20-year-old killed by a packet of dogs in Catanzaro area, owner of animal arrested for killing animal

Soldiers of the Carabinieri Company of Satriano (Cz) have executed an order for the careful custody of housemates issued by the Catanzaro jeep at the request of the local prosecutor against the 45-year-old owner of a sheep breeding company. And goat, a 20-year-old girl from Soverato (CZ) for manslaughter. On 26 August 2021, the girl was, in fact, the victim of a deadly attack by a dog (Merema mixed breed) kept to protect a herd inside a picnic area in Monte Fioreino di Satriano.

The girl was on her way to a picnic in the pine forest that afternoon when she was suddenly attacked by twelve dogs guarding a flock of goats and sheep, killing her with multiple injuries and breaking her lower limbs. , Head and pelvis. The young woman died in the presence of a friend who was immediately sheltered inside a wooden church, thus saving herself.

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Fulvio Seruti

The autopsy consultancy actually demonstrated that injuries and wounds to several parts of the victim’s body were irrefutably responsible for multiple attacks by dogs, and laboratory investigations were conducted on the hair strands of the captives by Carabinieri Reese of Messina. The samples made it possible to confirm the presence of hematic substances related to a female genotypic profile which is quite outstanding compared to the attacked young.

The alleged hypothesis, based on the results of a complex and clear investigation conducted by the Nor Operational Section of the Compagnia di Soverato in conjunction with the Satriano station, includes farmers, goat and sheep owners and herdsmen. Dogs, since August 24, 2021, have been grazing illegally inside the picnic area of ​​Monte Fiorino di Satriano; The land owned by the municipality of Satriano was arbitrarily invaded, allocating it for grazing, where, moreover, an illegal structure was used to shelter the flocks and dogs; He let goats and sheep graze with dogs in his absence and failed to observe the behavior of dogs responsible for protecting sheep and goats and bring them back when they started showing aggression towards them. The girl, not appearing with them and herdsmen in the pasture, is treated as a behavior, therefore, is utterly irresponsible, neglectful and immortal, and shows complete disregard for basic behavioral rules when conducting her own activities as a breeder. The safety of others.

In fact, the Catanzaro Prosecutor’s Office’s allegations include the crime of introducing and abandoning animals below others, land grabs, and illegal grazing. Criminal proceedings are under investigation at the preliminary stage.

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