Peppa Pig speaks Ukrainian in TV, movies and cartoons …

By Remy Morandi

The Children Ukrainian Arrived In Italy I 25,938, According to the latest estimates. So many have seen and considered that total Ukrainian refugees in Italy Is almost 6 thousand. Away from bombs, away from destruction, from WarNew life Small refugees It has already begun. Now is the time for them to be treated, the first place to stay, the time of hospitality. It would be strange for Ukrainian children – if not painful – to arrive in a country they do not know. New faces, new people, seeing new cities and hearing a language, Italian, Which they do not know. They will certainly rule it, but for the moment it is theirs Language Mother lives Ukrainian. Kids are always used to seeing TV in Ukrainian languageHear about their favorite deity character Cartoons In Ukrainian. And arriving in Italy, turning on the television, and hearing that their favorite cartoons are in another language that they don’t understand, is definitely frustrating, of course depressing. Because of this, Rye He decided to change his programming a little, and will Helpful With small refugees who do not understand Italian, he wanted Translate some cartoons and programs for children into UkrainianHow Peppa Pigs And 44 Cats.

Peppa Pig Translates into Ukrainian by Rye Solidarity with Ukrainian Children in Italy

Where to watch Ukrainian cartoons in Rye

From Brave Rabbits Per Foxter and MaxThere are many cartoons and programs for children translated into Ukrainian by Rai. To view them, only access the Dedicated section Ripley, “Welcome children – дітей”. Upon entering the site, you will notice a huge programming of cartoons, movies and children. In The best movies and cartoons In addition to the Peppa Pig and 44 Cats are available in Ukrainian: The Adventures of St. Nicholas, A Drawing for Peace, Vladi and Miro, Super Papa, Artonic, Molang, One Love and many more. To see them, just click on a cartoon and it will start playing automatically Streaming, Already in Ukrainian. Many other topics – Rai says – will be added gradually.

“Welcome Children – дітей”, RaiPlay features a section dedicated to Ukrainian children coming to Italy. Lots of movies and cartoons (pictures / rye play)

Rai President Md Marinella Soldy And CEO Carlo Fuertes They commented on the initiative: “Rye wants to be close to Ukrainian families who have been forced to flee their country and their homes by Russian troops. Offering quality programs in their language – Soldi and Fuortes continue – will help Leisure moment When children and adolescents are tested, among other things, by detachment from their habits.

Also featured in rye play are 44 famous cats in Ukrainian, the most successful Italian cartoon of recent years (photo / replay).

Ripley contains key Ukrainian cartoons and movies

In the press release that announced the initiative – which began on Friday, April 1, 2022 – we read that RaiPlay started with three great successes. Rai Yooo: 52 episodes of the TV series Brave Rabbits, The beautiful brave rabbit, the most popular Ukrainian animation series created by Klov’s Globery Studios; Famous 44 catsThe most successful Italian cartoon of recent years; The vessel of love Peppa Pig With 104 episodes in Ukrainian. There it is too Two moviesIn whom? Foxter and Max Which tells of a friendship between a boy and a robot dog and the adventurous Rai cartoon series Farhat. Prince of the desert. This is the first offer, Rai explains, to which other headlines will be added soon, along with a selection of cartoons without dialogue, including the popular series. Molang, A love, Vlady and Miro, Artunic. Rai would like to thank the production companies Kidsme, Rainbow, Betafilm, eOne and MondoTV for the Ukrainian language column and others who will join Rai Ragaji’s proposal to create an offer dedicated to refugee children in our country.

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