Basketball, Eurolig: How much do you earn in Europe? Top 10 Eurolig salaries

After a financially stagnant season due to the coronavirus epidemic, Top 10 highest paid in Eurolog This follows last year’s trend: according to a study conducted and published by Eurohoague’s partner Eurohoops, the salaries of top European players are comparable to those of lower-middle-class NBA players. The figures shown are published in dollars and on the net, in contrast to the NBA figures which are subject to total and about 50% tax.

Changes are expected from next year, when Euroleague will introduce a wage system similar to the NBA, Guaranteed a minimum of € 250,000 per player per season and with a corporate budget of at least 7 million.. The economic situation of clubs and players will be communicated within the environment (but not externally) to facilitate exchange, discussion and transfer.

There are no players in the top 10 pay list of 2021-22AX Armani Exchange Milan. The highest paid (Malcolm Delaney, Sergio Rodriguez and new signer Niccolo Meli) are just below tenth place, between থেকে 1.5 million and 1. 1.8 million per season. Compared to last year, Alexei Shaved, who will no longer enjoy the failed Khimki Moscow royal salary, Sergio Lul, who has re-negotiated with Real Madrid, and Mike James are out of the top 10.


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1. Nikola Mirotic (Barcelona) – 4.5 million

Mirotic has entered the third year of the signed maxi-contract after leaving the NBA in the summer of 2019. Barcelona have accumulated huge debts (mainly related to the club’s football division) and possible renewal figures will be revised downwards.

2. Shane Larkin (Anadolu Faces Istanbul) – 3.7 million

Despite a complicated start last season due to a slow recovery from double knee surgery, Larkin remains the only player in Mirotic, Europe to earn more than 3 million a year. Well deserved for one of the great heroes of the finals.

3. Vasilize Mesic (Anadolu Effects Istanbul) – 3.0 million

Despite having a very strong NBA siren, Misic has renewed his contract with the European Champions Club in Vasilyি after the final victory in Cologne as an MVP against Barcelona. The Serbs will stay in Istanbul on a three-year deal worth 3 million euros per season.

4. Nikola Milutinov (CSKA Moscow) – 2.5 million

Despite himself, Milutinov is back from the first season due to physical problems, but his contract is the result of CSKA Moscow’s massive efforts to snatch him from Olympiacos two years ago.

5. Jan Vesely (Fenerbahçe) – 2.3 million

Vesel রয়েছে is in the final year of a three-year contract signed with Fenerbahce in the pre-Covid era. Even today he is a pillar of coach Sasha Jordjevich’s team.

6. Walter Towers (Real Madrid) – 2 million

In 2019, Tavares signed a long contract with Real Madrid until 2023-24, becoming the highest paid player in the squad. Blanca. Each summer, though, is marked by an exit clause for the NBA.

7. Nando de Colo (Fenerbahce) – 1.9 million

In the summer of 2019, De Colo signed a 2 + 1 deal with Fenerbahçe. The wage difference compared to Vesely is due to the re-negotiation performed during the epidemic period.

8. Tornike Shenzhen (CSKA Moscow) – 1.8 million

CSKA has entered the top 10 with its second year contract in Moscow, despite the epidemic allowing Russian warships to snatch it from Basconia in the summer of 2020.

8. Nick Callathes (Barcelona) – 1.8 million

The only really big acquisition of Barcelona last summer, Callathis is one of the most influential players in Europe and one of the great heroes of the ride that led coach Jacicevicius’ team to the final in Cologne.

8. Corey Higgins (Barcelona) – 1.8 million

Higgins recently renegotiated his contract with Barcelona, ​​signing a new three-year deal at slightly lower figures than last season, when he earned around মিল 2 million.

8. Costas Slokas (Olympiakos) – 1.8 million

Slokas entered the second season of his second term with Olympiacos, now more powerful and leader of the Greek team after the retirement of Vasilis Espanolis.


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