Two roaring lions … poor cats

Vicenza has never played in a reggae. In the first half the Swallows were dominated by those who took double advantage and in the second half they confined themselves to a floppy and confusing lane control. Two steps back from previous performances and a bad start to Wednesday’s match in Menti against Croton. In single play, there is no adequacy between red and white and some serious rejection for the various Dalmont, Boli and, above all, the disabled Da Cruz, who always thinks you have the opportunity to play a game on the field that doesn’t make sense. His


On Great 5/6: 3, he opposes Moreau’s conclusion. He has no special flaws in the first goal which is more than a defensive noise. Maybe he can get out, maybe not. Something good is air interference, which is not exactly its power.

May 5.5: It follows Vicenza’s initial resume very well, with a shot suitable for the green period. Too bad they don’t give him a ball that could cost 0-1. In the right lane he changes the wise things very carelessly. It is growing in condition.

DE MAIO 5-: In the corner of Pajac he pierces the pigeon by Morio, who stands with perfect timing and leads the hosts. Basically this is the only big mistake of the game, but it is so crucial that it affects the whole match. This is the goal that already brings a fake lane to its knees.

BROSCO 5+: In the 43rd minute he opposes Morio’s shot from the edge: the penalty foul is not very clear but unfortunately was shot by VAR. Comes from spot 2-0. No relevant info was found on this topic, but it was found to be the culprit.

BRUSCAGIN 5.5: Goes through the race without leaving a mark on the notebook. The coach urged him to play in the opposite direction but that was not enough to explain an anonymous and daring match. On the wings, the Brescians kill the guests, penetrating the butter like a hot blade.


Bike 5: Intelligent support for Megiorini in the 66th minute. As always, it should be promoted for mobility and combat skills. However, the foot is so rough that it marks its performance with measurement errors and wrong steps. And in a two-man midfield, always in trouble and very bent on defense, it becomes almost reprehensible for constant suffering.

On Cavion 5:27 he resists an ankle injury with a sure shot from Iye: goal save. About half an hour later, he received a warning to stop Bisoli. It’s not the same day and Vicenza can’t ignore his talent. The midfield fight was dominated by Corini’s men.

(ZONTA) 5/6: Excellent support for Megiorini. In Lane’s very cowardly attempt to hit the lion, he tries to give some power, but fails to repeat Ascoli’s miracle.

Bolas 4,5: Not meat or fish. To try, he tries, but banning is not his job and being a spoiler is not right for him. The question remains by what criteria Valon’s algorithms aim at him to brighten up the broccoli trocar. No one on the field noticed him.

(Magiorini) 5/6: In the 53rd minute a good ball comes from Jonta to the cross and tries to make the right touch. Unfortunately he kept the ball very high and this is not a mistake on his part … Dia’s cross in the 65th minute is interesting but the bomber’s turn should be forgotten. Good invitation for Ranochia in the 75th minute. At 88 ‘he tried to strike from a distance but it was too central. Wrong judgment on him, but he must give himself a lot.

DA Cruise 4: The coach needs to be on the head of the brooch to understand the mystery behind the glue shirt on his skin. Abulic, shy, slow, detached from the game. They took him as a defender, but the only thing he could really spoil was the very fine reproductive organs of the fans. For the series: when there is talent but everything else is missing.

(Giacomeli) 5/6: He doesn’t do much but the team gets a little better after his entry. It’s already an afternoon of pure depression.

Dalmonte 4.5: Vicenza serves Diau for the most beautiful action occasion and ignores the best Maggio to his right. Evaluation is wrong. A lot can be expected from a player who has often been decisive in the past. Lately, though, this has been the burden behind a group that is already struggling with a lot of bugs.

(Ranakchia) 5.5: Good cross to Majio, interrupted by defense. At age 65, she tries to feed Jonta, but to no avail. More was expected from his entry into the field, but he has returned from injury.

Chances at DIAW 5:15 that could have changed the game: Lane made a great counter attack and appeared in the area at 3 against 1. David gets a tempting help but argues with the ball, stumbles and falls to the ground. He scores at opportunity 30 but plenty of meters offside. He finished 38 ‘again but this time he is offside. So much admirable smoke and little roast and lots of opportunity thrown in the air. Failed.

Mr. Brocchi 5: There are many understandable choices: from the opposite Bruskagin to the choice of attacking midfielders. But the worst sentence for the coach comes from a team that gives itself a chance to slap for 90 runs and never, I mean, give the idea of ​​being able to get the game back in the game. There will also be a lot to say at the character level: Brescia not only because they have more quality (and yet you have passed) but also because they show a firmness, a dynamism and a balance that red and white do not. Any league (not this weird tournament for those who do badly) will already be condemned by his maths in terms of the 20 defeats collected so far. But in spite of everything, he can still gamble, if he knows where to put his hand …

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