There are fewer tigers in the world than there are inhabitants of Viggiù

When it comes to the fauna, everyone can think of a different creature: there are those who are immediately chasing a hungry lion in Savannah, others a deer that is silently running in the forest. Whatever your idea of ​​more or less exotic fauna, March 3 is World Wildlife Day Give it to him The United Nations To celebrate all the wild animals of the world.

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World Fauna and Varese Area 6 out of 9

Lion, Giraffe, Panda: We know we are an endangered species, we know we are declining. But if you try to ask yourself how many there are, You hardly know how to give a definite answer. So let’s try to play with numbers and comparisons together.

Often we talk about endangered species at the end of some newscasts, or are threatened by it, as news at the end of some newscasts (including tearjerking tones), which acts as a background or “space filler”. We want Try to communicate the subject from a different pointDoing A comparison that can give us a definite measure of how many (very few) samples of the best known species.

Let’s start thinking about it How many people live in the province of Versace?. This is a fact that is easy to guess: A little less than a million. To be precise: 890.768Eurostat data from 2019.

World Fauna and Varese Area

In the world we have instead about 7 billion, 930 million, 658 thousand and 390 (Source Worldofmeters). Not all the inhabitants of the province of Versailles are like that 0.01123% of the world’s population. “Zero point zero, one, one, twenty-three”. We are really the grains of sand in the desert.

Yet, many of our favorite species must be “innumerable” like all the inhabitants of the province of Versailles. We will take Giraffe (Giraffe SPP.) For example. All the giraffes in the world, But not all of them anymore 96,500: That’s it The 10.94% To all the inhabitants of Versailles. To get a more disturbing picture, we can look at it the other way around: if all the people on earth were like giraffes, they would all be in Busto and Marnet. Stop. Not uncles from America or cousins ​​from Australia.

World Fauna and Varese Area

We live in the area Busto RCGio For the second comparison, with its population African forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis)At which time the world’s population About 80 thousand samples. Slightly less than the population of the most populous city in our province, numbering 83,030.

He gets along Savannah’s African elephant cousin is a little better (Loxodonta africana), Which contains the population 200 and 400 thousand samples. But even here, compared to Varese, it does not measure that A quarter of its inhabitants. Not too far away In 1940 it was between 3 and 5 million (Adding two sub-species), for Fall of more than 40% in a few decades In total.

World Fauna and Varese Area

But there are some people whose condition is very bad. Species that have been reduced to bone marrow are believed to be much more numerous, for example Tiger (Panthera tigris).

Just think of that Not all tigers in the world are inhabitants of Vigue, The village at the foot of the Pre-Alps, north of Versace. Viggiù actually counts “good” 5’066 inhabitantsWhen There are about 4,000 tigers in the world. Some subspecies then record negative numbers:

  • Sumatran tiger (P.T. in Sumatra): 370 remaining samples
  • Indochina tiger (Pt Corbetti): 250 samples
  • Amur tiger (Pt altaica): 450 samples

World Fauna and Varese Area

If all the people of the world lived like tigers, they would all be able to live in Vigu.

And you never have to think about it All polar bears (Ursus Meritimas) I am the earth Casano is a little more than the inhabitants of Magnagore? Well so. With About 26,000 samplesNorth Pole animal symbol Only 3 thousand units have been exceeded Casano is a resident of Magnagore, which today is estimated at 21,385.

World Fauna and Varese Area

But the black medal, among the wild animals mentioned today, he won: The The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoliuka), Not by chance chosen by the WWF as a symbol of the preserved world. Let’s give some good news, why The number of samples has increased For the past few years. Which means we’ve reached out. “ben ”1864 sample Which lives in nature today, when in 1980 there were only a few hundred.

World Fauna and Varese Area

Its inhabitants CastelvecanaA beautiful city that overlooks Lake Maggiore between Luino and Laveno, counted instead 1’894 inhabitants. We hope Panda will soon find many more nearby, like Porto Valtravaglia, a “megalopolis” that has surpassed 2,000.

We dive into the bad news and go to sea, to find out The absolute queen of the blue water of the sea: the blue whale (Balanoptera muscular)The biggest creature that ever existed on earth: can get it Measure up to 30 meters. To get an idea, you should stand in line like 5 ambulances: It’s longer than a basketball court!

