Basketball, European Week of the Italian Team

Another intense week of promise in the European Cup for Italian teams will begin tonight. It starts with the Eurocup where the big match between Venice and Valencia will be played, live at Sky Sport Arena tonight at 8pm. Dynamo Sassari is also on the field for the fifth round of the Basketball Champions League (again split into two blocks on December 14 and 15 with Treviso and Brindisi respectively), but the Sardinians’ game will be broadcast tomorrow evening on a delayed basis. By Raisport HD.

Unahotels Reggio Emilia will embark on the second leg of the Fiba Europe Cup, consisting of four of the first four groups of four. Virtus Bologna and Aquila Trento will both play against Cedevita Olimpia Lubiana and Lokomotiv Kuban on Wednesday 8th. We will be in Olympia Milan to complete the picture of the Italians involved in the European case, asked to visit the French Wings in Monaco on Friday.

Here is a complete program for following races with timetables and TV or streaming channels.

Monaco – A | | X Armani Exchange Milan: Friday 10 December, 8pm, Sky Sport Arena / Eleven Sports

In the Euroleague, a trip to the home of the great ex Mike James of the day for Olympia Milan. Coach Mitrovic’s French side lost to the Russians in the final of the Unix Kazan last season and landed in Euroleague to win the Euro Cup, and in the summer it made a significant increase in the budget by adjusting the roster like a season. For clubs to adapt to the highest continental level. With the exception of the perfect star Mike James, who has been able to influence the progress of the entire race like a few others (even in a negative sense), players like Donta Hall have descended into the principality, proving to be an authentic physical factor লেট athletic on both sides of the pitch, Will Thomas. Guarantees experience and talent in key positions, and another former NBA has for many years regarded Donatas Matiejunus as a potential international crack.

Cuban – Dolomite Energy Trentino: Wednesday 8 December, 5.30pm, Sky Sport Arena / Eleven Sports

A very high level challenge awaits the men of coach Emanuel Molin, who was on a restricted tour of Russia to challenge the locomotive Kuban at home, one of the favorites for the final victory of the Eurocup. First tied with a record of 4 wins and 1 defeat, Krasnodar’s side have all the evidence to go all the way and try to get back to the top of the Eurolig where they finally managed to grab an unexpected Final Four. Almost a legendary season in 2016, and already able to win the Eurocup in 2013. The list was further strengthened over the summer, and it now adds a piece of Eric McCullum’s power to one of the most complete, Khimki Moscow after the entire tournament. Alan Williams from the Eurolig, the Brooklyn Nets and, above all, Jonathan Motley, from the NBA and the South Korean Championships, are the real drivers of the group and are able to record 23 points per game in these first 5 matches (first scorer of the tournament) and 6.6 rebounds. 27.4 for average rating.

Umana Rare Venice – Valencia: Tonight, 20A, Sky Sport Arena / Eleven Sports

An important challenge ahead is waiting for coach Walter de Rafael to not lose touch with the top of the standings and capture the Valencia challengers in the standings by pulling the record between wins and losses.
The Venetians have already shown that they can compete with the top team and at the same time demonstrate the success achieved among the top favorites in the first and final victory while sitting at home against the Buduknost flight, unless you keep your concentration high for all. 40 minutes of play, and how to pay attention to the smallest detail and that coral resilience is able to be real value, knowing where the rare gaming philosophy is marked.

Olimpia Ljubjana – Virtus Bologna: Wednesday 6 December, 8pm, Sky Sport Arena / Eleven Sports

Coach Sergio Scariolo promises not to underestimate Slovenia for men. Despite coming back from a heavy defeat on European soil away against Podgorica’s Buduconst (final score 90-63), the Lublazana team was able to win the first two matches of the Eurocup season, the first of which ended in a draw. Gran Canaria is currently the first in the standings. Expert Jacob Pullen’s summer graft (now a European Cup veteran) and Position 4 talent that confirms that a handman player like Melvin Azim (a championship in the 2017 Rare Venice jersey and Mvp of the same final), recently added 216cm center to Milan. As it turns out, this level is capable of being an authentic factor and former Panathinaikos yogi Ferrell is looking for a relaunch after brackets in the NBA.
ABA has a record 5 wins and 5 losses in the league.

Prometey – Banco di Sardegna Sassari: Wednesday 8 December, at 20:30, broadcast, Rai Sport HD

The transfer of new coach Piero Bucci to Ukraine for Dinamo Sassari, and a visit to the prome by former Brindisi player D’Angelo Harrison, enabled him to win the first leg 79-87 in Sardinia. The same record for two formations (1 won and 3 lost) and a match on Wednesday that can say a lot about the new path of President Stefano Sardara’s team, which was defeated by a whisker after extra time from the field of the powerful Vertus. Bologna in the last round of Serie A. The two great heroes of the first leg were the two “hits” of the summer transfer market, the outfielder D’Angelo Harrison and DJ Kennedy, while the great veteran of the match, Kendra Miro Bilan (dominant in Sardinia for two seasons), still struggles to find the rhythm and effect that all Italians have. The fans got used to it.

Hakro Merlins Crailsheim – Unahotels Reggio Emilia: Wednesday, December 8, at 7 pm, YouTube Channel Fiba

The men’s race to win the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, led by coach Atilio Kajar, resumes in Germany.
After recovering from an 80-73 loss at Frankfurt (Bundesliga record ninth place tie for 5-4 moments), the Germans reached the second group stage of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, strengthened by first place after winning the previous grouping. Thanks for the 4 wins and only 2 defeats. The young team that makes running and athletic freshness its main weapons is able to rely on a center of relative guarantee (especially for competition) like Bogdan Radosavalzevic, as seen in Brindisi in the past.

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