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L’AQUILA – A story of liberation that transcends “physical culture”, overcoming the dark moments of rape through a healthy lifestyle and transforming grief into rebirth.

The brothers were born from an important source of adventure experience Federica And Alessio Taconi, The 26-year-old and 22-year-old, who today inaugurated the “Metroflex Black Gym” in L’Aquila through Giovanni Gronchi 14 at the Pyle Industrial Center.

Future hopes from a difficult past and filled with Joey de Vivar: The gym opening is part of an obstacle course that Federica is able to say today with the hope that it will be useful to other young people.

“Bullying is an ugly beast, the worst one. It doesn’t let you live during the day and it doesn’t let you sleep at night. I was afraid to go to school – he remembers – my classmates used to laugh at me for my physical appearance and when I was younger Then they laid their hands on me. Tears at night, tears during the day. “

“Feelings are not knowing what the will to live is, which causes you to forget the beauty of essentials, the joy of life, the joy of laughter because basically when you are not appreciated and you feel less than everyone else, you have no reason to laugh.” .

Federica says she has also been the victim of physical violence: I never gave up because I always had the desire to be free. “

Even his brother Alessio had a similar experience: Unfortunately, there are many young people today who die from oppression, due to stress and trauma that other people use for pure personal enjoyment, to feel strong, when in reality they are weak. The one who is truly strong does not need to disrespect or hurt others. “

For this reason, Federica explains, “One of my greatest goals, indeed, is my mission, to give a second chance, a salvation, to a lot of people, boys, girls who have experienced or are going through all of this. The grip that allows you to be strong, develops a mental energy that allows you to feel good inside and out alone. For what we have been able to do in the end. “

“That little girl, who has been ridiculed a lot, is now being respected and sought out by the same people who treated her so badly. We are not dissatisfied and our doors are open to these people so that they can work and improve: Jim, too, is a way to achieve the security that a person does not have to find strength to see suffering. “

“‘Physical culture’ helps to eliminate evil, to get out of trouble, to eradicate them. What everyone dreams of can happen; Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. No one was wrong, much less. You always have to fight to find the best version of yourself. You have to challenge yourself. When you fall, the important thing is to get up, the linear path does not exist. It is the fall that makes us grow and strengthen.

And the Metroflex Black Gym for the two boys represents all of this: “A gym is open to all, not just to advanced athletes, but to those who need to start from scratch. We want to show them that with perseverance, determination and the right direction, every goal can become a reality. “

“Everyone started from the beginning, we started from there too.”

“In our gym – they assure – there will be room for everyone. We will always be present with our team consisting of our nutritionist biologists, athletic trainers, room trainers and fantastic receptionists who are ready to welcome the customer and give any kind of explanation. You can choose between different trainers who, in collaboration with nutritionists, will specifically study a specific and thematic diet and training program because each person is different! “

The dream is to continue this way, to open a new gym: “‘You have no limits’ is the motto of Metroflex. You can fall, but with each fall you will be stronger than before and that is what we want to show. “

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