Anthia Vicenza Volley reinvents herself

Anthia Vicenza Volley Restarts: 3-1 against Tenaglia Altino – Serie A2 Female

The first win of red and white pole salvation, always remaining at -1 from second place

Vicenza, 2 April 2022 – First victory in pool salvation for Anthia Vicenza Volley, who beat Tenaglia Altino Volley 3-1 and is always away from Club Italia (second place). For the hosts, a good coral test, dribbled and all attackers in double figures, with 17 points (60% in attack and 4 blocks) to the top scorer of the house captain Chile. Vicenza showed an excellent breakout episode, gradually finding the survey rhythm and scratching the block consistently (13 blocks against 6 opponents). In the home-altino, Julia Cavalenka (18 points) and Monica Lestini (14), opposite the double-figure, Abruzzo won the second set. The elements of a pond were mistakes, Luca Chiapini’s team was able to limit them (19 in four sets), while Altino 26 committed. Anthia, desperately desiring and resumed her race towards salvation, which will continue with the transfer next Sunday. Astec lost 3-1 to Sant’Elia’s home, Club Italy.

Match – Anthia Vicenza enters the field with volley easy dribbling, Home opposite, the band Rossini and Nardelli, the band Cheli and Piacentini and Norgini Free. Altino responds with diagonal Gatto-Kavalenka, Komoti and Lestini four spots on the axis, Spicochi and Gingoni central couple and Maestrali free.

Red and white start strong, fly 4-1 with Piacentini’s block and Nardelli’s lobe. Tenaglia Altino found time to equalize six with Lestini’s pipe and timed Kolavini in response. Vicenza, however, did not give up: Kavalenka made a mistake to help Chiappini’s side, for a new break with Piacentini (11-8). The same home center finds an ace of +4 (13-9), which was mimicked by a host opposite of -2 from Abruzzo (16-14), but attempts to return by the home wall are stopped: 20-16 and time out Kolavini. Chiappini’s team put up a good guard in the final and closed 25-19 with Piacentini.

The second set begins with the front and back in the reverse: Kavalenka scores 0-2, responds with a home attack and block (3-2). Altino, however, pushes Zingoni’s ace and Komotti’s block (3-7 after the end of Chiappini’s time). Vicenza comes closer (5-7 outside Kavalenka), then makes eight with Captain Cheli’s block. Jasmine Rossini’s foil shot at 10 + for local +2 (12-10) when Komotti can’t find the hands of the block (9-8, Kolavini time out). Tenaglia, however, responds with Lestini, rhymes to score on the attack and then serves (14-15). Again the service rewards guests (16-17, Chiapini time out), who then find 18-20 with the same Lestini. A lobe tie (21-21) from Başa, launches the sprint which rewards 23-25 ​​from Altino: Kavalenka, which is valuable for the tie.

The third set starts at high intensity, the defense prevails over the attack and it takes home power to move Anthia forward (6-3). Komotti’s lobe crashes on tap for local +4, causing it to exit Kolavini. Nardelli signed 10-5 in parallel, Piacentini made an ace of 11-5 which melted Vicenza. Altino randomized the cards with Pitche de Arcangelo and Olino for some exchanges and recovered some length (11-8), only to return to the bottom with Nardelli’s Ace (15-10), who also found the +6 pipe. A guest stop, but downhill at Tower (Attack and Wall 18-11) and Vicente Road 25-17 in the center of Chile and Piacentini.

Anthia exploits the path of excitement and starts strong even in the fourth set (4-1), even if Altino is immediately on track, drawing 5 heights with Olino. Nargini defended, for EJ Wall +2 (7-5), immediately followed by a block by Cheli: 8-5 and Kolavini time out. The same guest’s ace is ripped “under” (6-7), but Kavalenka’s shaft attack helps Vicenza, then 13-9 with Nordeli. Olino Abruzzo keeps the women afloat (14-12), even if Nardelli and Cheli push Anthia 17-12. The second stop guest, Kavalenka finds the 18-14 ace (Chiapini’s time ends), then the return continues (18-16, Chile’s mistake). Double change from Veneto (inside Caimi and Erichilo), as opposed to signing immediately, then Rossini restores +4 and closes the subnet. Jasmine also signed after Nargini’s defense on 21-16, and Cheli responded to Kaimi’s call (22-16). The wall of Lestini ignites the flame-tenaglia (23-20), but it is not enough: 25-20 and 3-1 Vicenza.

Post-race announcement:

Marila Cavallaro (Sports Director Anthia Vicenza Volley): “It was a win that was strongly desired by the team, which showed the quality of its game, made up of perseverance, defense and determination, keeping the number of errors very low; Moreover, he began to force the service a bit and this allowed us to eliminate the power plants that we were struggling to defend against attack. It was a strategically prepared match between two coaches; This victory inspires the team and the girls, reminds them of their worth and gives them more confidence in themselves and in their ability to reach the goal of salvation. “

Anthia Vicenza Volley-Tenaglia Altino Volley 3-1

(25-19, 23-25, 25-17, 25-20)

Anthia Vicenza Volley: Rossini 14, Piacentini 11, Basa 14, Nardelli 13, Cheli 17, EJ2, Norgini (L), Kaimi, Erichillo 1. Ne: Pegororo, Lodi, Farlan. Coach: Chiapini L.

Tenaglia altino volley: Comotti 9, Spicochi 9, Gato 1, Lestini 14, Gingoni 5, Kavalenka 18, Maestrili (L), Natalizia (L), De Arcangelo 1, Olino 3, Oleia 2. All .: Kolavini

Referees: Papapietro and Chiriatti

Note: Set duration: 24 ‘, 26’, 24 ‘, 26’ for 1 hour 51 minutes total play.

Anthia Vicenza Volley: 9 wrong beats, 4 aces, 55% positive reception (36% perfect), 46% attack, 13 blocks, 19 errors.

Tenaglia altino volley: incorrect beat 6, S8, positive reception 46% (perfect 32%), attack 36%, block 6, error 26.

In the photo, the success of Anthia Vicenza Volley against Altino

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