World Fauna and Varese Area

This gentle marine monster feeds mainly on plankton and Krill And it was The subject of a wild fishing By man in the last century, which brought it to the brink of extinction. In fact, the harpoon was invented in 1868, which made hunting possible, Was previously impossible due to the huge size of the prey. It is estimated that even 100 years after the onset of hunting, the population has shrunk by 99%.

Announced Species preserved in 1966, Today There are 5 to 10 thousand samples And fortunately there are some studies that lead us to think The number may be somewhat underestimated; So they will be a few thousand more. We think that All inhabitants of Castiglion Olona 7’635.

World Fauna and Varese Area

Varese: An environment rich in fauna

In Italy, there are an estimated 60,000 species of wildlife, one of about 2,800 species is marine. To be 23% mammals and 27% nesting birds are threatened (Ispra Ambiente data).

They are in Varesh area There are various fields of high natural value and important for the local fauna. There are also many protected areas affected by park authorities and conservation projects such as Campo de Fiori Park Regional Park Or Tikino Park. The place to live and explore, whose inhabitants seem less familiar to us than the distant panda, is still remarkably interesting.

“Ticino Biosource” is a project that has restored natural areas to increase their biodiversity.

The site says, for example, how they are “found from the great and mysterious” in river water. Cobice Sturgeon (Aspencer Nature)Truly a living dinosaur, surviving in the Po Basin with the natural population of Tikino, very small loch, Common coyote (Cobitis bilineta) And Masked cobwebs (Sabanejewia larvata)Strange snake-like fish with fossil habits;

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Cobice Sturgeon, Facial Details – Photo Graya

From elusive and curious Po Valley Lampre (Letentheron Janandrei)Aquatic vertebrates of the genus Petromizanti, cylindrical bodies, cartilaginous skeletons and mammalian mouths Lataste frog (Rana Latastei), Mostly forest habitat in wet forests along rivers and wetlands, but dependent on ponds and breeding and collection of clean water for the first years of life, with another red frog. Quick frog (Dalmatian frog) And from Arborial Italian tree frog (Highla Intermedia) “.

All species are part of a program to protect animals and the environmentPer “Life“Dedicated to the EU environment, whose common purpose is to contribute to the implementation, update and development of EU environmental policies and laws through co-financing. Project Community value and relevance.

Time to sow it in Lake Maggiore: Macagno marble trout arrives

And among the endangered species in our home we find Marble trout (Salmo Marmoratas), Whose survival is also endangered by the entry of alien species into its environment, with which it competes or hunts. To avoid this, some associations are working to protect it, focusing primarily on laying eggs on Lake Maggiore, after being “squeezed” from adult specimens kept for this purpose in captivity.

Others The specialty of our land is amphibians: Toddlers, frogs and salamanders are preparing these days (like us they are waiting for a little rain!) To leave the jungle where they spent the winter to reach rivers, pools and ponds and start the season of love. On the street Luvinet, Brinzio, Lavena Ponte Teresa, Cesto Calende and Mesenzana They risk becoming a real graveyard during their travels.

More than 6,000 toads have been rescued between Cesto and Golsekka. “Now the focus is on environmental education”

Fortunately, there are many volunteer “bug catchers” who, equipped with gloves and a bucket, offer the amphibians a ride in love.

There is no shortage in the Varesh area Rare intrusion of animals from far away, And thanks to technology it is now possible to track and detect. Like one “Ohnejahan”, the monk Ibis was found Animal Track:

A rare specimen of Hermit Ibis has been found in Vedano Olona: it has traveled 970 km between Italy and Switzerland

Our journey ends here “Glocal” Discover wildlife, but we greet you A recommendation: Here we are talking about animals that are especially capable of evoking empathy in us. Okay maybe Todd doesn’t have this effect on you, but Definitely one “Oh” On the panda It fell there. But let’s not forget The zoological approach must work, not “.puccioso The next time you find a spider in the house, remember it before you run for the power strip. Why, as he said Mufasa in the lion king: “We are all connected, in the great circle of life.”

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