Our childhood place in Milan (which no longer exists)

Milan is the city of the future and is always changing, sometimes leaving even the favorite. Like the childhood places where Milanese once spent hours having fun. Let’s find out which one causes the most nostalgia.

Our childhood place in Milan (which no longer exists)

# Luna Park in Versace

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In the late 1960’s Later Demolition of Versailles railway stationHundreds more meters of Porta Garibaldi have been replaced, and the tracks have been removed, Space left Occupied empty Luna Park in Versailles. The area was completely occupied by Ride from 1972 until the eviction in the mid-1980s, when the state railways sold the entire area and Final closure in 1998. Anyone born before the second half of the seventies remembers the smell of cotton candy The first roller coaster ride With a heartbreaking view of Milan.

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# Zoo in Public Gardens via Palestro

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Milan Zoo in the garden of Porta Venice Zebra, bear, hippopotamus, tiger, lion, seal, snake and above all Bombay Elephant For almost 70 years, his show has been essential to the children of Milan. Opened in 1923 It was a great success but over time the number of animals has decreased, the presence has decreased and also the cages which were very small and there has been a lot of protest due to the poor living conditions of the animals. In 1992 Structure Definitely closed his door.

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Cinema hall in the center

Credit: teatro.it – ​​Capitol Cinema

Until the 1970s, Milan was very rich in cinemaMore than 160 Center It was real. “Broadway MilaneseShine with lights and movie posters. For many, going to the movies means going to the city center. Among the most famous cinema halls Corso, Astra, Excelsior, Manzoni and Capitol Which hosted the national premiere of La Rox Vita Milanese in 1960 and the national premiere of Rocco and his brothers and La Cioceira, with the presence of Vittorio de Sica and Sophia Loren.

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# Piranesi becomes Ice Palace

Piranesi became the Ice PalaceBuilt In 1924 Just a few steps from the old Frigoriferi Milanese Ice Factory, which served Ortomarkato, it was one of the largest indoor ice rinks in Europe. But not only that. The Ice Palace was also the site of a historic concert, especially in the 1960s. The entire complex has been turned into a private underground vault, where the building with ice rink Since 2002 Has been converted to one Congress and meeting space.

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# San Siro Palace Support

Palace of San Siro

Palace of San Siro, A few tens of meters from the Meazza Stadium where it built a large sports center was an indoor courtyard dedicated to sports and concerts. It opened in the mid-seventies One of the largest in the world And it could hold 18,000 spectators, but it was only used until 1985, when the roof collapsed due to heavy snowfall. If demolished later, a new football stadium could be built in some parts of the area.

# New Aarti

For many, it was the weaning of the movie. Not only did he show the film, but before and after the screening, the little Milanese entertained the audience with Walt Disney characters with human-sized dolls. It was opened in 1951 after the reconstruction of a building destroyed by World War II bombings. Arts Cinema (About 500 seats) The Piazza San was not too far from Babila, through Mascagni, and in the first decade it was an arthouse hall hosting arthouse film. Started in 1977 The movie, under the new direction of Luigi de Pedis, drastically changes the nature: it abandons the Atur film, conditions an exclusive contract with the Disney Company, and qualifies. New Arts – Disney House. From now until its closure it offers children’s films. The inauguration of the hall took place on a festive evening on 14 September 1977, attended by, among others, the head of the Disney Europe division and Mayor Tognoli. Opening Cinema Hall Donald Duck and c. On holidays.
Cinema Arti Closed in 2006.

# Trade Fair

We can’t end with that because it was a Milanese spring specific appointment. It was before Furisalon, before the Expo Great fair where for a few days one could find out what the best in the world had to offer again. The trade fair was a city within a city. It was inaugurated in 1920, Initially in Porta Venezia, but three years later it finds its permanent home, in the area behind Piazza Amendola where City Life is today. The most glorious, 1968 edition had 13,687 exhibitors from 67 countries And was visited by more than 4 million people.

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