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Great success for the team Fisdie Sicily Table Tennis Al Italian Championship Discipline organized by the company Pol.Ha. Held in Varese and Lozza (VA) on the last weekend of 2-3 April 2022. In addition to awarding tricolor titles to society, ASD Paralympic graduates scored 322 points in the Paralympic event. Mimi Rodolico In front of Mazara del Vallo (TP), Palermo ASD Radiosa (224) and Catania Il Circolo Etneo (122). The Mazaris Club also won two golds (in the women’s singles C21 with Jessica Ingrao and in the mixed doubles C21 with the couple Francesco Asaro / Jessica Ingrao) and was able to boast of the uninterrupted performance of all the athletes present. Almost all podiums of different scoreboards.

The Sicilian team of table tennis fisdir strongly feels its presence at the Paralympic event in Loja, exerts itself in most competitions and maintains a high level of commitment, perseverance and perseverance towards the opponent. Next to the promotional male singles is Sebastiano Amodio (Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara) in excellent 2nd place, followed by two other Sicilian children, Simon Lo Sauro (Asd Il Circolo Etneo) and Giuseppe Sciacca (Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara). Instead, Francesco Asaro (Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara) and Mario Nuccio Pizzardi (Asd Orizzonte) finished second and third, respectively, in the C21 Men’s Singles, further inspiring the C21 Men’s singles.

Students of Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara Jessica Ingrao and Anna Abate unquestionably dominated the C21 women’s singles division, graduating three-color champions. In the case of male promotional youth singles, the Sicilians still have masters in the rankings, first place in Andrea Ferra (Asd Il Circolo Etneo), second place in Gabriel Bonafide (Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara) and third place in ex-aequo. From Carmelo Lo Faro (Asd Il Circolo Etneo). It continues with the single F / M Youth C21, the very young Giovanni Spina (Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara) on the second stage of the podium, in front of his teammate Anna Abet in third place.

Sicily is once again focusing on its own brand in the double men’s promotional competition, with Ferra Andrea and Lo Sauro Simone (Asd Il Circolo Etneo) and Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara Amodeo at the top of the stage. Sebastiano / Siakka Giuseppe and Bonafade Gabriel / Lo Faro Carmelo at the lowest level of the ex-Aiko podium. The Sicilian The Podium of Double F / M C21 was won by the couple Catalano Salvatore / Giomo Matteo (Asd Radiosa / Asd Fai Sport), followed by Abate Anna / Ingrao Jessica (Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara) and the couple Asaro France. Third from Francesco (Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara) and Pizzardi Mario / Sciascia Armando (Asd Orizzonte) ex-aequo.

First place went to Andrea Ferreira (paired with Nadia Canoniari) in the promotional mixed doubles, where the C21 mixed doubles saw the absolute victory of the couples of Asd Mimi Rodolicò Mazara Asaro Francesco / Ingrao Jessica and Abate Anna / Spina Francesco respectively. And second place. In the men’s singles open, multiple champion Lorenzo Rioni Fili (Asd Radiosa) teammate Marco Casioli and Asd Fiamma Mico Risposto Simone Miserotti and Ionut Galletti topped the bronze medalists. In the women’s singles open gold medal for Gessica Spampinato (Asd Albatros), the bright silver of Noemi Borgognone (Asd Radiosa) and the bronze in front of Asd Uisp members Germain Lecock Vincenza de Girolamo and Pamela Tumbarello.

The podium at the All-Sicilian Men’s Singles Youth Open is Lorenzo Licitra (Asd Il Circolo Etneo) with three positions, followed by Stefano Turcu (Asd Paralimpica Mimi Rodolico Mazara) and Renato Lacerati (Asd Radiosa). Third from aequo. The Double Mail Open is almost entirely won first place from Palermo by the couple Lorenzo Rion Philly / Alberto Salaorno (SD Radiosa), second by teammates Marco Casioli and Domenico Restivo, and third, by the former Aikote, “Bright”. By members of Roberto Busardo and Renato Lacerati and Asd Fiamma Mico Risposto Ionut Galletti and Simone Miserotti. The Sicilian couple Borgognone / Spampinato oro and Di Girolamo / Tumbarello also dominated the Double Women’s Open with silver, and the Silorno / Spampinato couple also won silver at the Double Misto Open with silver. Borgognone / Rione Fili and Tumbarello / Quinci bronze for couples.

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