What are the causes, symptoms and targeted treatment

Dog septicemia, a condition that can lead to poor health. Let’s take a look at the causes, the symptoms and the treatment.

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With a four-legged friend, there is always a need for him and attention to his health, as sudden symptoms may appear in the hairy pet, which is capable of ruining his condition. Let’s talk about it today Septicemia in dogs And how to intervene to help him.

Dog septicemia: causes and symptoms

It is a very dangerous disease for the dog’s body, which can have serious consequences if not diagnosed in time. Here are the main causes and common symptoms for your pet.

Dog disease
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Even dogs, like other animals, have a creature that tries to protect them as much as possible Bacteria And Agent Pathogens However, this is not always enough.

It happens, then, that’s when Defense The immune system in faith Yes LowBacteria manage to overcome every defensive barrier and spread to our friend’s organism, creating infections.

It is also called septicemia in dogs SepsisIn fact, it is a ‘Infection Non-stop Or GoCaused by any presence Representative Pathogen In the blood

In short, when an organism does not have an adequate defense system Counter Attack BacteriaHere is a real outbreak of the pathogen and the spread of septicemia.

A septicemia is also a ‘consequence’.Infection A. BonesTissue inflammation or dog meningitis. This happens when organs such as Respiratory systemStomach and also Treatment Urine Hairy

Symptoms of septicemia in dogs

When a dog begins to suffer from septicemia, it is one of the first symptoms Fever Too much HighTogether with an acceleration Beat Cardiac And shortness of breath.

But serious symptoms do not stop there, because others may be faithful Signal It should alarm, and let’s talk about:

  • Depression;
  • State Misleading;
  • The dog is indifferent;
  • Stress reduction
  • Block From diuresis;
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Shock;
  • Tachypnea;
  • Signs of this Wounds On the skin

It is a dangerous condition where even multiple severe symptoms occur at the same time. However, if these symptoms do not manifest themselves, we face others Advanced septicemia processWhich:

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Fido and bacterial infections: Diagnosis and treatment

Dog septicemia must be diagnosed by some preliminary examination and, after a detailed examination, treatment will be required to deal with it. Let’s read better here.

Hairy and septicemia
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For the treatment of all serious diseases of animals, one That’s right And Immediately Diagnosis This could save her from more serious consequences that would endanger her life.

In case of septicemia in credit doubt, it is good Informed Right now Go to her vet and check her out.

Time can be on our side and protect us from it Development Dramatic And fatal.

An initial diagnosis is required, which includes identification and Eliminate The presence of bacteria, which it may contain The result Positive How much? NegativeSo intervention must be urgent.

The Test Required To help Fido: Test Of BloodUrine tests, Measured Blood pressure and fever and testing Others Pathologies.

Also, a doctor will be needed Test For blood clotting and counting the number Platelets.

Treatment given

There are several important treatments for septicemia in Bau. You can opt for Culture BacteriaWound clean, Therapy AntibioticsNutrition support andIntervention Surgery.

Bacteria are carried through culture Lifting Of I did Or Of Saliva in the mouth The beast in such a way that it can Unique The Outbreak Pathogenic bacteria

Allows the wound to be cleaned and scraped where septicemia has occurred Removal of infected tissue And thus protects blood flow.

To fight Microorganisms And it is important to intervene with an antibiotic therapy for infection, which is based on previous crops.

In severe cases such as: uterine infections, The hole Gastrointestinal Or Boils IntramuscularUnfortunately, surgical intervention is required to precisely eradicate the bacterium.

Nutritional support should not be forgotten to support the belief in this subtle health condition. Dogs will need everything Substance Nutritious Useful for meeting septicemia to meet daily needs, with strength and physical resistance.

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