David de Donatello, Sorrentino and Mainetti lead the race: 16 nominations

It was the hand of God and freaks out, with Paolo Sorrentino and Gabriel Mainetti each leading the race for David de Donatello with 16 nominations. I laugh here by Mario Marton following 14, while Leonardo de Costanzo Ariaforma and Maneti are diabetic by the brothers. Jonas Carpignano and Enio’s six-chira height, dedicated to Giuseppe Tornator’s Doc Ustad Marikon.

The three nominations for Latin America were by the D’Inosenzo brothers and by L’Arminuta Giuseppe Bonito. Because of La terra dei figli, Piccolo corpo and Una fammina

Again, a nomination for 7 women and a mystery, a classic horror story, a cat on the ring road – Coccia di Morto, Giulia, The Bad Poet, The Catholic School, Marilyn has black eyes, Maternal, King crab, Three plans.

It will be a movie show with a lot of guests with musical instruments – but we haven’t announced anything yet – and the red carpet, as seen for a while. This incident is of course related to what is happening in Ukraine. Yes, this evening will be marked by light, but we cannot fail to remember the communication operators who spoke of the war, as many journalists and Lithuanian director Mantas Kevedaravicius were killed while shooting his documentary. It will be a version of the unity of all things, but also of a country that finds its deepest roots in cinema. “

Directed by Carlo Conti with Drusila Foyer. At both conferences. Carlo Conti added: “From now on, when we broadcast by May 3, I hope the war is over, but of course the problem will remain, we need to help our people rebuild.”

Here is the list of main candidates.

The best movie

In the air

It was the hand of God


Freaks out

Here I smiled

The best direction

Ariapharma Leonardo de Costanzo

It was the hand of God Paolo SORRENTINO

Enio Giuseppe Tornatore

Gabriel knocks out MAINETTI

Here I am smiling Mario Marton

Debut in management

The bad poet Gianluca Jodis

Mother Maura Delpero

Young body Laura Samani

King Crab Alessio Rigo de Rigi, Matteo Jopis

A female Francesco Constable

Original screenplay

Chiara to Jonas Carpignano

Broadcast Leonardo Di Costanzo, Bruno Oliveiro, Vallia Santela

It was the hand of God Paolo SORRENTINO

Nicola Guaglianon, Gabriel Mainetti left out

Here I am smiling Mario Marton, Ippolita de Majo

Non-original script

Diabetic Manetti Bros., Michelangelo the Snow

Armed Monica Zapelli, Donatella de Pietrantonio

Catholic school Massimo Gaudioso, Luca Infaceli, Stefano Mordini

Country of Sons Filippo Gravino, Guido Iculano, Claudio Cupelini

Three-story Nanny Moretti, Federica Pontremoli, Valia Santela

A lady Lirio Abte, Serena Bruganolo, Adriano Chiarelli, Francesco Costbel


Chiara John Coplon, Paolo Carpignano, Ryan Zacharias, Jonas Carpignano (Stablak Production) – Rye Cinema

Carlo Cresto-Dina (Tempesta) – Michelle Pini (Amka) – Ariapharma produced by Rai Cinema

It was the hand of God Paolo SORRENTINO, Lorenzo MIELI

Andrea Ocipinti, Stefano Massenzi, Matthias Guerra (Lucky Red) – Gabriel Mainetti (Gun Film) – Rai Cinema

Here I am laughing at Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Sima, Carlotta Calorie (Indigo Film) – Rye Cinema

Top Actress

Chiara to her husband Rotolo

Diabetic Mary Leone

Aurora frees Giovinazzo

Giulia Rosa Palaciano

Here I am smiling Maria Jati

The main character

Elio Germano of Latin America

Ariapharma Silvio Orlando

It was the hand of God Filippo SCOTTI

Franz frees Rogowski

Here I am smiling Tony Cervillo


It was Luisa Ranieri, the hand of God

It was the hand of God Teresa Saponangello

Vira de Filippo Susie del Judis

Armed Vanessa SCALERA

Here I am smiling Christiana del’ana

Side actor

Ariapharma returned Fabrizio

Diabetic Valerio Mastandria

It was the hand of God Toni Servillo

Pietro knocks Castelito out

Here I am smiling Eduardo Scarpeta

Author of the photo

Paolo Carnera of Latin America

Ariapharma Luka Bigaji

It was the hand of God Daria D’Antonio

Michelle D’Attanasio is released

Here I am smiling Renato Berta


Chiara to Dan Romer, to Ben Zeitlin

Latin America Verdena

Ariapharma Pascual SCIALÒ

Diabetic PVO and Aldo de Scalgi

Michelle Braga frees Gabriel Mainetti

Brothers de Filippo Nicola Piovanni

Original song

Diabetic Title: The Depth of the Abyss Music, Lyrics and Interpretation by: Manuel Agnelli

