Musetti defeated Gambos 6-7, 6-2, 6-4 at

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Italy at Bratislava: Musetti wins decisive point against Gambos. In the tiebreak of the third set, Double Boleli-Sinar was knocked out against Polasek-Jelenoy. Then Jannik defeated Horansky in two sets

They saved us, the boys who weren’t even born when Andrea Goudenzi jumped on his shoulder in the Davis final against Norman. Who knows how many times they showed those 1998 pictures to our young gold to explain what it means to represent Italy in the Davis Cup. Filippo Volandri She was a child who had just turned pro. At age 40, he took on a great responsibility: to play the decisive single to win in Slovakia, he changed Lorenzo, Bad game against Horanski on Friday and losing Sonego out and fielding MusettiWho has never played the Davis game alone in his life.

Unconscious? No, Carrera’s awareness of the twenty-year-old talent, who celebrated by blowing out candles with his teammates on Thursday and giving a huge gift to all Italian tennis players. The adventure continues: in September, after the US Open, Italy will return to the field in the group stage (four of the four teams) which will qualify the first two of each group for the November final. One formula, this Davis, is more similar to the past, but which centered all the emotions in two days instead of three.

Saturday’s start in Bratislava was bad, with another defeat to the Italian doubles. There were three out of three in November, four out of four in Bolelli and Cena yesterday. Slovaks specialize in Philipp Polasek and Igor Zelen, but it is important to find a solution (or a specific couple): without Volandri, Fognini, He chose to join Simon and Janick, but the second set was just an illusion.

So it’s Sinar’s turn to go back to the locker room, defeat his back against the wall, reset his brain, and return to the field with just one result. Despite losing the first three games, he won as a top player against Horanski, just as Sonego was on the bench and Museti got up to prepare for the showdown. Lorenzo lost the first set against Gambs, pulled by NTC Arena, but responded by bringing the second set home. In the third he was 3-0 ahead, recovering, but the last tier was his, and his great one hand backhand. Towards the end, thanks to one of the winners, to the tape as well, they all jumped on it: the most beautiful scene, the one spent breathing at the end of the afternoon, and which risked ending very badly.

Here is the Museti-Gambos Chronicle


– The game starts with 102 points in blue, then with a great backhand at the crossroads it takes you two points from the match; Match points – in fact, there are two – come with a gorgeous crossed loop. A good one after 2h25: Italy wins 3-2 and enters the group stage in September. Lorenzo Musetti Norbert Gambos defeated Norbert Gambos 6-7, 6-2, 6-4 in three sets and Italy defeated Slovakia 3-2 in Bratislava.

22.14 – Musetti returns to the service machine: He puts it in the air and brings Italy to 5-4. Gumbos will serve to stay in the game. And Davis.

22.11 – Even Gambos has no problem serving her and goes 4-4.

22.07 – Musetti did not lose his temper and kept his performance in Italy 15: 4-3.

22.03 – The 31-year-old Slovak works to hold the tie, but the Carrera youngster resists for advantage after two straight errors, only to give up. 3-3

21.56 Yet Museti, who had played some greats earlier in the previous games, felt the push or excitement subside and Gambos went ahead 40-15. The first break ball is good: 3-2.

21.54 Gombos stop bleeding and keep serving for 3-1, while taking risks. Shy applause from NTC Arena spectators.

21.48 The third game was even tougher, with the landlord, who managed to get back to 30-30 in the blue serve, but then gave up. 3-0 Italy.

21.46Two break points and the feeling of always being in control: the second is good and Musetti signed 2-0 in the fifth, decisive, third set of this opening match.

21.42Musetti opens the set for the service and puts it at 15, in his third consecutive game.

The second set

21.37 – The second break, and set, is for Musetti: 6-2 with a nice walker along the line for point approval.

21.33 – Instead, the seventh game started badly with Musetti who hit the Slovakian forehand and won the break point. The Italian managed to cancel it and went 5-2 with a winning survey.

21.26 – Gambos slowed down, but still held his serve at 15. Italy 4-2 in the second set.

21.23 – Musetti keeps serving and even goes 4-1 with a luxurious ace.

21.18 – Even the fourth game fought point-to-point and the muse has finally reached the break point by converting: 3-1 Italy.

21.12 – On the other hand, the third game is clear for the Italians: 10-1 first serve in this second set, leaving a 2-1 serve zero for the first time in the match.

21.09 – The second game with the Gombos serve was much more competitive. Musetti changed the game, but in the end Slovak goes 1-1.

21.00 – Musetti opened the second set, holding the service, 1-0.

The first set

20.54 – Musetti loses first set, closes Gambose with an excellent backhand and wins tiebreak 7-3. Won just 41% of the points for the second Musetti, who has six wins less than his opponent: 17 to 11.

20.52 – Small sign of redemption, Lorenzo return and below 6-3 but remained very difficult.

20.49 – The beginning was very complicated. Musetti is already down 5-0.

20.47 – The first set is tied at the tiebreak after Musetti leaves 6-6.

20.40 – 6-5 for the Slovaks, still everything is in balance.

20.37 – To get Bravo Lorenzo to respond and cancel two set points, we are 5-5.

20.34- As the game unfolded, Musetti went down 40-30 in the first set.

20.30 – Museti He is hitting well and leading 4-4, but soon after, Gambos drops him to zero and we are 5-4 for the Slovakians.

