This is a golden point even if Pepe is expelled

Live Ireland Portugal (final result 0-0): Pepe expelled, but this is a golden point.

Pepe’s expulsion for a double yellow card forced Portugal to close the match with ten men in Ireland, forcing them to miss the final, decisive match against Serbia. However, Ireland did not break through the last few minutes in numerical superiority and the point won in Dublin for the Lusitanians is the price of pure gold. In the last home match against Serbia, in fact, Portugal will have to draw only one to go straight to Qatar 2022, with Serbia being forced to play-off to enter the World Cup, unless there is no outside agency in this final. Group Challenge. (Adjective by Fabio Bailey)

Live Ireland Portugal Streaming Video TV: How to watch the match

There Show live Of Ireland Portugal Will not be broadcast on our television channel: The match is not actually among the ones selected by MediaSet in this round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, as a result a service will not be available. Live streaming video. For useful information, however, you can consult the two accounts provided by the two associations on the official UEFA website ( as well as on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ronaldo introduced the poll

The second half runs on the same script as the first, with Ireland playing with great substance and not letting Portugal find a place. Among the hosts was a 9 ′ yellow card for Seamus Coleman, then a replacement with Milan’s Liao, who replaces Guedes and Matthews, who made room for Portugal’s Joao Moutinho. Jamie McGrath instead of Idaho in Ireland. Cristiano Ronaldo still has a crucial chance in the 22nd minute, but the CR7 header misses the target and the result does not fall from 0-0. (Adjective by Fabio Bailey)

Turn off OGBENE targets

The first half of the game between Ireland and Portugal ended without a goal, despite Matthews’ 34 ‘and again the efforts of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandez to stop the Lusitanians, although he was previously booked in the 29’ Ogben row. The hosts had a great chance before the break, however, with Ireland having Ogben, who made headlines from a great position to ridicule the Portuguese defense but saw the ball whisper out of the left post of Rui Patricio’s defending goal. . (Adjective by Fabio Bailey)

Andre Silva is dangerous

Halfway through the first half, Ireland and Portugal are still 0-0 in Dublin. The Lusitanians took some time to take action against their opponents and got their first clear chance in the 14th, a shot by Andre Silver that fatally promised home defender Gavin Bajunu. Cristiano Ronaldo’s deceptive conclusion is blocked at 18,, the visitors’ ball possession after a quarter of the game is already more than 70% but the Irish defense is compact and left no room, Portugal is struggling to reach a definite decision. Continuity (adjective by Fabio Belly)

Official formation, go!

We finally got the kick-off Ireland Portugal. For the Lusitanians, Group A is doing very well: Fernando Santos’ national team has won 5 of 6 matches, the only draw against Serbia that is actually ahead but has one more match. We have 16 goals for Portugal (6 by Cristiano Ronaldo, 4 by Diego instead) conceded 4 goals, the home side will only win for this group which could be the last big call due to the age of CR7 and other members. Team Ireland, out of the game, won one match with two draws and three defeats; With a goal difference of 8 goals in assets and 8 goals in liability, Callum Robinson has scored 2 goals and is currently the highest scorer of this national team in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Now it’s time to get really comfortable and see what happens on the pitch: everything is really ready at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium, let’s talk heroes because Ireland Portugal is about to start broadcasting live! Ireland (5-2-3): Translations into Assamese: Doherty, Coleman, Duffy, Egan, Stevens; Cullen, Hendrick; Ogben, Robinson. Instructor: Stephen Kenny Portugal (4-3-3): Rui Patricio; Nelson Semedo, Pepe, Danilo Pereira, Dalt; Palhinha, Matthews Nunes, Bruno Fernandez; Cristiano Ronaldo, Andre Silva, Gonzalo Guedes. Instructor: Fernando Santos (adjective by Claudio Francini)

Ireland Portugal: I am head to head

We have mentioned it briefly Ireland Portugal It was a joke for the Greens in the first leg match: Cristiano Ronaldo won the game on 1 September with two goals between 89 ‘and 96’, reversing John Egan’s goal at the end of the first half. The two national teams have not been rivals for seven years: in fact a friendly match was played at MetLife Stadium in 2014, so on a neutral ground and in preparation for the Brazil World Cup, the Lusitanians ended in a 5-1 thunderstorm with Hugo Almeida and Vierinha and Fabio Quentirao as well. Richard Keogh found a brace from his own goal, while James McClean scored for Ireland.

