Serie A League president Dal Pino has resigned

From the United States, where he is and where he is already living with his whole family since January, Paolo Dal Pino Serie A announced his resignation from the post of league president. The Lombard executive has relocated his family to Los Angeles and is taking on the role of CEO of a teletal company. The idea of ​​resigning from the league was already being considered in 2020, when the presidents of 20 clubs could not agree on the appointment of TV rights through Rosselini. But then, finding the square, he decided to stay. This time, pushing the manager to resign, his desire to change his life and choose America on a permanent basis is above all. Dal Pino does not get paid from the Serie A league, but only gets reimbursed for expenses.

In the Serie A league, Dal Pino has resigned: and now the election. Lotito has the majority and wants to impose a name of its own

By Fulvio Bianchi

Resigned in a subtle moment

There was also an atmosphere of distrust towards Dal Pino to hasten his decision, which was felt by most club presidents at the last meeting of the Assembly, before and after the Christmas break. In fact, Dal Pino left the league at a very delicate moment. On the one hand, negotiations are underway with the government for the presence of stadiums and snacks, which the football world wants after the damage caused by the epidemic. Another front is the growing contrast with FIGC. The Football Federation has given Serie A two weeks from January 31 to bring its legislation in line with the guidelines that provide for a simple majority vote in the legislature, with the exception of those who are eligible to vote. It sounds like a bureaucratic issue and a little bit of substance, but it’s not. Today, for example, 14 out of 20 votes are required to change the management of archival television rights and the management of video production of matches. The result is that the big players (Inter Milan, Juve and Napoli, above all) have been able to manage on their own, thanks to alliances with other clubs so far, as opposed to the assumption of joint management, supported by smaller clubs.

Football Association Serie A ultimatum: Two weeks to avoid commission

By Matteo Pinci

The text of Dal Pino’s letter

“Dear President, Dear Representative, Dear Member of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Body, In January, I moved to California, the center of my professional and family life.
So it is impossible to continue my role as president at Serie A.

It is an honor to chair the assembly and board of directors of this association and I thank all of you for spending two years together.
From the beginning of my order, I have tried to address critical issues of governance and innovation in the series by creating a media company and investing in private equity funds.
The first project was actually conducted with the IBC Center in Lisbon thanks to the work on the lega structure and I hope that the transformation of governance will take place soon with the model of government agencies.
You know that the proposal for funding has been put on hold.
The goodness of the project was then unfortunately attested by others, as the Spanish league made a deal with private equity that started it with us and with other European leagues pursuing the same strategic approach.
I have tried to propose ideas and innovations in a context resistant to change.
I am proud to work with FIGC in a very close unity of purpose, and I thank Federal President Gabriel Gravina, the gentleman, the lover of the game and the inspired guide of Italian football and the principles of fairness and sports loyalty with whom I shared the two. Years of war. Trying to survive the epidemic as well as revive Italian football amid external and internal difficulties.
I wish you all the best and success.
Paolo Dal Pino

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