20.23 – The match is not unlocked, Gambos serves.

20.20 – Very good muse does not make any mistakes and finds nice angles with the forehand. Still tied 3-3.

20.17 – There is no break yet, 3-2 for Gambos who manages a long response from Musetti.

20.13 – Gambose’s forehand widens and Museti still holds the service without special problems.

20.09 – We go fast: For the Gombos 2-1, both kept their serv. Now it depends on Musetti.

20.02 – Museti, Despite some great shots, It starts with losing the first game to Gambos who holds the serve.

All in Lorenzo’s hands. Not Sonego, Museti, Selected by Filippo Volandri for the decisive match against Slovakia. Second day in a row, John Cena has done his duty, Won the second point for Italy. South Tyrolian defeated Philip Horansky 7-5 6-4, leaving the crucial match to enter the group stage in the hands of his teammate. Cena took a moment to reset everything from the double defeat: he trailed 3-0 in the first set, only to get his serve back and then took a break in the eleventh game. Another break at the start of the second set, which Sinar – less fouled than Friday’s match against Gambos but won – took with him until the end of the match. High Five with Bench members, hug with Filippo Volandri: Italy is there, now everyone with Musetti.

Here is the Sinar-Horansky Chronicle

19.27 – Cena defeats Horansky 7-5, 6-4. Another perfect game by Jannik, who stopped the game and drew Italy 2-2 with Slovakia. Survey impressive blue, where he has won 27 of the last 30 points.

19.19 – The sinner goes away like a train when the beating continues. He holds his serve and leads from one game to another. Horansky then puts up a zero (two aces), 5-4 who will now serve for the match.

19.14 – Another complex game for Horansky, solved by an excellent diving flight by Slovak. Which is therefore in contact, under 4-3. I need a father now.

19.10 – Very good sinner with service. Quick points, aces and between service and straight. 4-2 for the blue. Italy is leading 2-2 against Slovakia.

19.01 – Sinner with three games. 3-2 forward janik and serve.

18.57 – Sinner keeps his turn without problems: 2-1 and service in the second set.

18.48 – Immediate break of the sinner. Blue misses a break point, then closes the second useful opportunity. As the free error decreases, Jannik starts playing very hard. Horansky in trouble.

The fourth game in a row for Sinar from 4-5 in the first set.

18.42 -First set sinner Jannik puts the joke in the air without taking any risks. He won twelve of the last fifteen points of the set and took it home 7-5.

18.38 –Break Italy Cena burns Horansky with a diagonal backhand passer and takes a break which takes him to serve for the first set. 6-5 for indigo.

18.32 – Sinar, not afraid, holds the serve and continues 5-5.

18.25 – Survey Janick is tough, but Neil fails to make himself dangerous in response. It has 4-4 ties.

18.14 – Service for Controbreak Sinner, 3-2 and Blue.

18.05 – Jannik’s single was decisive, who immediately went under a break, 2-0 Horansky.

Double rate

Now it is difficult. After the second singular on Friday, Italy also doubled the rate: It was 6-3 1-6 7-6 in just two hours against two experts, such as Slovak Philip Polasek and Igor Zelen, against Jenik Sinar (selected by Filippo Volandri instead of Stefano Travaglia) and Simone Bolleli. We now need to win two singles to avoid the exciting exclusion from the Davis Cup. Whatever the case, the double whammy for Italy is clear: it has already happened in Turin with the two defeats of Fognini and Sinar and Fognini and Musetti. Four out of four knockouts do not raise fears.

Italy, after losing the first set with an immediate break in the sixth game, returned to the track with a 6-1 win over the second. The third went uninterrupted until the decisive game, opened by Sinar’s wrong backhand who gave Slovakia a 2-0 lead. Another opponent from South Tyrolian, who pinched the tape, gave Italy a mini-break. But another mistake, more serious this time (A backhand fly within two meters) Returned the Slovak advantage, delighting the NTC Arena until the end of the match.

Now that the climate in Slovakia is warm, Italy must do business: First there will be sinners against Horansky, then we hope everything will go to Sonego, against Gambos.

Double Chronicle here

17.12 – Slovakia wins. Polasek and Zelen won three sets (6-3, 1-6, 7-6). In the third tiebreak, Azzurri won just one point of service, losing 6-3.

17.06 – A bad vol from Sinar gives Slovakia a mini-break, leading 5-3.

17.03 – He holds fifteen boleli. We are in the third set determinant tiebreak.

16.58 – Polasek and Jelen confirmed the tiebreak. They are ahead 6-5 for Italy in the service of Balili.

16.50 – Boleli puts the bar to zero: 4-4 in the third set, serving to Jelen.

16.46 – A wasted chance for Azzurri to advance to Polasek’s survey 0-30, then an error of Boleli with the forehand along the line, with the backhand letting one of Janik’s Slovaks hold the beat. Slovakia 4-3 in the third set

16.37 – Zellenoy’s survey saw Italy rise to 30-30, but failed to reach the break point. It remains a tie, 3-2 Slovakia, now in Sinar service.

16.25 – Perfect parity in the third set. The service is followed, now for a break.

16.16 – Second set Italy Bolelli and Cena won it 6-1, receiving two breaks. Now the third and decisive set.

16.12 – The blue couple is doing very well at the moment. Another break, they will serve for 5-1 sets.

16.05 – Immediate break of the blues in the second set. Sinar and Boleli went 2-0, then 4-1.

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