Coverciano – Simon’s shirt “No Gera” case history at Gardapost

Coverciano chair Feralpisalò. On the occasion of its presentation on FridayInvestigate the relationship between football and digital At Coverciano’s football museum, which bears the signatures of PA Social and Fondazione Italia Digitale, the club’s head of communications, Matteo Auxilia, was invited to talk about the idea that led to success. Simon “No Gera” initiative (Worn by attacker during match, live on Rye Sport, March 14 against Triestina; we wrote about it here) Can contribute to widespread dissemination, as in this case, a simple and direct message for a symbol, so much so that it has been welcomed as a case history in the Italian football house.

Matteo Oxilia in Coverciano.

“Like Feralpisalo We’ve always argued outside of football: A social organization that seeks to help bring about a positive change in society through concrete action, utilizing the great communicative power of sports – says Auxiliary – and this is the guiding principle of the initiatives that the Gerder Lions have also activated in support of humanity. Emergency in Ukraine. Digital, for our club, is essential to be able to spread the message beyond the outcome of the sport, and this is how it can be expressed. An image of a talented, strong, attentive club. To find important insights into visibility and why not, commercial feedback. On Wednesday morning, medicine and food, as well as many conflict-affected pets, will leave for Ukraine, thanks to former Ukrainian boxer Oleg Ustimenko, with whom we are in contact. A small circle is closed. But Feralpisalò’s projects will continue, and soon we will have news and important feedback for Muscat Leo. “

At the table with Matteo Auxilia, Matteo Marani, President of the Fundazion Museo del Calcio and the face of the sky, Cristiana Capotondi, head of the Italian national women’s soccer team, Livio Giglioto, director of Fundazion Italia Digital, and the deputy intervened. Sandro Giorghetti, head of the digital observatory, and Paolo Corby, head of communications, president of the Estituto Pipoli.

Simon Guerra with former boxer Oleg Ustimenko.

There was also the opportunity to present The birth of the Italian National Digital Communications (Part of the auxiliary part).

Led by Renzo Oliveri and with the support of former footballers Simon Pepe and J. Maria, this is a great debut for a team of digital communicators and journalists from all over Italy, and personalities from the worlds of sports, journalism, innovation.

The initiative, created to spread the importance of digital, was organized by PA Social of the Italia Digital Foundation with the support of the Football Museum. The friendly match against the Italian MPs ended in a 2-2 draw at the “Enzo Bearjot” at the Federal Technical Center of Coversiano.

Italian National Digital Communications.


As far as “Italian and football” can be studied in depth, a Integral connection between football and Italy.

Football is still an Italian archetype, a mass event, 3 out of 4 followed by Italians, Often in “dual-device” mode, in front of the TV but always keeping an eye on social networks, where you have to comment in real time about the work of your favorite team. Digital: To date, the key to strengthening youth relationships with football has been 6 out of 10 youngsters support a football team But only one in four follows all the matches. ” Meanwhile, football could push a significant portion of people to further digitize themselves: before the start of the championship, about 15% of Italians announced that, in order to watch the games, they would strengthen their connection.

“This data – Auxiliary shuts down – confirms how clubs should follow the Federation line. The reason for a different communication grammarChanging the media house is becoming increasingly autonomous in content production because it is also a partner for the world of communication and digital sports, the two foundations for spreading the message and reaching out and communicating to the new generation. “

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