The symbol of normal life that helps us to be human –

A for the first time War Its protagonists are not just the army and the bombs, the refugees and the victims, the devastation and the horrors: Putin’s war with Russia against Ukraine Pets From day one they played a role, if not central, of course important and completely new, in between Representation of conflictIt awakens in the senses, stimulates it in response and so on in the formation of public opinion.

Then, as the conflict continues, we begin to learn about cats and dogs in Ukraine and, despite ourselves, are forced to share a terrible battle with humans – and, in a sense, to comfort them, to relieve them. To snatch laughter from men and women at risk of death at any moment. There was no shortage of news of animal shelters in need of bomb blasts and help, while dogs and cats grew up alone, hungry, sick, destitute, and growing up. But there are also many instances of the opposite sign, stories that express hope or lead to laughter.

There for example Jesse, A dog born before the attack that has become the mascot of a group of border guards: he begins the guard shift – they say -. When he feels threatened he starts barking and thus warns us that something is going to happen. There Champa, A misguided mongrel that has begun to take refuge in people’s homes when rockets hit the Poltava region and waits patiently for them until all is clear; Day after day, she has found the courage and now she shares her destiny with them. And there LeoThe red cat, adopted by a team of Cherkasy firefighters who say the girls take care of her, has proven to be a great emotional calmer for all of us.

Lots of images and stories, always in solitude and a smile, in fear and hope. There Odessa’s catWaiting for an enemy too close, crouched on the beach in a Frisian horse. Those who have soldiers, in a country on the outskirts Kiev, Finds a dog in a bomb-ravaged apartment that greets him cheerfully and cheerfully. There is another blindfolded and bloody dog ​​that was rescued and treated by a boy. There, a Kyiv Territorial Defense soldier is holding a rescued cat in his hand Irpin. There is a soldier who is cuddling a puppy dog ​​who knows where he came from, and there is another who is practicing in the shooting range.

Part of this phenomenon is naturally related to its forms Contemporary social communication: Isn’t Instagram and Facebook full of kittens and dogs, more or less beautiful, less well-groomed, less stupid? So it may seem normal, and consistent in a certain sense, the same process, though distorted, It breeds even in wartime conditions: Just that the animals, this time, pose in the army and instead of the rubble lying happily on a sofa or in a well-kept garden. And yet I don’t think it’s just that.

LawSpecial and affectionate attention to animals – And this, it should be emphasized again, the first time it happened in war – is related to something deeper, something that also questions us and it expresses in a certain sense, more than many words and many analyzes. The deep meaning of this war, this war that brings anger to each of us. Pets – the word itself – is An essential part of our Domas, Our home, that is, the daily rules that govern our lives and that make us feel safe, secure, peaceful. War destroys and unnecessarily destroys this uncertain discipline, disrupts daily life, angers those who have no guilt, those who have nothing to do with it, those who are not responsible for anything. The women and men who resist and fight with a dog beside them, who rescue a frightened kitten, who want to remind themselves by posting photos and stories of animals, and all of us, what life was like before and what a crime it is. Was committed to the attack; They want to keep at least one piece of a suddenly broken existence; And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes People want to stay. Gee: When men kill each other, humanity is assigned to the frightened face of a cat, to the unpredictable movement of a dog’s tail.

April 3, 2022 (change 3 April, 2022 | 10:05 AM)

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