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Amedeo Furfaro talks about the inspiration of some musicians in the animal kingdom

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On February 8, the House, after the Senate, approved a bill of constitutional reform that, among other things, provides for a new paragraph in the industry. 9 of the Constitution which places referrals to the General Assembly on the definition of ways and forms for the protection of animals (as well as, ultimately, the environment and not just the landscape).
Legal protection is an innovation that incorporates the content of EU effective agreements to the point mentioned in the industry. 13 where it is established that “the Union and the Member States must, of course, be animalsSensitive, Pay full attention to the needs of the animals. ” Feelings So it is now a legal status recognized for animals in the Italian legal system. And it’s the starting point for some reflection, this column, on what kind Musical feeling May exist between animals and humans.

It should be noted first that several composers were inspired by the animal kingdom. Its zoology fantasy Animal Carnival A great occasion to celebrate the bonds between humans and animals through notes by Saint-Saëns. So with fairy tales Peter and the wolf Fifty years later, in 1936, by Prokof’ev, he “doubled” animals with instruments (birds / flutes, ducks / oboes, cats / clarinets, wolves / horns). Twenty more years and this is Olivier Messien who wrote the piano score Catalog of Oiseaux With classical bird songs, in the mouthpiece, in the screams, in the hymns, in the cadence-solos … these eight centuries later the Canticle of the Creatures!
Imagination, inspiration, onmatopoia. Animal House offers a sample of possible sounds for concerts and records.
The Sardinian choir is based on the harmony of the primitive polyphony of Concordu and Tenor from Orosei, which collaborated with Salis and Sisoko, among others. The opposite (To the sheep), Basu (Imitation of bull) e mesuvoche (Wind flute)
Not only sound but also instruments play a role. Jazz has them, like Dewey Redman’s Sex on the album Find the Black Star Since 1975, Guttural sounds like an animal. Or the percussionist Airato Morera who uses Quica with Miles Davis, a Brazilian friction drum that is the samba norm, the sound of which was originally associated with the roar of the lion in Africa (according to others near the monkey’s voice).
In addition to anecdotes, perspectives can involve large projects and even stylistic trends.
Trumpeter Winton Marsalis, In SpaceChicken, lion, frog … (S. Mohammed, npr.org/2016 )
Long before that, it was Ellington who created the leopard print and exotic in the 20’s Jungle style Which has recreated the jungle environment of Africa in notes. That’s not it. Animals can sometimes be actors on stage.
In 1990, a cow parked in front of the stage during a concert by Russian pianist Sergei Kuriokhin at the Europa Jazz Festival in Nosy created a sensation.
On the live show, the late leader of pop mechanics, Horse, inserted giz (as happened in the Apulian Review) with the band, for a “total” scene with an “extended” bipartisan situation of circus philosophy. The performance was a brilliant way to overturn the idea of ​​a concert by involving live animals from the surrounding environment, embodying (again) a tradition that sees the Jazz Academy turn into a pure performance..

Animals, as it is well known, appear in the titles of many text and musical pieces.
In this regard, browse the “For the Cows” ranking created in 2001 by Leicester’s “Music Research Group” which clearly sees REM, Simon and Garfunkel in the first place from Beasthoven to Pastoral. Without being an expert in zoogeology, one is intrigued by the fact that thanks to music, pigs get better fat and sheep produce more fur.
Of course, more than just watching “Pianist Cats” on YouTube or “On All Four” keyboard performances, there’s a special pair of kittens or even a jazz band that draws a herd of cows playing “When The Saints” closer.
Mechanical gestures, of course. In reality, it is not permissible to imagine singing like a cattle farm In the old factory. However, we need to reflect on the welcome that animals have in our musical imagination. At the stage of ranking up like “30 best horse songs” (horseillustrated.com) And like a cow offering a full cover Atomic heart mother Pink Floyd’s fifth album.
Looking for details at the Jazz Museum, they are included Silver Swan Rage By Japlin E. Tiger is angry Of ODJB, Look at the dogIn the version of Etta James, the Animal dance Modern jazz quartet, and why not synopsis Marama also says you are dead. However, we mention its reading Songs about animals For a more complete picture John Dennis reported on www.theguardian on 28/4/2011 (it would be interesting to draw it for Italian songs too, probably starting from A Polka dot zebra)
Compulsory quotes for popular texts Dog song By Nellie McKay and for the interesting ones Felix the Cat and Sweet Lacey, And again from the TV series Its song Rin tin tin Stainless Commissioner Rex in various abbreviations and cartoons of Tweet and (cat) Sylvestro.
Then there will be a flood of “Junior” songs Johnny Dachsund A. from LaujiL. Wolf wolf By dala, from Cat’s eyes Per 44 catsAnd the different tunes dedicated to the different Missio and Fido in our house, many of which, let’s face it, act as anti-stress for their respective owners.
But Feelings Eventually the musical instrument mentioned above leads us to deepen another “perspective” of the relationship, the creature.
There is a line of study, take for example the University of Louisiana’s “Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery,” which deals with research that demonstrates the soothing properties of certain music against dogs and cats. A.restocats Has he seen too far? In a certain sense, yes, but the tendency towards jazz is not widespread.
According to the January 19 issue of “Vet. Journal”, writing a specific music therapy on cats, the favorite composers will be Bach and Chopin whose tunes will have a calming effect in overcoming the cleanliness of modern life like their dog. (And cats). A crunchy discovery, it hears Mozart and the hens that lay more eggs on cows produce more milk as previously established by other acclaimed American scholars and by the experience of Muzak Inc., which hears symphonic. Music was made which then spread to the stables and chicken coops.

Some researchers have focused on rage and soft rock, which, according to the Scottish SPCA, an organization affiliated with the University of Glasgow, prefers dogs.midogguide.com/it/dog) Who, on the other hand, will hate heavy metals.
To go back to jazz, who knows, as it happened LG By Gabriel Fouret, Animal Friend Intra Moenia Don’t feel drowsy, tempted by Bill Evans!
Actually dailyJournal.net On July 13, 2017, he reassured us at a concert presentation at the Indianapolis Zoo – “Animals can enjoy the smooth sound of jazz”. But scientific evidence does not match the news. Regarding jazz, aquatic animals and the sound of the sea, it would be sharks, according to an Australian study published in “Animal Cognition” by “National Geographic”, to show “the trend of this musical instrument” (corriere.it, 21/5/2018).
And David Rothenberg, the philosopher, composer and jazz clericist, concluded that “of course it is possible to create a language of interposition, even accidentally jazz, which connects to collecting signals that cannot be deciphered at first conjecture” (see E. GarziaJazz and “animal rights” inspiration“, Percorsimusicali.eu, 1/9/2015).
The fact is that many scientific findings seem to have all the aims and objectives of cats “sensitive” and acquired underlying domestic canids. With the fear of collectors that cats and dogs will eventually compete for jazz records with the sound of bites and scratches!

Amedeo Furfaro

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