The title of The Filippo Brothers: Polka in Fascio

Music by: Nicola Peovani

Text by: Nicola PIOVANI, Dodo GAGLIARDE

Starring: Anna Ferraioli Revel

Arminuta Title: Only you

Music and lyrics: Giuliano Taviani, Carmelo Travia

Starring: Mariana Travia

Marilyn has black eyes Title: In Your Eyes

Music by: Francesca Mikilin, Andrea Farry

By text and explanation: Francesca MICHIELIN

Small Body Title: Small Body

Music by: Frederica STAHL

Written by: Laura Samani



Ariapharma Luka Cervino – Sujana Abenavoli

Diabetic Noemi Marchika – Maria Michela de Domenico

It was the hand of God Carmine Guarino – Iole Outreau

Freaks out at Massimiliano Sturial – Ilaria Falacara

Here I am smiling Giancarlo Museli, Carlo Resigno –

Laura Casalini, Francesco Fonda


Diabetic Geneva de Carolis

It was the hand of God Mariano Tufano

Freaks out Mary Montalto

Vira de Filippo Maurizio Milenoti

Here I am smiling Ursula Patjak


Diabetic Francesca Lodoli

It was the hand of God Vincenzo Mastrantonio

Diego Prestopino – Emanuel de Luca and David de Luca (artificial or special make-up)

Brothers de Filippo Maurizio Nardi

Here I am smiling Alessandro D’Ana


7 women and a mystery Alberta Giuliani

Chiara to Giuseppe Rotolo

Diabetic Luka Pompozi

Marco frees Parna

De Filippo’s brother Francesco Pegoretti


Chiara to Afanso Goncalves

Ariapharma Carlotta Christiani

It was the hand of God Cristiano Travaglioli

Enio Massimo Coel, Analisa Shilaki

Here I am smiling Jacopo Qadri


Main air direct connection: Xavier LAVOREL

Microphone: Pierre Kolodin

Edited by Daniela Basani

Sound Creation and Mix: Maxance Sikawai

It was the direct fist of God: Emanuele CECERE

Microphone: Francesco Sabez

Edited by Sylvia Moraes

Word creation: Mirko Perry

Mixture: Michele MAZZUCCO

Ennio Direct connection: Gilberto MARTINELLI

Edit: Fabio Venturi

Mixture: Gianni Pallotto

Freaks out direct connection: Angelo Bonanni

Microphone: Diego de Santis

Edited by: David Favargioti

Word creation: Mirko Perry

Mixture: Franco Piscopo

Here I smile straight: Alessandro Janon

Microphone: Alessandro Palmerini

Edited by Sylvia Moraes

Word creation: Gianluca Gasparrini

Mixture: Giancarlo Rutigliano

Visual effects. VFX

Nuchio Canino is a classic horror story

Diabetic Simon Sylvestri

It was the hand of God Rodolfo Migliari

Stefano frees Leoni

Boys land Rodolfo Migliari, Roberto Saba


Atlantis by Yuri Ankarani

Enio de Giuseppe Tornatore

The future of Pietro Marcelo, Francesco Munji, Alice Rohrwacher

Marcus can wait by Marco Belluccio

Radical waves by Gianfranco PANNONE

International films

Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast

Universal picture

Great Britain

Don’t look up by Adam Mackay

Lucky Red, Netflix


Drive my car by Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Money film


Tunes by Denis Villeneuve

Warner Bros. Pictures


Dog Power – Dog Power by Jane Campion


New Zealand, Australia

The award for best short film was given by a commission consisting of Domenico Dinoia, Mauro Donzelli, Francesco Gia Via, Marzia Gandalfi, Paula Jacoby, Maria Grazia Matei, Claudia Panjica, Marina Sanna, Maria Carolina Terzi.

Diorama by Camilla Carey

The last one is Tomaso extinguishes the light of Santa Brogio

Mistral of Nico Bonomolo

Roman night of Valerio Ferrara

Pilgrims by Farnush Samdi and Ali Asgari

The Best Short Film David de Donatello 2022 Award is: Nico Bonomolo’s MAESTRALE.


The David Giovanni Award is presented by a national jury to students in the final two years of high school education.

David Young

Like a Cat on the Ring Road – Back to Coccia di Morto by Riccardo MILANI

Diabolik by MANETTI BROS.

It was the hand of God by Paolo Sorrentino

Enio de Giuseppe Tornatore

Freaks out by Gabriel Mainetti

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