Frida Kahlo, Mexican revolutionary painter


Who is Frida Kahlo? What did Frida Kahlo do? Mexican painter, a little like Van GoghHas been an issue for some years Great revaluation. With Tow in merchandising.

Lived in Mexico The first half of the 20th centuryAn icon to imitate, because in her day, she must have been one. Counter-current person. He has endured many hardships in life, already born Increased physical problems by an accident.

It shines through in his paintings His troublesBut it was a Irony woman And it also comes from seeing his work.

Let’s see better Who was Frida Kahlo.

Origin of Frida Kahlo

According to Wikipedia, Frida Kahlo – born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo e Calderon – was born in Kookan July 6, 1907 And died there July 13, 1954. A village on the outskirts of Coyoacàn Mexico City.

daughter of a German photographer and a wealthy Mexican woman, Born influenced by spina bifida (Like his younger sister), and she has been exposed since adolescence A very strong personality. After all, it grows at the right time The Mexican RevolutionAn armed movement began in 1910 to end the President’s military dictatorship. General Porfirio Diaz. It ends with the formulation of a political constitution The United States of Mexico in 1917Although the armed conflict lasted until the end 1920.

He primarily studied al Aleman CollegeA German school, and in 1922, aspiring to become a doctor, he was admitted Esquila National Preparatory. Here he joins UncleWith a group of students Cap as a distinctive markSupporters National socialismAnd start a Draw for fun Portraits of fellow students.

At that time he fell in love Alejandro Gomez AriasLaw students and journalists, Spiritual and inspirational leader Uncles

Problems with her posture Not bad When September 17, 1925, at the age of 18, On the way out of school, the bus was taking him home A tram collided. The bus hit the wall.

The consequences of the accident They were very serious For Frieder:

  • In the lumbar region, his spine is broken in three places
  • He broke Femer’s neck and ribs
  • He has 11 fractures in his left leg and the bus whip has pierced his left buttock
  • The right leg was dislocated and crushed
  • The left shoulder is displaced and the pelvic bone is broken in three places

He has suffered 32 surgeries And, discharged from the hospital, a compulsion is made Forced rest in bed at home, With bust in plaster. This compelling situation, however, brings him closer to reading the text Communist movement and painting.

His first job was a Self-portrait, Which she gave to the boy she fell in love with. So it’s up to the parents to let them go A four poster bed with a mirror on the roofSo that he may see himself and the gods Color.

He was able to walk when the cast moved, but The pain will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Who Frida Kahlo

Also to help her parents financially, she decided to make art her livelihood. And so, he decided Submit his painting to Diego Rivera, A renowned painter of the period, has his critiques. WHO Excited, he took it under his wing. Rivera introduced him to the Mexican political and cultural scene. He became an activist for the Mexican Communist Party where he joined In 1928. He has participated in many events Fall in love By Diego Rivera.

The two were married in 1928, but they will betray each other a lot. Frida went New York With him for certain work, and during that time he was also An abortion Due to the inadequacy of his body.

They return to Mexico but decide to stay in two separate houses, but connected by a bridge. Inside 1939 Divorced Due Betrayal By Rivera Christina KahloFrieder’s sister.

Diego returns to Frieder a year later: Despite the betrayal, he says he has not stopped loving her. They remarried in 1940 in San Francisco.

Frida Kahlo has always been a liberal woman, even in her feelings. She had numerous boyfriends of both sexes. Even famous people: Russian revolutionaries Lev Trotsky and the poet Andre Breton.

The Russians also influenced its political structure Alexandra Kolontaz (1872-1952), living in Mexico as ambassador to Moscow from 1925 to 1926; Dancer, choreographer and painter Rosa Rolando (1897-1962); Mexican singer Chavela Vargas (1919-2012).

Internationally, Frida Kahlo is remembered as 1953 Among the signatories were, Among the various artists and eminent personalities, Apologies for Rosenberg. American Communist Sentenced to death and then executed In New York on charges of spying for the USSR. All in all, we were in full swing McCarthyism.

How Frida Kahlo died

Inside 1953The result is for an infection GangreneWas cut off Right leg. He died Pulmonary embolism Per 47 years old in 1954. He was cremated and his ashes were kept with him Casa AzulNow the home of the Frida Kahlo Museum.

The Last word Here is what he wrote in his diary:

I hope the departure is enjoyable and I hope I will never come back

Frida Kahlo’s art style

He made an assimilation from the Riviera Innocent styleWhich led him to draw small inspired self-portraits Towards popular art and pre-Columbian tradition. Frida was inspired by women’s clothing TehuantepecA municipality OxacaEven in the dressing way.

He is often depicted in his portraits Dramatic aspects of his life. But not contempt Humorous subtleties and gorgeous elements, combined with seemingly inconsistent objects. About it Small painting (Frida prefers 30 x 37 cm format).

From 1938 His paintings also point to one Specific surrealismAlso results in effects Salvador D’Ali. They talk about him Internal condition And his way of realizing Relationships with the planets and almost all of their subjects include a childHis appearance.

However, his work They can’t Assimilation into Surrealism. His imagination was not a way to get out of logic and immerse himself in the subconscious, but the product of his life that he wanted. To make accessible through a symbol. So he had an idea about surrealism Funny.

Windows in Art Locate 5 artistic genres:

  1. Surrealism
  2. Modern art
  3. Cubism
  4. Symbolism
  5. Magic realism

However, he saw himself as Innocent artistOne is missing Traditional training And was guided by it Feelings.

Frida Kahlo’s main painting

What are the main images of Frida Kahlo? As reported on Travel on Art, his 5 most representative works They are as follows:

Broken column

The work shows the artist’s torn body, which is held together by a metal bust. His spine was replaced by a broken ion column in several places. References, of course, ai Problems with his spine.

Two Frida

Two Frida

Here we find our own versions: left with western clothing and right with Mexican clothing. Diego is joining them. The prominent element is the small medallion in Frieder’s hand on the right, from which begins a vein that connects two images reaching two hearts. However, Frieder’s left vein is severed, causing bleeding. Here Painful divorce.

I think self-portraits like Tehuana or Diego

I think self-portraits like Tehuana or Diego

Here Frieder’s husband actually represents a small portrait in the middle of the forehead. To ensure that the husband, despite constant betrayal, Still at the center of his thinkingThe. On the head we find the bougainvillea, a very widespread plant in Mexico, when daisies symbolize the repeated “don’t love me” game among lovers.

Self-portrait with thorns and hummingbird necklace

Self-portrait with thorns and hummingbird necklace

Here Frida plays the crown of thorns like a necklace. There are other very important details: a dead hummingbird, a black cat and some monkeys. Notice Frieder’s relaxed expression despite everything, which points to him Ability to deal with physical and mental pain with awareness.

Injured deer

Injured deer Frida Kahlo

A deer is struck by several arrows, the face of which has been replaced by Frieder. The pain of this period is not due to the frustration of love, but due to her uncertain health condition A new operation needs to be endured.

Film about Frida Kahlo

If you are interested A film about the life of Frida KahloTo date we have two:

  1. Frida, Naturalleza Viva (1986), directed by Paul Leduk and starring Ophelia Medina
  2. Frida (2002), based on a biography by Hayden Herrera, directed by Julie Temer and starring Salma Hayek

Instead, many i Documentaries and books. Frida appeared in a cartoon version of the film Disney Pixar Coco (2017 film). Where is a choreographer director K. Prepares bizarre shows In the world of the dead.

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