The story of Anastasia, who became immortal while fleeing Ukraine with 20 dogs

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Anastasia Tikhaya is a 20-year-old Ukrainian girl who lived there until a few weeks ago IrpinA suburb of northwestern Kiev that became notorious for war.

The city was, in fact, connected to the capital by a bridge, Romanovka Which allowed thousands of people to flee the bombing on the first day of the war.

Anastasia also crossed the Irpin Bridge on foot, before firing, and she did 20 dogs and 5 cats together Which she and her partner, Arthur Lee, lived in the small pet shelter they opened.

When he walked that path with the intention of leaving the horrors of war behind, he became immortal in a picture that turned into the following days. Symbol Her people are running away with the animals.

Around him, in a circle, are all his dogs, some of them old and have trouble walking. On the other hand, in the eyes of the woman, we can read the determination: the drive is necessary for those who know that they must reach their destination as soon as possible.

“Fortunately, the dogs are no longer with us today. Kodami calls Anastasia TikhayaThose who are safe again in a safe place in Kiev – thanks to the cooperation of some Polish families, we were able to find a family for each of them before returning to the capital.

The story behind the shot

“I vividly remember the moment the photo was taken – Anastasia says – the dogs were pulling me around, but I still had to keep going. There was really a purpose for him, who did not understand my difficulty and the speed with which we had to evacuate our area. “

In the days following the shooting, his story became known throughout the country and was told in a brief report aired during the broadcaster’s news. TCHAt the end of the seventeenth day of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“It simply came to our notice then A bomb fell on the house next to ours – Anastasia says during the service – We didn’t think for a second that we wouldn’t find a safe solution for each of our animals. How could we escape without them? They were our friends.

A choice that has been shared with thousands of its countrymen and which is not surprising to those accustomed to sharing their lives with animals, As mentioned by Diana LetiziaThe director of our magazine, in an article that shows photographs of many other people, like Anastasia, lives together with dogs, cats and other pets to survive the horrors and frustrations of war.

Anastasia continues her story to Kodami, explaining that her deep love for animals actually has ancient roots, associated with the childhood she spent with her family. “My parents have a bullmastiff farm, so I’ve always been in close contact with dogs,” he said. And show behavior that is difficult to manage. “

The story of Anastasia arrives in Italy and is told by the World Wide Pet Team

A few days after the publication of the photograph and the related report, the image of Anastasia on the Romanovka bridge crossed the Ukrainian border and reached all over Europe, and it was then that David Moretini, dog trainer and member of the scientific committee of Kodami. I learned his story.

“I contacted her to ask her how she was and we exchanged some messages on social networks – Moretini said – so I thought of asking her to take part in the World Wide Pet Project by participating directly on Facebook.”

The webinar, organized in collaboration with and Be Cane Centro Cinofilo Association, was born to deepen the theme. The culture of the world establishes a relationship with the dog And, thanks to Anastasia, during the live broadcast on March 31, it was possible to understand the role of dogs in Ukrainian society.

In the evening, indeed, the World Wide Pet Team – which includes dog educator Federica Nunziata from Mexico and Elena Quiricio from London – features stories of Anastasia’s history and tradition that unites people with dogs in her country and in public. He was given the opportunity to ask their own questions.

“Anastasia is a show that has the potential to create a bright future for this world in the hands of a new generation – comments Luca Spennacio, dog trainer, member of the scientific committee of Kodami and moderator of the event – I hope I can shake you. Hands and thanks, because young People me Allow us to look to the future with optimism

An image of a live broadcast hosted by World Wide Pete
In the picture: An image of a live broadcast hosted by World Wide Pete

“He has shown the values ​​and respect for our democracy with which one can relate to dogs -” he remarked at the end of the meeting. “In the future, we hope to be able to welcome him back to our project 6 again in peace.

Anastasia finally wants through code Send a message to the inhabitants of Europe Which allows the dogs living with him to stay away from the fight. “I really want to thank all those who have shown in recent days that they really love animals by opening their doors to their needs – he concludes – despite the incredibly difficult moment, we’ve got a lot of concrete support. Thank you all very much.”

Facebook live recordings are available on and Be Cane Centro Cinofilo’s Facebook channel.

Anastasia was photographed on the Irpin Bridge by Christopher Ochikon, a photographer and journalist who had lived in Ukraine for 6 years.

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