Preview of the 22nd round of Legabasket

Dedicated to new appointment analysis, our format relates to the most interesting statistics in the basketball world. Today’s preview will cover the 22nd round of the Lega Basketball Championship starting in a few hours. Let’s take a look at some of the key details of the matches waiting for us over the weekend, including data provided by Inst Basketball.

Carpegna Ham Pesaro-Happy Casa Brindisi

It promises to be a potentially very exciting challenge, even for Harrison’s return to the South Star. Much will be determined under the basket: Pesaro is first for the percentage of the basket scored by his roller (11%), while Brindisi loses 8% of his basket in this situation. Happy Casa, on the other hand, makes great use of the game in the post, and Pesaro gives opponents 48% of this statistic.

Umana Rare Venice-Dolomite Energy Trento

Rare is increasing the engine speed especially in defense, where he is enjoying 79.10 points out of 100. This is thanks to a high physical intensity: Rare averages 19.60 fouls, of which 47.4% are good. Trento, whose attacks are not always fluid, may suffer from these features. The key to the victory lies in the three-point shot, with Malin’s side scoring 37.4%.

AX Armani Exchange Milan-Allianz Basketball Trieste

Olympia is a defensive and rebounding force, when on attack they get 21% of their basket from the shot fired. It is no coincidence that Armani puts an average of 19.2 assists per game in the scoresheet. It would be difficult for Allianz, the third team in the league, to take the initiative at a two-point percentage with an excellent 52.9%. Trieste needs to concentrate for 40 minutes to try to win, trying to lose as few balls as possible, the average is not great at the moment (13.79).

Banco de Sardegna Sassari-Bartram Derthona Basket Tortona

Dinamo is changing seasons for the Buchi system, which is becoming more productive day by day. Sassari is actually the third team in the league for offensive development, from which it averages 62.9 points. Very interesting offensive challenge with Ramondino’s team, including the first 38.3% on a percentage basis from the arc throughout the championship. This could be the turning point for Bartram, as Dynamo is the third worst defense in this basic (37.1% sanctioned) league.

Germany Brescia-Nutribute Treviso

Germany is the second best team in three-point shooting (37.9%) and the second best defense (78.70 admitted). Apart from this, Magro’s team can also take advantage of the huge rebound difference. Treviso is actually one of the worst teams under the entire championship scoreboard: the end in attack (average 7.37), the third worst in defense (24.32). Manetti’s side will have to limit the ball to 13.89 on average, as Brescia could be deadly in transition.

Vanoli Cremona-Unahotels Regio Emilia

Vanoli will try to get another positive result to come out of the mud of the last position after the last victory. In attack the Galbias rely heavily on team isolation (8% of their basket), while in defense they are the worst in terms of change (17%). Reggio doesn’t excel in this basic (45% of perception), but it will make you feel all your physique rebound. Caja’s team is actually third for average rebound capture, 34.05 per game.

Fortitudo Kigili Bologna-Virtus Segafredo Bologna

The highly anticipated derby in Paladoza. Fortitudo can still be forced to make short rotations, and defensive Fortudor (62% perception) must limit very effective conversions in defense. In addition, Martino’s boys can take advantage of the opponent’s lack of responsiveness in the exhaust shot: black vs. 24% suffer in their basket. For the most part, Virtus has to try to get the cousins ​​out of trouble in the pick-n-roll, especially since the handler F usually admits 43%.

Gevi Napoli-Openjobmetis Varese

The OpenJobMates are the league’s most foul team, averaging 20.4 per game, of which 43.6% are good. In addition, Versace is a team that defends better in opponent’s triplets, conceding only 32.8%. If Napoli want to win, they will have to try to make the most of their tonnage, especially in this region. In fact, Gavi conceded a two-point percentage of 52.3% and an average of 38.80 points in painting in Versailles.

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