Basketball: Milan beat Trento, Traviso beat Tortona

In anticipation of the 19th day of the basketball series, Milan passed to Trento (73-79) and held the lead in the standings. Tortona allowed the Venetians to stop the train for the playoffs instead of Traviso (72-70).

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Trento-Milan 73-79
(19-23; 40-40; 54-59)
Drawn by a great melee, the 27-point writer with a remarkable 10/11 from 2, Milan holds the top spot in the standings by bending Trento’s resistance. Baldaso’s best performance in the red and white jersey also depended on the success, who responded by scoring 16 points in 16 overs. In the middle of the first trimester he immediately began to break the balance with Bentil so that he was active from both the post-low and middle sides, side by side against Caroline and Mellie. A triple by Baldaso also gives Milanese a +8 but Reynolds’ lightning penetration cannot escape the opponent (19-23 after 10). Compromise by Dolomite Energy continues thanks to the triple of Bradford and Williams, before Flacdori started its one-on-one show. The Juventus playmaker’s basket thus responds to a fiery Baldasso and Daniels bomb, then leaves the burden of a final hang-up to 40-40 to Reynolds and Forrer.

In the second half, Saunders tries to start Dolomite Energy but then Meli and Hall’s first rings sign a 2-11 break. X revives the Armani Exchange. Trento, however, relied on Reynolds’ goal-3 distance repair from outside the 6.75 range, before Baldaso sealed the third period with a 54-59 shot and an arrest dribble. Former Fortidodo Kigili pushes Milan back to +8 but Dolomite Energia doesn’t want to give up and finds a good basket with Williams during the change and above all Bradford, the author of the three-point throw of the equalizer at 66 heights. After the pass, the last quarter’s half-way mark, Grant with a bomb and Hall took advantage of the mistakes of the step-back Flacadori and attacked some foul attacks to get Milanis back to +6200 থেকে from the end. Later again Flacadori and Bradford tried to keep the challenge alive with some good penetration baskets but like Bentil and above all Meli Snow, Milanese sealed the success at 73-79.

Toronto: Bradford 8, Williams 13, Reynolds 19, Conti, Marina Ne, Forre 10, Flacadori 8, Saunders 8, Mezanot Ne, Del’Anna Ne, Laderner, Caroline 7. Ann Molin.
Or: Mellie 27, Grant 5, Leoni Ne, Tarakzevsky, Ricky, Biligha, Hall 11, Baldasso 16, Daniels 5, Alviti 7, Bentil 8. All Messina.

Traviso-Tortona 72-70
(15-18; 31-44; 53-56)
Treviso twists Tortona to the extreme and leads to a major breakthrough that re-launches it in the playoff perspective. The guests complained that they also had a 14-point advantage in the first half. The hosts got off to a good start with a triple from Dimsa in the first minute, but the attack suffered 0-10 for the next 5, only stopped with a triple from Embro, then Makura had a response. Treviso, however, did not give up and Imbro himself led his team with 6 points in a row, creating a gap of difficulty; On the other hand, two baskets in a row of normal Makura close the opening quarter at 15-18. The first half of the second period saw a balanced injury exchange between the two teams until the heavy break signed by Bartram: Wright, Severini and Daum hit quickly from long distances, signing the maximum advantage at 25-37, forcing Manetti. The time trial shot added by Dimsa to a crucial triple to make a time-out call gives the nutribute less trouble than double the statistics; A triple from the right and siren macura in the middle of the distance, however, brought the teams to the locker room at 31-44, extinguishing the enthusiasm of the Venetians.

After a colorless first half, Russell’s flames ignite, with the third-quarter’s absolute hero taking the basket and helping to push Traviso back. The fire shows no sign of being extinguished and so the Sokolovsky-Imbro tandem is an incredible 22-5 partial crown that survived almost the entire third fraction. When frustration seems to have taken over the minds of the guests, Mascolo pulls Tortona alone, takes the reins of the game and returns the result in his favor (53-56) in half an hour of play. In the last 10, master the errors from the field, both teams are significantly tested and do not easily find the way to the basket. Russell broke the delay with two useful points to bring Traviso to -1, but Makura turned the effort back to the sender with a triple of 61-65. The last 60 ”seems to be an eternity for both teams who don’t want to give way and respond to injury with shots from the line; With 20 seconds left, Russell hits +1 for Traviso from a distance, while Mascolo commits a heavy foul in the attack that misses the chance to advance the score. With two free throws, Embro seems to have sealed the game, but Makura again leveled the score with a three-point shot; Russell, who is in the deciding position, then sends the victory basket to finish the challenge 72-70 with 2 ”from the end.

Treviso: Russell 16, Tadiotto, Vettori, Bortolani 5, Pozer, Imbro 18, Chilo 10, Sokolowski 8, Dimsa 8, Jones 4, Akele 3. All. Menti.
Tortona: Mortellaro, Wright 10, Rota, Cannon 10, Baldi, Tavernelli 3, Mascolo 9, Severini 3, Sanders, Daum 7, Cain 6, Macura 22. All. Ramondino.

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