The dog has a tumor and has been abandoned: “Agata deserves a family that loves him”

“I’m dying and nobody cares.” Agatha, a German Shepherd, a desperate appeal launched on social networks by volunteers from Cancer NPA. Yes, because he is looking for a home, a family that can give him all his love so far.

We found out about his existence last April when he was found on the outskirts of Canosa de Puglia: “He’s thin, inexplicably scabbed and … full of tumors!” Volunteers say the old owner decided to abandon it because he was ill.

The veterinarian’s report immediately diagnosed a very serious condition: both her breasts were full of tumors … she had an inguinal hernia. Rows of both breasts were removed and a histological tumor was performed and it turned into a “carcinoma”.

But his ordeal did not end there: “Shortly after the reaction, Agata started having pain in his forehead, he was numb, tired … We thought it was nothing, but after ultrasound, CT scan and multiple tests we got another. There was a mass of about 10 centimeters between the breast bones … The diagnosis was sarcoma, a low level of malignancy thanks to God, he was operated on again a few weeks ago to remove the “monster”! “

Histological examination speaks of “soft tissue sarcoma”, now that it has “probably” been eliminated, it will no longer be a problem, we are waiting for official consultation with the oncologist.

And the volunteers started a petition: “Now that we have fully explained his clinical situation, sorry if we live, but everything was strictly necessary to say, we can talk about him: Agatha is about 9/10 years old and it is time to digest him in retirement. Given the unthinkable … what if the cancer returns to a more aggressive form? Do you let him die in a box after all? It’s inconceivable, we can never forgive ourselves.

So they expect Puglia to adopt a heart, and Agatha has a very special reason not to be adopted by everyone: “She must be adopted as an only child, unfortunately she does not have a great relationship with dogs, she sympathizes with men ( One should insert, but with remote adoption I find it difficult), with women … no. She doesn’t even like the presence of children. She’s very good with adults, we think she’s been beaten a lot. Get up, don’t mess around the house … In short, what more do you want? If you want more information about Agata, please call +39 3298012232.

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