Stepan, a million followers on Instagram, has raised money for Ukraine

The influential man who fled the country in the war is helping his colleagues under the bomb through the network

This is a very special story. And especially the hero special: a four-legged friend who Raising money to rescue animals in battle.
His name Stepan. This is a beautiful brindle big cat Sweet eyes
His life has also changed since Russia decided to invade Ukraine on February 24.

Until that time Stepan, who lived KharkivA city of about 1.4 million inhabitants would delight its Instagram followers with a quiet or single shot of its newspaper, under the bomb of ongoing clashes today.
You can see him staring at the pizza with his big eyes or watching his favorite cartoon or “playing the piano” in front of the TV …
Then came Flee because of the war. But he did not give up.

That cat raises funds to rescue animals in battle

Stepan is a real one Web star. In this way, he has made his own reputation The power to help other animals Those, like him or worse, are facing the Ukrainian tragedy.
Its history Big cats who raise funds It has caught the attention of millions, and even Britney Spears has re-posted her picture on social media. And His followers fearfully followed the journey to leave Kharkiv under the bomb.

Stepan @loveyoustepan of Ukraine

Since February 24, when Ukraine’s first missile was fired at five in the morning, Stepan has become Cats support animal rescue during war.
In fact, on the social channel @ loveyoustepan, he raised money for donations to five charities: Happy Paw, UAnimals, Mykolaiv Zoo, XII Month and Plyushka.
So far he has given more assurances to these volunteers $ 10,000But the fearless four-legged influencer continues his mission.

Stepan on Instagram: War diary and escape from Ukraine to France

Its history Experience fighting in the “first person” Stepan’s profile says.
He and he belong to that family Travel and escape documents from Kharkiv to France are recorded.
Their drama, like that of millions of Ukrainians, began at that dramatic end of February when they woke up to the explosion and began to feel all the horrors of the conflict.

Stepan @loveyoustepan on the train for safety

That day, on Stepan’s profile, two hearts with a black background and country colors were revealed. “Ukraine does not want war“And”The people of Ukraine want peace“Four days later he Also launched a virtual flash mob I am requesting his followers Post a picture with the hashtags #stopwar and #stopputin.
From March 3, the big cats began to communicate through Pictures, videos and stories There The destruction of the Russian invasion Until Long story short Those who lived in the war survived and were forced to flee.

From the fear of bombs to rescue

LawHome Stepan and his masters were unharmed for a week, the day a grenade flew over a neighbor’s balcony.
“About half an hour later – we read on Instagram – there were others ExplosionShaking the window, I jumped to my feet and realized something terrible was happening. Two, three dozen apartmentsAll the windows shattered and two missiles landed in our yard, In front of the house “.” We spent Two nights in the cellar – We read in other posts -. We stayed a week Without electricity


Then in that photo Stepan shows up From the train window. That was leading them to salvation. And the story of those dramatic moments continues: “Kharkiv volunteers helped us get to the train station and within 20 hours we Arrived at Lviv. Then we moved on On the border with Poland, We walked and stood in line, there were four or five thousand people. We have Crossed the border after 9 hours. Once in Poland, with the help of the World Association of Influencers of Monaco, we arrived in France. We are fine now. We are very concerned about our relatives in Ukraine and we will try our best to help our country. A new page in life begins here …

Sylvia Bolognini

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