Entertainment is not just for children

The Oscar ceremony has always attracted attention for several days, from pure curiosity to those who stay away from it, to those who follow it, however, ending up overwhelmed by the announcement about the ceremony. This year, a Oscar night 2022 In the midst of various reports of unwelcome rewards and slaps from VIPs, something has happened that I would urge all the staff and fans in the field of animation to add.

Three actresses, Haley Bailey, Naomi Scott and Lily James (on stage at the 2022 Oscars) during the Best Animated Film Awards ceremony.Or Disney’s three live-action princesses), Began with a rather unfortunate speech, the first sentence of which was statusFrom “Kids love this movie! They want to see again and again, again and again!“And another continued.”I guess parents know what we’re talking about!“After a bit of laughter, the awards show turned the moment into a beautiful little theater, which means that animated films are something that only children like, when poor parents have to endure to take their little ones to the movies.”

The news reached me through the social channels of various animation workers, such as directors and designers Castlevania, Invincible And Oscar nominees Mitchell vs. MachineThose in the Oscar 2022 speech also sounded frustrated With a memeWhich they then join Many animators who have shared their frustrations. Unfortunately, as we know, this is not the first time that animation has been considered childish and not very serious, but it is true that this generalist and ignorant notion has been strengthened in the eyes of the world. On the Oscar stage (Therefore, even a little A little Movie culture expected) It makes it all the more humiliatingAnd let’s face it, Also a sign of hypocrisySince in Selected Movies Was in the section mentioned above Run away, A cartoon that follows the story of a man who fled Afghanistan and was taken to Denmark; Look, maybe it’s something that children do They did not understand Or is fully appreciated.

It didn’t help that he won EncantoYet another Disney musical, highly overrated and, it must be said, Not equal to competitorsAs a favorite Mitchells vs. Machine, Escape, and Luca. Over the years, the “Best Animated Film” category has done nothing more than reward Disney products, even with low quality clarity, and these continuous automatic victories do nothing but annoy the animation giant, which, with this discussion, we have to say. Can He spat on the plate on which he had eaten year after year (Which has been the case for some time now, since the live-action remakes of the Disney Classic are intended to be “more mature”).

Fortunately, it’s time to award the Best Animated Short Windshield wiperDirector Alberto Milgo reiterated:There is entertainment for adults. It’s a movie. Let’s recognize it as suchClearly refers to phrases uttered by three actresses.

The question ended there, but the debate over the issue still continues on social networks. I must say, one thing I never understood and never will understand is why we use the term “for children” as an insult to define a Series B product, As if children are not entitled to quality products, And so that even adults can safely enjoy, just think of cartoons like Gamble, We Bear Bear, or Adventure Time. Not to mention that special care is taken to create something that children not only appreciate, but they can find stimuli and teach them something.

Among our winners, the usual boycott of films made outside of American territory should also be underlined: for Japan, We all remember one victory Enchanted city In 2003When the last nomination for anime films with 2019 Mirai (Here you will find our review) By Mamoru Hosoda. Like other great movies In this corner of the earth, Promise Or Run your waves They were not even counted for nomination. European products are generally accepted (But not always) Only one place in the nominationWhere the film likes anyway Where is my body And Loving Vincent Forgiveness against Toy Story 4 And CocoaNot even among the highest quality Disney / Pixar products in recent years

The only movie capable of breaking this chain of Disney / Pixar-paid victories Spider-Man: In SpiderverseRaised by viewers and critics but, to a lesser extent, even some fans of MCU find it not very serious or important as an animated product.

All these discussions took a back seat at the 2022 Oscars, Now famous, and much known, due to the slap of Will Smith, another fight among the VIPs that we will forget in a few days. Bad jokes are certainly not new, but it is clear that such gossip (as always) is now One of the few things that makes this kind of event relevant, Where there are some people who joke about a woman’s illness, smile sincerely and then pretend to be by her side. This is the general hypocrisy of Hollywood, and I’m sorry that we tend to talk more about these events, not about the art, the context should be predicted.

Whether people understand or not, Animation is a form of art in all fields, and always will be, And requires decades of study in screenwriting, design, storytelling, directing, polishing, software studies, and much more, just like in movies with real actors; Tired of listening to viewers and critics who still aggressively engage cartoons and children, Remove the promised value And the love that we have for this medium, Instead of recognizing it as a strategy, it is still considered a “style”And the fact that professional bodies like academia make these stereotypes risky and accepted by the public.

This attitude does nothing but harm the already low paid employees in the field of animation, who are annoyed at not seeing their work recognized as “Real movies“If nothing else, this year too, he reiterated that the Oscars should not be taken lightly, but we all inevitably ask ourselves.”When will the animation industry get the respect it deserves?

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