Island 16, Clarissa Selassie reveals that she has a soft spot for any isolation

Later Jessica And Lulu Selasi, It was last night Clarissa Guest of the fifth episodeIsland PartyIts format Mediaset Infinity Which Valentina Barbieri And Ignazio Moser They commented on what was happening there The famous island Each time flancked by different guests.

Princess, fresh from experience Gf Vip 6He first described how he felt when he saw his sisters:

It was very exciting to be back home. There are already some quarrels, such as “Don’t use my brush“,”Don’t use my strategy“But let us three women, if we didn’t argue among ourselves … it would be weird if we didn’t argue about it. Then. Manu The bear has returned home Manuel Gave Lulu.

Clarissa Then he often and voluntarily talked about the excavations launched from his studio GF VIP:

I missed it, I enjoyed it, then for my character that I don’t even put a chassis in my mouth … I have to say if I think of one thing. I try to be silent, but it is stronger than I am, if I think something I have to say, I have to tell as soon as I see something, if I see a person behaving badly I have to say. I’m very active on social media, I do a lot of live shows, but I miss reading, debating, creating suspense.

Precisely for this spark character, Selasi Revealed that he wanted to play the role of commentator and he made an appeal in this regard Ilari And Alfonso:

You see, I’m there Selasi Small, but the brightest, a little more spicy and I’ll give you a lot of scholarly pearls. I know how to give the right verdict, but also a little cruel when necessary, because I like it. So what are you waiting for? We’re wasting time, they’re the gems you need to increase your share of the program. I’m here for you, waiting for the news. They don’t call me for no reason Twitter killer, At Gf I was able to create blocks from home, maybe I’ll comment on something and then they’ll take it back to the episode. The way I am, I like their relationship Sonia And Adriana, I want to have a conflicting relationship with another commentator, also want to have a different point of view I feel better throughout the journey AdrianaI see myself a little more in her because I also see how she looks.

Talking about a possible participationThe famous island, Clarissa He has revealed who he wants to partner with:

Maybe I’ll pair up with my brother, he’s good with these things … animals, insects, fire … Lulu Absolutely not. He won’t last a single day, primarily because he loves to eat, he’s a glutton. Then he runs away as soon as he sees a shuntki, he throws himself in the water, he can’t do that. Jessica? I don’t know, I’ve actually re-evaluated it a lot, it’s gone all the way GF And so maybe I can pair up with him. But I don’t know if it will work for me … I like to eat, how do you do it?

Clarissa He then talked about the possibility of being physically involved with his sisters on the island:

I don’t think it will last that long, maybe two days? No less … I don’t know, don’t make me think. The most problematic? LuluOf course! I told you, he would throw me into the sea with him for a dolphin, never tied up with him!

And about his skills:

I know how to sunbathe very well, I just sit there and not bother anyone. Come on, I could fish, even with fire. Then I’m very consistent, so I’ll be employed to try to be a leader. Jesse Can’t stand the monotony Lulu Appetite on the other hand, I manage both well.

At bothIsland That al GF The quarrel is the order of the day, for this reason the princess speaks of her relationship with others Home And the things that bothered him the most were:

I used to get angry at quotes, because then you get angry for very trivial things. Even though people drank from bottles and kept all their lipstick, I was really angry. A heinous thing and I pass the desire to drink. Then who kept the pans all dirty and the others had to clean all the things. I actually came home and said “I don’t want to see a rag or a bar of soap anymore. “I couldn’t take it anymore.

Going back to talking about the island, Clarissa Who are his favorite contestants?

I would be weird, but I like them a lot Carmen And his son. Then I’m just a fan Carmen, I was looking for a video of his poem on YouTube. She makes me laugh and I think of her as an iconic woman. I also like the boy very much, very nice. I’ve already told her I’m rooting for her … I’m announcing myself!

During Roger And Estefania:

I like them very much, I like this condition. Looks like a series … I follow them carefully. Then I saw that he was also given by Eduardo… I love. Then I like her, she’s beautiful and makes me die laughing. I also like Eduardo and his sister, they gave the freshness and spice that was needed, because the contestants seem to be a bit dead lately.

Clarissa He then said which of Gf’s competitors he would send to the island as a couple:

I would send Aldo And Gianmaria On the island, then send Miriana And Jessica Because I see them as competitors who support each other. I might go along Guacus On the island. I love everything at home, so on the island too … fitness moment, let’s sunbathe, take a swim … grandpa GuacusHow can I not love him? He reached the finals because he slept 18 hours a day, he went to bed with us at 5 o’clock, he gave me a lot of that rubbish …

There Selasi He then appealed Lulu To goIsland:

He’ll never go there, but I try … Lulu You know I always give you the best advice because I love you and I should go to your little sister, your island because it will be a crazy experience and then you will prove that you are not as bad as they say and that you can light a fire. That you can fish.

He then joined the trio Antonio MedugnoWith whom he offered to tie the knot Clarissa On the island:

Strong character like this Clarissa It will look good with me … we know each other well. We met at a dinner, I was with some friends and he was with some friends. Then we all went for a drink and spent the evening at our mutual friend’s house. We then wrote to each other in the following days until the separation. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either … Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either,

Antonio He then spoke of meeting with her Alex And Delia and fake paparazzi:

I got this call from Alex, whom I haven’t heard from for some time, he tells me he has this job offer for me. I went there and found Delia, who hugged me, invited me to dinner and while she was looking around … this thing was weird and I showed it on social media because I still didn’t want to pass for a doll.

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