Serie B, Crimean break at home. Koda has reopened Lake

In the thirtieth round of Serie B, Lex reduced the leader to Kremonis. In fact, the Lombards could not go more than 1-1 at home against Regina. And so the Apulians take advantage of this and control Frosinone 1-0 and rise from Grigiorosi to 59, -1. The general code qualifications that make up the network number 100 among the cadets. Ascoli defeated Pordenone by measure and reached 52 points. External hits from Ternana (Citadella field) and Parma (Cosenza), while Alessandria and Spall draw 2-2.

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Crimonese-Regina 1-1

Crimonis did not take a 1-1 lead at home against Regina. After Siofani’s advantage, Lombard’s team was reunited in the final by the Calabrians on penalty kicks. The hosts immediately took a big risk at 7 when Amione was alone in front of Carnesci, but kicked the goalkeeper. From that moment on, Crimonis took control of the race and tried several times, especially with Okoli and Strizolo. The home team goes to the 50’s in the second half: Castagnetti’s free kick is denied, a cross in the area and a Ciofani bag. At the age of 60, Cremonies remained in the top ten due to a fringe intervention by Kresenji on Hetemaj. Abbatista warns Grigioroso at first, but after checking the load he chases him. Pecchia’s team accuses him of numerical inferiority and collects a draw in the 80’s: Menez puts a vertical ball to the coupe that touches Sarnicola in the area. This is a punishment for Regina: Galabinov is not wrong.

Lecce-Frosinone 1-0

To equalize with the Cremonies, Lexi ruled Frosinone 1-0 at home. The qualification of the general Massimo Coder who unlocked the match of Via del Mar in the 40’s. For the attacker, this is the 100th goal in Serie B: Eger Protey. After about an hour of play, Leche pushes hard and touches the lead with a double chance: Coda tries from the edge but the ball runs out; So Guttie deflates Farago’s shot. Baroni’s team doesn’t stop and there’s another double chance within a few seconds of a quarter of an hour from the end: De Mariano saving after a conclusion. And the coder deflated at the last minute a sure shot.

Ascoli-Pordenone 1-0

Ascoli Pordenone won 1-0 in a very complicated match. The Friulians got off to a good start and forced Guarna into a thrilling dribble near Belluski’s back pass at 17 ‘. A minute later there was suspicious communication between De Serio and Botegin, but the referee and then did not grant a penalty. Ascoli fights and Iliyev’s only goal comes in the 37th minute, but he kicks a penalty at speed. The music in the second half doesn’t change despite the classic swirl of change. Anci, Mensah’s entry revived Pordenone. 73 ′ Tsadjout’s title is too weak to think of Bindi. The three-point goal for March came in the 85th minute thanks to Bashirotto who headed a free-kick from Falasco.

Cittadella-Ternana 1-2

Extreme victory for Cernatana 2-1 at Cittadella. A minute later, the hosts got off to a good start with Baldini’s attack. Donarumma immediately answered for the Umbrians with a deviation in front of the goal. Beretta is very selfish towards half an hour when the direct opponent jumps and ends with a wide shot, instead of serving Antonucci alone in the center of the area. The match ended in 37 ‘with Donarumma, who is adept at anticipating everyone, including Castrati, and throwing a lobe into the net. The second half began with the cancellation of Donarumar’s goal for offside. And just at the end of the new entry Tavernelli finds the same with a precise low shot. It all seems to end, but everything happens in recovery. First Sally’s goal was disallowed for offside, then the goal in the 94th minute which still equals Donaruma’s three points.

Kosenza 1-3 Parma

Parma lost to Kosenza, led by Antonio Bernabe. The midfielder opens and closes the account in the 3-1 final with the yellow and blue wins in Calabria. The proud reaction with Larivi after Ducal doubled is not enough for Bissoli’s team. Parma unlocked the match at 9 ‘after an intrusion by Bernabe at the end of a triangle with Pandey. A 35 ‘penalty for Kosenza, but the weight reversed the referee’s decision. At the start of the second half, in the 47th minute, Danilo’s counter-unbalanced shot gave Emilians the lead. Larrivey’s penalty kick (Benedyczak’s foul in Florenzi), in the 75’s, allowed Kosenza to return to the game, but Bernabe blocked the result in the 85th minute.

Alessandria-Spall 2-2

Drew 2-2 Alessandria and Spall. A result that doesn’t change the fortunes of the two teams very much, urging them to win the next few outings to cultivate themselves to stay in the B-side. At 18 Grace unlocked the game for those who, despite greater possession and dribbling, find the goal thanks to the well-served Corazza of Chiarlo. At 33 ‘to make it equal to Capradossi, on the development of a corner. Viviani’s great goal in the 50th minute of the second half put Spal forward. The problem is that Alessandria and Moreno Longo are forced to play offensive cards to try to equalize Marconi, Collage and Palombi, unable to take advantage of the spall. Then in the 72nd minute, the newly entered Marconi scored 2-2 which stunned the Ferrara man, who is still the master of the match.

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