Annual and extraordinary expenses, amount

Love is priceless but before Adopt a puppy It is good to have an idea of ​​the costs involved in ensuring proper care and attention to our dog. After the lockdown, many families felt the need to keep a pet with them, but the choice did not always match their finances.

How much does it cost to raise a dog annually? Costs to consider vary: food, veterinary inspection, decoration and various accessories. Obviously, everything varies according to size and variety. However, it takes very little time to fulfill and understand what kind of promise we can support.

The second ProntoTrends For example, keeping a medium-sized dog with a veterinarian, toilet and baby food requires an economic commitment of around 700 euros per year. Images, however, do not take into account Initial and unexpected costs.

So let’s see how this amount changes and above all what the real budget is made of.

Dog, initial budget

Accepting a canal / shelter is already an important decision that can affect the price. Contrary to many farm requests, we start with an advantage. In that case, however, there will be an expense depending on the variety under consideration which varies greatly.

Veterinary services are also a real hot topic. Among the first costs is the installation of microchips, a mandatory tool for detecting dogs The average cost is 35 euros. In addition, in the first months of life, some vaccines (40 euros each) are recommended – but not mandatory – to protect the dog from diseases such as distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus. Each year, then at the same cost, all necessary checks are repeated.

When welcoming puppies, be prepared at home: Doghouse, lash and collar foundation But there will be no shortage of water and food. The sum, with an estimated average, is about 200 euros. However, there is a separate cost of about 50 euros per month for feeding, even for large breeds It can even go up to 150 euros.

Annual Budget: What is the goal?

Keep it healthy Serious. Veterinary costs include some annual checks which translates to a cost of about 60 euros, 60 euros for pesticide treatment and, to leave a safety margin, we add another 30 euros. A total of 150 euros.

However, a dog also needs care that only goes beyond a veterinarian. In this case Decoration Although many owners still underestimate it. Grooming means not only washing the dog but also taking care of his physical well-being and his hygiene.

Basic amount and as follows: Ordinary toilet 20 euros (small dog) to 70 euros and bath and haircut From 40 to 80 euros. Depending on the breed and the technique used, however, the sessions may be extended.

The whole is therefore translatable between these two Rough estimate (from first year):

  • Medium / small size (5-10 kg): 1500 euros;
  • Medium / large size (25-40 kg): 2232 euros.

Ancillary costs: In the case of dog sitting

We cannot forget The cost of any dog ​​sitter, Or professionals who – in the absence of owners – take care of the dog, from walking to feeding. In economic terms, indeed, an investment is required to rely on a professional About 10 euros per hour.

After all, the demand for a dog is not much but this choice still represents a promise. With a good organization and a balance between all costs we can guarantee our pets a comfortable and safe place.

Mariana Bianco, a dog educator, tells us about a few simple steps:

“The basic needs of our four-legged friends can be summed up in four actions: eating and drinking, running and releasing steam in the natural environment, interacting with fellow human beings, embracing affection and discipline in home life in a healthy and conscious way.”

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