Anime Preview: News Announcements for Arifuerta and much more!

Description of the fourth volume of Amazon Tonary no yokaiDown Noah, Introducing a new cover image that tells us that this manga animated adaptation is being planned. There is not much more news in the series, the volume is later April 7.

The story is set in a rural town where Yokai, the people and the gods live their daily lives in a mixture of warmth and mystery.
One summer, a 20-year-old cat, Buchi, suddenly became Nekomata. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.
Muu-chan spies on Kak-Tengu Zero while he performs his duties as a Tengu and begins to see him in a new light.
At the same time, rumors started circulating about an unfortunate new …

Noah Started serialization on Twitter in 2018. Publishing Company East Press Posted a comic on his website, Mato Grosso. The fourth episode will be the end of the series.

Kadokawa Declares that Isekai nonbiri boatA series of light novels written Kinosuke naito, Will have an animated adaptation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ishekai nonbiri boat novel

Machio Hikaru, a 39-year-old salaried man, died of a disease after a life that was nothing but excitement. While transiting to another world, he meets a god who offers him a new life in a different world. Macio also accepts and, in order to reward him for his choice, the deity also gives him three wishes: thus he gains a body immune from disease, lives a peaceful life and lives as a farmer. At that moment, a new existence began for him as a “farmer” in the parallel world!

A manga adaptation of the series has already begun, has been published One Piece Book By Yasuyuki Surugi, Starting November 2020.

Naito Serialization of Alok novel has started on the website Shosetsuka ni naro In 2016 and still running today. Volume is expressed by instead Kadokawa.

Light novel series written by the site and the official Twitter account Rio Shirakom, Arifureta shokuguiu de sekaisaikuAnnounced that a new OVA will come in the series 2022. A trailer has also been released which gives us a preview of some of the scenes from the Oscars and the melody

A high school class is transferred to a parallel fantasy world as a team of heroes who must be saved from destruction. With the exception of Nagumo Hajime, all the students were found to belong to a less qualified and very attractive class, who had already been nicknamed “disabled” by their classmates, who became weak “artists” with moderate skills and parameters. Very low efficiency statistics. One day, while exploring a dungeon, Nagumo fell into an apparent abyss. Will he survive? And if so, what do you get once in a potential fund?

The second season of the anime has reached its twelfth and final season since its debut on January 13th. The first season aired in 2019 and has 13 episodes.

Anime’s official Twitter account Evolution: Before I knew it, my life made itBased on a series of light novels written by Miku, Announced that a new anime is planned. The title that it will be will also evolve Shin Shinka no Mi ~ Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei. The announcement was accompanied by a portrait of the series’ heroes Seichi Hiragi and Saria, also featuring a mysterious new character.

Hiragi Seichi is thick, ugly, disgusting, dirty and smelly; It is common for him to be insulted one by one for his appearance by bullies at school. However, one day after class, a voice claiming to be God revealed that Seichi and the whole school would be taken to another world. A fantasy world like a game with levels, figures and skills. However, God was still ready to complete, so the transfer would take place as soon as the ritual of summoning the hero was ready. All classes form teams to wait for the transfer, but only Seichi is left out and as such he is summoned to another area. After transport, the first thing Seichi eats is the “fruit of evolution”, a tool that drastically changes his life in the new world …

The website dedicated to the series features a countdown that will end on the first day, August 5. Crunchyroll Expo This year; We will probably have more news on that occasion. Since the first series is available Chrunchyroll.

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