Its a commendable initiative Feralpisalo In support of the people of Ukraine. This is a club note:

The relentless focus on social issues and support for the various emergencies in the region – from the recent global epidemic to the war in Ukraine – is in the DNA of Feralpisalo. A club that also feels the responsibility of being a social organization that seeks to help bring about positive change in society through specific actions.

And this policy is a guide to the initiatives taken by the Gardar Lions in support of the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine. The club has set up a secure fundraising channel, in collaboration with Salo’s ANRE Association, to respond to the humanitarian needs of those who find themselves in conflict areas and those seeking asylum in the province of Brescia.

In addition to hosting a Ukrainian delegation led by former boxer Oleg Ustimenko, a special shirt will be made with striker Simon Guerra for the match against Tristina scheduled for 9pm on Monday 14 March at Turina Stadium. Game number 17 verdeblù was immediately available to add a “NO” in front of its title. The shirt will then be auctioned off to Feralpisallo fans and partners to raise funds for the donation and will be sent directly to the Humanitarian Crisis Center.

In support of the Ukrainian people, therefore, the whole Verdeblu family has been brought together: an alliance that saw the involvement of all stakeholders, including companies, employees and members close to the club (a first grant for drug and food supplies was first organized specifically by Team Player), all internal With extensive coverage on media channels.

But also the mascot Leo. Which will be a yellow-blue flag-waving parade before the match with the Holbird (Live Rye Sport) to raise awareness of the plight of millions of animals who have suffered, died, been abandoned or fled their owners. A crisis in a crisis that is less talked about and less known. But thanks to the association’s activities and communication, such as the “No War” jersey and the association’s “Le Muse” in Rezzato, we can deal with sending concrete support targets to the site.

On Monday the 14th, all Ukrainian citizens or guests residing in the province of Brescia will have free access to the Turina Stadium (upon presentation of an identity document). Strong green passes and FFP2 masks are essential.

Small gestures, also consistent with Salo Municipality’s initiatives and ordinances. They can do many things.