A house made of cardboard that lasts 100 years: will it be the future?

Credit: @ Wickelhouse IG

Inspired by the latest packaging making techniques, the cardboard house can be transported wherever you want, with a century-long guaranteed facility. Let’s take a look at the cardboard house?

A house made of cardboard that lasts 100 years: will it be the future?

# Inspiration from the packaging industry

Credit: @ Wickelhouse IG

This usually happens when a new TV comes home, or a new heavy accessory Someone in the family converted the packaging into their home. Kids do this magic for fun, cats a little more seriously.
A. Fiction factoryThe Dutch brand that invented this idea, must have Take these two important family affections as an example and make cardboard housesWhich is assembled in one day, but it is Built in such a way that it deserves a guarantee that varies between 50 and 100 years. There are not many houses that have been built for over a century. Wickle House There are in them.

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# Cardboard rolled on a frame in the shape of a house

“Frame in the shape of a house” Credit: @Wickelhouse IG

Wickel House uses a recent strategy in the packaging industry, Combined with the search for housing solutions. At the beginning of the frame of this house, the same technique is applied with which they are prepared Tomato packaging. Cardboard is essential for long-distance transportation of these delicacies Time Travel, Protect the tomatoes jolts to e Be comfortable so as not to hurt Results.

Not that in the fiction factory they are sure people are tomatoes but, they use this technique Fiber glue from Scandinavian trees made their little house. The house is made to wrap this fiber 24 times In a frame in the shape of a house, finished with layers Waterproof, Wooden slats and large windows.

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# Modular, without foundation, ready in one day

Credit: @ Wickelhouse IG

The fiberboard is rolled on a Rolling frameWhich prepares part of it Standard length, equal to 1.2 m. Wikkel House is actually available with Modular construction: from a minimum of 3 parts Maximum suggested by imagination.
You can put it in the garden, on the beach, in the shed; Everywhere, why The total weight of an ideal home From some modules It weighs only 600 kg. Weighing, It does not require a foundation. But let’s not be fooled: Guarantee These are supplied by the manufacturer for the houses, a Minimum 50 years up to 100 maximum.
Modules are also standardized for the solution: capsules for the bathroom, for the bedroom and much more.
Minimal version, consisting of three modules, Mount in just one day And there is almost a sample price 25,000 euros.

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# Economic and environmental

Credit: @ Wickelhouse IG

The promise of Dutch startups to always be able to Give everyone a home efficiently and economically.
The policy of the company is that Continuous forest planting, To guarantee extra parts for each plant used as raw material. In addition, at the moment, they are committed to building more than a dozen roll-up houses each year.

Cardboard used in this way is an offer Excellent thermal insulation With respect to outsiders: they serve Low power And less waste for heating the house.
The glue used to bring the states together is super eco-friendly guaranteed.

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# Other than a fantasy game

Wickelhouse Insulation Credit: @ Wickelhouse IG

This is not a gameThis is a house with very serious features, Green Enough to gain space in the future.
Wickel House is currently available in the markets of Northern Europe: Holland, Belgium, Northern France, Denmark and Luxembourg.
However, it is worth observing this type of market: it will be possible to observe its developments as soon as it lands in Italy.
Mini event or flop? In Northern Europe they believe it. We just have to wait and see a video. With Cardboard stove in the house with a simple look

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