The surname of Pantellaria Island

The title of Sicilian origin, now extinct in the panthelaria where it remains as a nickname or ‘anguria’. The first with this title in the Panteleria was Gandalfo Panjavechia, named after a baptism on 12 November 1742. In the late eighteenth century, Giuseppe Panjavechia married Antonio Ferreri, who was born in the 1750s. Giombatista Ferreri was born to a couple who were married. Francesca 29 July 1822 Belvici.

Patane ‘
Common Sicilian titles, especially from Catania. Perhaps an ancient description of the family weapon, of Spanish descent, would suggest: En azur, an ocelote de oro, surmontado de una espada de plata, puesta en faja (D’azzurro, a gold leopard, adorned with a sword silver), placed In the band).

Weapon variant: From red to golden lion

Sebastiano Patani, who was born in AC, Catania province, and Giacomo Patane, and the son of his wife Maria, were first seen in the panthelaria. Sebastiano married Giuseppe Cinerco, daughter of Giovanni Cinarco and Caterina Maxuco, on February 19, 1702, at the Panteleria. Giacomo Patanè was born between the two and married Pascha or Pasqua Morana / Murana on 24 June 1731. The next couple has a son, Vincenzo, who married Giuseppe Valenza on July 3, 1753, from whom they have: Anna Patani, Giacomo Patane, and Giovanni Batista Patane. A descendant of the family, Vincenzo Patane, was decorated with two silver medals for his work ethic. Let’s hear the reasons.

Lieutenant, from Panteleria (Trapani) in Patane Vincenzo, Silver Medal for Military Heroism, a Living Man: In between, he is coming to plant in the trenches. He also did admirable work in Ain Zara. Ain Zara, 4 December 1911 – Janjur, 8 June 1912 “.

Near Patten Vincenzo, Pantaleria (Trapani), chief interim commander of the Holmes region (Libya), silver medal for military heroism, in memory: , Motioned to discharge

When shooting, he behaved calmly and admirably to avoid danger, until he was shot by a bullet. Already reported for the courage and skill to fight around Holmes (April 10, 1918). Misrata Water (North Africa), May 16, 1918 “.

One of the oldest families in Panteleria, as we find it from 1500. Originally from the Xenos area, where they conducted cruises. A branch later moved to Catalonia, Spain. At the time of the study, we did not know whether the Pantelera came from the Genoese, or from the Catalan branch. Weapons of the house: Blue and red trimmed with three silver shells, two in the first and one in the second

We have the first news of Leonardo Pavia, also known as De Papia, who lived in the first half of the sixteenth century. The term de papia would refer to a very ancient primitive source of family in the town of Pavia, since Papia was the nickname Lombard of Pavia. Leonardo Pavia first marries Diana, with whom he has Marco, Ludovico and Giuseppe Pavia or de Papia, then a second marriage with Giovanna, with whom he has Giacomo who marries Dominicina and Antonio Pavia and Alosio Pavia. (Who dies young), in a second marriage he marries this Antonia, with whom he has Allosio Pavia, Bernardina Pavia, Francesca Pavia, Gian Giacomo Pavia, Caterina Pavia, Giovanni Pavia, Salvatore Pavia and Simon Pavia.

Alosio Pavia, son of Giacomo Pavia and Antonia, was born on 11 November 1584 and married Paola de Bonomo on 7 November 1608. Born to Antonia and Anna Pavia. Allosio died on March 20, 1627, at the age of about 43. In World War I, Pavia de Panteleria paid a generous tribute to the blood of many fallen:

Pavia Giacomo de Salvatore – Major Corporal 238th Infantry Regiment “Grosseto”, born July 23, 1889, in the military district of Panteleria in Trapani, lost the battle on the Benziza Plateau on August 23, 1917;

Pavia Giombattista di Nicolò – Soldier of the 73rd Infantry Regiment (Lombardy Brigade), born August 1, 1882, in the military district of Pantaleria in Trapani, died October 31, 1918 from a battle in Mount Grappa; Pavia Giovanni de Giovanni Batista – Soldier of the 65th Infantry Regiment (Valtelina Brigade), born July 5, 1884, in the military district of Pantaleria in Trapani, lost the battle of Carso on September 2, 1917;

Pavia Rafael de Francesco – Soldier of the 90th Infantry Regiment (Salerno Brigade), born in Tunisia on May 30, 1890, and enlisted in the military district of Trapani in the municipality of Panteleria, lost the battle of Carso on May 25, 1917; Pavia Simone di Giovanni Battista – Corporal 239th MT Battalion, was born on 30 October 1879 in the military district of Trapani Panteleria, who died on 7 October 1917 in Field Hospital. 065 due to illness;

Pavia Antonino – Soldier of the 147th Infantry Regiment (Calanteseta Brigade), born April 5, 1892 in Tunisia and enlisted in the municipality of the military district of Trapani, Pantaleria, who died of an illness on December 18, 1915.

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Photo: Pavia’s weapon

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