Killing an innocent cat by kicking, panic in the historic center

LECCE – An act of unprecedented and inspired barbarism. The only explanation, we guessed in the first edition of this article (updated in the evening), is that the author of this gesture may be a person with personality disorder as well as a person of obviously aggressive nature. And indeed, it seems. Because the man who kicked and killed a poor cat at the historic center yesterday afternoon would be a 40-year-old Slovenian homeless citizen. She confessed today after local police identified her and is now considering a tso (compulsory health treatment).


It all started yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, when an unnamed subject at the time started kicking a poor frightened cat. He was hit so violently that he was killed. Then to flee when he heard screams from the window, terrified of someone who was telling him to stop because he was killing him.

Profile: Gray cap with visa, heavy dark jacket with hood, medium height, quite young and a ball in his hand, at one stage was used as a “weapon” to hit the poor cat. The least dangerous, if desired, is certainly not as deadly as the trimmed kick of his right hand, an impressive sequence immortalized by some video surveillance cameras that we avoid showing (but the video has been circulating for hours on social networks), ending with the cat, More stunned and unable to find a way to escape, he fell to the ground and died.

It happened at around 5pm yesterday, a few steps from Piazza Duomo, in the heart of the historic center of the lake, via Carte de Guarini. There were several calls to 113, including one about a woman walking with her family to the center and hearing the screams of those trying to stop her.

Police officers intervened at the scene and heard various testimonies, including one from a resident who spotted the young man shortly before he was playing with a ball in the alley and then began knocking the cat unconscious. A cat, moreover, is loved and cared for by everyone: the classic neighborhood cat, whom they feed and who has found an unspeakable consequence where it felt at home and so safe.

Some residents have decided to file a complaint about the incident. And several video surveillance videos have been extrapolated. In fact, there is a fair amount of coverage in the area considering the presence of various housing activities such as b & b. Police members also patrolled the area several times yesterday and tried to find the matter, but failed.

Investigation and tracing

Investigations were also handed over to the local police on the lake outside the first intervention of the police headquarters. A homeless Slovenian man was arrested this afternoon. Agents under Vial Rossini’s command, after looking at the photos, identified the man who admitted responsibility. In agreement with the magistrate in charge, once the conditions of apparent instability of the subject were assessed, a mandatory medical assessment was requested. “I thank the local police command – Mayor Carlo Salvemini has announced – and the agents who quickly resolved the case, who investigated and affected the whole city.” Indeed, public opinion (and not just local) was shocked by the story, for the brutality used.

Previous response

“Like everyone else, I’m fascinated by the violence of the video surveillance images, angry, frustrated that a cat in our historic center is being killed freely, inspired, brutally,” said Mayor Salvemini, next to the news. “Such atrocities – he continued – are not part of the Lakes community, but respect for animals and the environment, enriching a collaborative fabric that ensures free cats in the area in collaboration with the municipality and local health authorities.”

“The local police – the mayor concludes – in charge of the investigation, thanks to those images will soon be able to identify the author of this unspoken law and ensure that he can be called to his charge.”

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. “The inhumane scene that is circulating on the web in these hours should be a great source of concern for the municipal administration. There is a natural consequence of such barbarism. “

“Today in the historic center you can breathe the air that breathed in the dark years of the last century, when good people were afraid to enter the dark and secluded streets. The municipality has a moral obligation to become a civic group. The city – Guido concludes – does not deserve to be headlined for this level of crime because the people of the lake are nothing more than a tragic murderer. “

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