11 more years to find the last intersection from the third, still a friendly: this time, however, on Landsowne Road, so at a stadium in Dublin that was demolished two years later. Andrew O’Brien scored in the 21st minute: the only goal of the match remained and so Ireland lost to Portugal for the last time, but also the third in the last 10 matches (including the next two), including an internal 1-0 qualifier for the 1996 European Championship.

Ireland Portugal: Hero

As its protagonist Ireland Portugal Let’s choose Stephen Kenny, Iyer’s coach: In office since 2020, Kenny has been trying to build a national team that we saw play the World Cup in the eighties and nineties (quarter finals in Italy) and the Europeans – the semifinals were touched and disappeared Second – but after the steps of Giovanni Trapattoni and Martin O’Neill, he lost a bit. We rarely think of him as a footballer, when he has a very respectable course as a manager: he started winning at home with the Bohemians, winning the championship in 2003, then moved to Northern Ireland and with Derry City, then Restarted after a brief tour of Scotland (Dunfermline), he won the League Cup (Irish, because Derry City plays under the Irish Federation) and once won the Irish Cup.

However, Kenny did the best things with Dandalak: he won three Irish Championships in five seasons, then two National Cups and two League Cups as well as the Super Cup, but above all he entered the Europa League. Group (in 2014) where he stamped 4 points with a win which we can consider as historic. Finished and eliminated, but before that he brought the small dandelion to the Champions League play-offs: obviously it is not easy to rise among the elite national teams in Europe, but he may be surprised if the Irish coach has the conditions to work with time and patience. … (adjective by Claudio Francini)

Ireland Portugal: Lusitanians for the first time

Ireland Portugal Live from the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, and the game is playedAgain 20:45 Thursday 11 November: We are on the eighth day of Group A. 2022 World Cup qualifiers, And this is the last round for both national teams. Ireland are now out of the game and third in the standings with the highest number of goals Revenge of the burning defeat of the first leg, Suffer on return; This is a decisive match for the Lusitanians, as winning it means having to have one and a half feet in Qatar.

In fact, Portugal are second in the group, With a point of delay from Serbia; The Balkans are resting today, will face De Luz directly in the final round and to get ahead of it clearly means to be able to draw to qualify. This is why Fernando Santos is betting so much on this match; While we’ll see how things go in the live coverage of Ireland Portugal, while we wait we can briefly read the possible formations of the match and analyze the choices made by the two coaches.

Possible training Ireland Portugal

It would be a 3-4-3 for Stephen Kenny Ireland Portugal: Bajunu goes to the goal, in front of him we should meet Nathan Collins and Egan with defensive leader Duffy, then the two sides of the midfield line will be Doherty and McClean. Center hinges with two between Hourihane, Hendrick and Arter; Callum Robinson chose Parrot as center-forward, while Ogben and McGrath could be threatened by McLean himself who could advance on the pitch.

In Portugal it will be 4-3-3 in front of Pepe and Ruben Dias, Rui Patricio, Joao Cancello still on the left and therefore Nelson Semedo who will occupy the other lane without a surprise; Palhinha retains the midfield rankings, with Joao Moutinho or Danilo Pereira also occupying 4-1-4-1, picking up two centrals and placing them alongside Bernardo Silva and Cristiano Ronaldo to support Diego Jotta. The first striker seems to have an advantage over Andre Silver.

Quotes and forecasts

The Snai agency has offered its forecast Ireland Portugal And so we can go and see what the adversity of this match tells us. The 1 sign that marks the victory of the hosts will earn you 9.25 times what you put on the pot, the event of the X sign which controls the tie brings the dowry which corresponds to 4.75 times your bet. Guests, for which you have to bet on sign 2, you will earn an amount which is 1.30 times the amount invested.

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