Kosenza is a simple sad and bitter script. Parma passes 3 to 1 in Marulla

Kosenza – Another bitter face for Kosenza The 3-1 defeat at home to Parmar, who took full advantage of the opportunity with the least effort and 100% of the opportunity created, again complained, leaving Rossblue at the bottom of the standings.You may have a different ending that is an irrational match. A film has already been seen in Marulla this afternoon, with a team (Cosenza) that has the usual incredible defensive rudeness and Parmar has scored three goals in three and a half shots which seemed irresistible, If everything goes wrong you can go wrong. A party is now captive to their fears that seem destined for a tragic end. Bernabe’s Brace and Danilo’s goal decided the match. Larry’s goal from a penalty kick in the middle.

Immediately in Barnabas, Kosenza equals Vaisanen

Bisoli had to go without a regional midfield as the injured Congolese was disqualified. There is Carraro in the middle, Vallocchia and Palmiero inside, while Situm and Caso are on the side street. At the front, Miliko stops, is formed by the attacking couple Laura and Larivi. The game In the pouring rain And in front of only 2,000 spectators. With the first minutes of study Parma to take possession of the ball When Rossblue controls half of them themselves. But at 10 o’clockIn the first acceleration, Parma took the lead. Spanish midfielder Valochia chases Bernabe’s sprint in vain He asks and accepts a couple of questions from Pandeb, introduces himself to Motesovic and beats him with a specific left. That’s where the stuff itself goes. An up-and-down game for Rossblue who shows up ‘with’ at 15Apply force Expected by Laura Turk’s timely release. 21 A ‘Punishment in the area of ​​Palmiro on which Vysenen pushes, a deviation that largely ends. A minute later a nice combination of Rosblue in the right lane. Carraro cross for Larrivey’s head Which expects puberty but sends down from a nice position. In the 33rd minute, Situm crossed a low shot for Laura, the French goalkeeper came in contact with the Turks. Mr. Marini, after reviewing the action in the bar, gave the attacker a foul whistle to attack. Kosenza, in chaotic ways, attacks and creates opportunities. The 41 ′ Injukata of Vaisanen seems to have won, But on the line he takes the man that deviates over the crossbar in a futuristic way. Parma suffers defensively but always manages to keep a piece of it and save themselves on two toxic crosses first from Sitam and then Valochia. The first half ended 3 minutes after the recovery which punished the penalty Rossblue in the first shot of the goal.

Danilo doubles, lowering Larive on the penalty spot but Barbabe stops it

The second half is opened with a replacement on each side. An even more Turin out for Benedict Zac in Parma when Cosenza Florenzi occupies Valocia. There is no time to settle on the pitch Parma doubles with Danilo. Newly entered Benedyczak took the ball into the line and forgot about Kosenza’s defense and went to the far post for Danilo. Left to cross and ball in low corner. A push in Kosenza’s hopes At 48 he showed up in the area with Palmyro But in a nearby post, he concludes that Danilo’s deviation is the one who protects Parma. Rossblue desperately leans forward but leaves a huge space for yellow and blue to resume At 55 তারা they touch the trio with a human diagonal Deviated by a futuristic intervention by Matosevic. Bisoli throws Pandolfi and Leotti on the field for Caso and Carroro but It takes a shot from a defender (Venturi) to involve Turkey At 64 ‘. Great shot from the edge deflected for goalkeeper’s corner. Rasbalu continues to attack But the ball doesn’t really want to enter. Crosses come from all directions, but the winning shake is always absent. It will take an episode to reopen the race. In episode 72, Florenzi slinges himself over a ball in the area and is knocked out by Benedict. An obvious punishment is that Larrivey is converted With a strong and powerful right to the right of the goalkeeper. It is the game of the Parma half with Cosenza who definitely seems to have more. Leotti touches the crossbar with a free kick When in the 85 minutes after an infinite hit and counter in the area Palmiro’s shot hit the goalkeeper. The right opportunity happens at P’s feetandolfi who manages to send excitement while leaving Turkey. Simi, on the other hand, does the same thing by sliding in front of Matosevich. Two from the end Parma paused the match with a brace from Barbieb For those who like the good times Aberto Tomba, a slalom to the right of Matosovic beats four defenders and the bag.


Cosenza football (30-05-2017): Matosevic; Venturi, Campores, Vaisanen (67 ′ de Purdo), Situm, Carraro (57 ′ Liotti), Palmeiro (83 ′ Endoz), Valocachia (46 ′ Florenzi), Caso (57 ′ Pandolfi), Laura, Larive
On the park bench: Sarri, Vigorito, Pandolfi, Garbo, Florenzi, Voca, Jelly, Arioli, Cristov, Andoz, Leotti, Di Pardo
Instructor: Pierpaolo Bisoli

Parma Football 1913 (30-05-2017): Turkish; Del Prato, Danilo, Balogh (24 ‘circuit); Rispoli (82 ‘Culibali), Zurich, Barnabas, Vazquez (67’ Brunetta), man; Pandev (67 cm), Tutino (46 Benedikzak)
On the park bench: Rossi, Brunetta, Benedict, Soham, Camara, Culibali, Valenti, Bonnie, Sarkati, Osterholde, Korea, Simi
Instructor: Giuseppe Yachini

Judge: Mr. Valerio Marini of Rome 1
Assistant: Mr. Marco della Cross from Rimini and Mr. Claudio Gualtieri from Asti
IV people
: Mr. Luigi Carrela from Barry
Room VAR: Juan Luca Sacchi of Maserata and Matteo Botegoni of Tarni

Ammonites: Tutino (P), Valochia (C), Sarkati (P), Del Prato (P), Pandolfi (C), Benedikzak (P)

Angle: 7-4
Recovery: 3 ′ pt – 4′st

Note: Cosenza has occasional heavy rainfall and temperatures of about 9 degrees around noon with a winter climate. The terrain of Marulla is loose from the rains but in good condition. The guest sector was attended by only 2,500 spectators with about fifty Parma fans.

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