War Russia Ukraine, Marco Miniti on Sky TG24 ‘Law Spy’

Former Home Minister and President of the Med-Or Foundation Massimo Leoni, the hero of political appointments. He reflected on the conflict between Moscow and Kiev: “Putin wanted to rebuild the Russian Empire, not the Soviet Union, where a democracy was not tolerated, a culture far from today’s Russia: Ukraine.”

“Putin has underestimated himself and has underestimated the United States and NATO. He thinks the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan last year is a sign of the West’s downfall. He wanted to reorganize the Russian Empire, not so much the Soviet Union, where democracy was not tolerable, a culture far removed from today’s Russia: Ukraine. That’s how the former interior minister and president of the Med Foundation – or Marco Minniti – interviewed on Sky TG24’s “L’Ospite” – commented on the reasons behind the war in Ukraine. Miniti recalled his speech before the start of the invasion of Moscow’s desired country. “The status of a nation was denied and the people of Ukraine were denied. It was said: ‘They are Russians, they have to go home.’ We can talk about possibilities, but it is for those who have decided to fight for freedom. Our freedom “, reflects Minniti (Live Update – SKY TG24 Special – Video and Report from Ukraine)

“Ukraine will enter Europe”

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To resolve the conflict, we must “emphasize peace talks with the dual movement,” Miniti said. First, we must “make it clear to Putin that the game cannot be abandoned without respect for three basic principles: respect for Ukrainian identity and security, self-determination of the country and its choice to remain neutral.” The second movement, Miniti, said: “Negotiations give Gelensky more power. He had an amazing operation. He will be remembered in history books. Now he has a big problem: how not to disappoint his people. We must make it clear that Ukraine will not join NATO. “But it will enter Europe. Zelensky must be able to tell his people that he brought his country to Europe in the face of Russian aggression.”

Ukrainian resistance “good for great democracy”

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Ukraine’s resistance, Miniti says, is “good for the world, it’s good for great democracy.” Putin and his men had the idea that “within a maximum of 24-48 hours” they would conquer Kyiv and “Jelensky would flee, maybe the Americans would take him”. Things turned out differently. “History sometimes reveals aspects of man that are unimaginable. Zelensky, a former actor who became president, has decided to stay close to his country at any cost. Demonstrates an extraordinary ability to communicate in relation to the world: telephone calls, interference with parliament. It’s not the men who determine the events, it’s the events that determine the presidents, “said Minniti.

Guest of Massimo Leoni

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Image of “The guestClarity in the relationship between the guest and the interviewer but also with the public. Before the face-to-face meeting, Massimo Leoni listens to the guest, reflects on the audience and asks for opinions and answers to key questions about the person being interviewed. Moreover, in each episode the guest chooses, explaining the decision, a part of the music with the interview. Interviews with “L’Ospite” are also available in Sky TG24 podcasts on the skytg24.it website.

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