous and degrading shows and events.

Furthermore, there is an obligation to ensure the traceability and traceability of the real owner along the entire supply chain by interfering with the registry, so let’s talk about this. Microchip And compulsory registrationCanine Registry.

Pets at home: What the maximum number law says

Animals in the houseAs mentioned, more and more Italian families have a pet at home, especially after the boom in later adoption 2020 lockdown.

But often too many pets can disturb the peace of neighbors and CondominiumEspecially if you are alone all day.
But what does the law say about this? There really is one The maximum range of pets that can be kept at home?

To date, there is no law that allows the maximum number of animals to be kept in a condominium apartment or a villa.

Furthermore, the condominium cannot set any ceiling without the unanimous consent of all condominium members in the building. But even in this case, the clause can easily be overturned by a judge in case of dissent.

Therefore, there is no limit to the number of animals in the home, unless they have the opportunity to live in freedom and in places suitable for their well-being.

If the owner does not allow his pet to live in a suitable environment, he may be punished Abuse of animalsAs conditional “The crowd

The punishment can be very severe and can result in imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of 1000 to 10’000 euros in addition to the confiscation of pets.

Animals that cannot be kept indoors: What the law says.

Pets: Examples and Rules

For example, November 21, 2017, The Milan Court A woman has been punished for abandoning an animal because she kept 33 cats in the house.

According to the judges, the cats lived in such a way that they had to suffer severe hardships, not in keeping with their nature, due to the crowded conditions of the animals and the poor health conditions of the environment in which they lived.

Although there are no rules for keeping the maximum number of pets in the house, this condition can be contradictory. Condominium rules Related to pets.

Responsible for the owner of the animal or anyone in charge of its custody Third party damage by your petIn both cases of loss of life (accident and assault) and property (cleaning and preservation of common area).

For The sound, The owner’s duty is to keep the animal in a healthy environment and not to leave it alone for many hours during the day. In this case, the law may provide for the seizure of the animal, if the noise is a sign of a pet’s illness.

Despite this,Art. 844 cc. Predict that they cannot be prevented

“Sound and emission that does not exceed normal tolerance”.

So, in conclusion, there is no law that sets a maximum limit for pets under the same roof. But the health and well-being of animals must always be satisfactory. Otherwise, the owner may be charged with animal abuse.

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