The missing cat, Pucini, was found safe and sound for 20 days after the accident

Puchini cats were found after being in the cold for twenty long days. The cat went missing after its owner was involved in a car accident. On January 8, cat owner Gray Smiley was on an eleven-hour drive from North Carolina to return to Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana, after the Christmas holidays. However, he was involved in an accident with other vehicles on Interstate 64 near Pea Ridge. During the injury, a window shattered and Puccini got out of the car and fled onto the highway.

The semester at the university was about to begin, and so after three days of searching, Greece had to leave without losing hope of finding him. And twenty days after the accident, Teresa Atkins and Marcia Tolly, members of One by One Animal Advocates, a team of volunteers who decided to work together to find the cat after the owner left, found Puccini.

The search began on January 10, and since then 27 cats have been spotted that could resemble puccini. The two girls handed out leaflets from house to house, hung lampposts and bus stops, cooked bacon to seduce the cat, and even kept gray clothes nearby to seduce her owner.

“Thanks to a local woman who already has experience finding lost animals, she helped us and we finally found it,” they said. Teresa, on the twentieth day, received a call from Min Jeans Towing and Recovery, a company of towing companies, discussing seeing a cat that looked like Puccini. The woman dropped a trap inside the building where the cat was spotted and Puccini was rescued within an hour.

According to Teresa, the cat stayed on the roof of the building to stay warm, “until it had a happy ending. Finding a cat is like finding a needle in a haystack, but we were lucky »then Puccini was taken to Procterville Animal Clinic for a veterinary examination, and is now well on his way to losing some weight. He eventually reunited with his owner, Gray, who wrote on Facebook, “Thank you for your help.”

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