No NBA, play-in tournaments like this don’t really make sense. The formula needs to be reviewed

Teams far from the post-season position have been introduced to avoid premature “abandonment”, distorting the season, and complicating the play-in tournament.

That the NBA, historically but especially in recent years, has always proved itself Able to open a league for innovation It is now a fact that any critical issue or element capable of compromising can be corrected along the way or in any way limit the comfort of the competing public. The rules change, in a trend that supports an increasingly spectacular match over the years, always receiving a first reluctant response from fans around the world, only to be metabolized and applauded until they reach the current structure.

In the argument of continuous imitation, at least the intention, which makes the National Basketball Association a model championship, is not used as a reference in the discourse on the need to introduce it (for the time being). Salary limit Or to organize the European football superpowers into a “super league” that is inspired exactly by American professionals, However, it sometimes happens that the NBA itself creates some of its own processes for the old continental championships in order to improve aspects that have highlighted some of the most troubling flaws in recent seasons..

Defend 82 horse races

One issue that is often debated is the season of 82 games, many of which are not logically played at the most competitive level possible in the end (on the other hand one has to pay a price to market a product). Search for static infrastructure-seasonal competition and try to turn off the alternative current vintage experience, The first months and the last months are marked by disasters that are not very competitive rather than discouraging fans from following the regular season. The Mid-season tournament, Coppa Italia style, On the other hand, how the NBA is thinking of borrowing a common ritual of our championship, even rewarding those who do not aim to play in the play-offs at the end of the year. The reason for taking the trophy home in half a point of the season. But this is not the only one.

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From the Orlando Bubbles, in the wake of the complete emergency indicated by the epidemic, Adam Silver announced the introduction of a play-in tournament that would leave the final position of the season between the eighth and ninth graders. However, if the latter ends the regular season, it is less than 4 games away from the best ranked teamAll in a mini-series of 3 challenges (in which case only the Memphis Grizzlies and Portland Trail Blazers were played at the Western Conference, which subsequently disputed the playoffs).

After excellent results for innovation, although already critical in some respects (Phoenix Sun won 8 out of 8 games, it failed to reach ninth or eighth place: in what sense were they brought to Orlando not even invited to pre-epidemic rankings? ) The league also chose to revive the play-in format in 2020-21, extending it to ninth and tenth grade., Not rare enough for lottery goals but not well-equipped for instant post-season qualification, to give the opportunity to play in a dignified playoff position until the end. The Celtics, Wizards, Pacers and Hornets were on one side and the Lakers, Warriors, Grizzlies and Spurs were on the other side for the seventh and eighth pick.

Play-in version 2021-22

In the starting lineup of 2021-22, with the NBA finally returning to 82 games without further reduction of the epidemic, the NBA has again announced the presence of the Plain Tournament in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth grades. Making the existing turmoil between the eighth place and the eleventh / twelfth of each conference seem to be the most sensible argument for re-proposing playoffs already on vacation with fully motivated teams. But the passage that was rarely competitive, missing the first edition of the play-in in Orlando, was missing in the formation of a direct confrontation phase towards the end of the year in the world’s most advanced league. In that context, in fact, since the Orlando Magic VIII and the Charlotte Hornets IX had more than 4 interval games, there had never been a playoff game before the Western Conference where the record was virtually equal (34-39 against 35-39) Grizzlies and Blazers. -It’s all set for the next face-to-face game.

And last year the gap between participants was re-proposed as suitable for play-off prospects, although today it has expanded to four teams, however, Western Conference (Where the criticism is even clearer that the difference between the former Cleveland Cavaliers seventh and the tenth dance between the Brooklyn Nets is only 3 wins) Seeing the team in seventh place and so forced to play play-in, Minnesota Timberwolves, 2 games away from fifth place (Direct qualification) Denver Nuggets and San Antonio Spurs ranked 11th, 11.5 games apart.With the risk of two consecutive matches “guessing”, Popovich’s team could play the playoffs for the loss of a team that lost the first match (eighth against the seventh, so against the Los Angeles Clippers) and the second (against the eighth). Winning matches between ninth and tenth class), a season of 45 or more wins would end prematurely, instead a team of 35 would enter the draw.

All this, still able to aspire to fifth place with 3/4 games from the end of the year but with the risk of losing In two knockout games (Which remains something very exciting and unique in a system that considers the best 7 game series before announcing the winners) A whole year. With the exception of the currently bankrupt Lakers who fell against the Phoenix Sons tonight and wish the San Antonio success against the Denver Nuggets their 2021-22 advance, So it implies that just over 30 wins a year can be redeemed in 96 minutes And at the same time, losing the first clash between the seventh and eighth and second, a team that has been close to the first 3/4 position of the conference for a long time, can they lose the playoffs? We are sure that Commissioner Adam Silver did not escape another crack in the system. And in anticipation of not witnessing the exciting injustices next week, we are confident that from next year the play-in tournament, the proportions of which are absolutely intelligent and acceptable, will return to be more “fair” than at present.

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