Veterinary Homeopathic Medicine: An Unresolved Case

I got the call: Doctor, you treated Dogs His sister for the same shape as the one that hit my dog ​​3 days ago. German Shepherd 13 year old sterile male.

I took her to the clinic. They treated him for 24 hours with cortisone and phlebotherapy. Today I went to pick it up. Can you come home to see it? (D: Question / R: Answer).

D: What happened: Tell me everything

A: The maid called me in the morning. In the garden he saw the dog that was not well: He froze and his head twitched all over. He, too, was speechless: he no longer barked.

I took her to the clinic with my vet nephew. He told me that the situation was serious but he would try everything. The Dogs Also suffering from the heart: gifts Arrhythmias It’s one Small heart failure. For this he takes medicine.

Veterinary Homeopathic Medicine: Clinical observation at home

The patient was discharged from his nephew’s clinic the day before through a clinical diagnosis Vestibulopathy. He told her that it would not be possible to intervene in any other way, except for the managed therapy.

The German Shepherd It is long-stemmed, lean, fatty, with slightly developed muscles in the posterior train. Big head but strong legs. Dull coat. I wanted to observe the patient in the garden for free to study his posture and movements: constant stunned, big rotating movements on himself (moving), Rotate the head 45 degrees On the same axis on the left.

The owner claims that he no longer hears his barking: aphasia (Inability to make vocal sounds).

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Veterinary Homeopathic Medicine: Case Analysis and Comments

Clinical symptomatology indicates a Neurological disorders of unknown etiology.

These cases are listed as “Vestibulopathy“: It is thought to be involved in the cerebellum.

Only Magnetic resonance (RM) will be able to specify the physiological area of ​​the central nervous system involved and the extent of the damage.

I do not have such a specific report, even less, a Veterinarian neurologist. In the absence of all this, I limit myself to considering the symptomatology expressed by the patient.

I have observed And homeopathically treated with several dogs and a cat with similar symptoms.

It’s one Syndrome That interest Elderly patientsOver 10 years old. I totally disagree with the diagnosis of “vestibulopathy”.

The Clinical symptoms The expression expressed by the dog must be evaluated as a whole.

Some others cannot be assessed.

The “aphasia“What does this mean? It indicates that the area involved is not the cerebellum.

The set of clinical symptoms points to the physiological damage of the upper planes: the cerebral hemisphere. Surely one of the right or left is involved.

There is, therefore, one Abnormality Of Blood Circulation Which nourishes the cerebral hemisphere: the damage is vascular in nature.

There Diagnosis Maybe it’s “Brain stroke“Veterinary neurology texts dedicate a few lines to this topic.

Veterinary Homeopathic Medicine: Permanent Inertia

Discussion on “Diagnostic Hypothesis” regardless Therapeutic treatment.

The patient was discharged from the veterinary clinic with a “poor prognosis”.

There are clinics or veterinary hospitals for this type of pathology Therapeutic protocol Deficiency: Cortisone and phlebotherapy.

Seen Insufficiency of medical equipment Put in place it is to be expected that other owners will not have to deal with such an experience for their pets.

Truth is frustrating: I feel helpless in front of someone Acute neurological pathology This dimension and gravity. Insiders do not seem to be interested in remedying it.

This is all frustrating.

Is it possible for the owner to take his pet home in the same condition? Is there another way, way, healing? Is there a possibility to do something concrete? Are your colleagues interested?

Veterinary homeopathic medicine: quantity or quality

That this is a coincidence Homeopathic medicine Offers quick, effective solutions, “a Low cost“And why not, a”Favorable forecast


But there is no protocol Clinical experience Many doctors before me.

In this particular case, with others with similar diagnoses, I make one Homeopathic prescription “Situational / pathological” which has a purpose Reactivate and restore cerebral vascular disorders.

I act Local anatomical lesions Responsible for common clinical symptoms.

I’ve been the administrator German Shepherd A Single homeopathic remedy Drops: 5 drops 5 times a day for the first 3 days of therapy. He continued two daily administrations (5 drops) for another 12 days. Total 15 days. Pictures and videos of the patient were available during my visit during and after the homeopathic treatment.

After the first 3 days of therapy, The dog has taken over There Proper posture by walking perfectly straight.

The head still rotates slightly on its axis. He started barking again. 3 more days for full head recovery. Within 15 days the matter has returned to full form.

“What if, in that veterinary clinic, there was a well-trained unicorn homeopathic veterinarian?”

The “quality” of health care provided, of course, would be very different from the final result.

Dr. Luca Antonioni – Brescia Unisist Homeopath Veterinarian

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