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December is gone.
Panettone has now hit the supermarket shelves, decorating the light cities and the race for gifts begins.

If ideas are scarce and you are already in crisis To find the perfect gift for Christmas, You just have to read and discover our selection Gifts found under the tree for an athlete or a general fitness and fitness enthusiast.

Walking pad

For whom It doesn’t have the space needed for a treadmill at home, however She doesn’t want to give up her daily routine Even when it is raining or cold outside, there are walking pads.

A platform where you walk or run like a treadmill, but much less heavy and so small that it can be easily stored under the bed.
There are obviously several models that differ from each other for maximum speed of carpet and weight tolerance of the platform.

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A set of compatible or adjustable handlebars

For those who have a home gym or want to build one, For those who are moving towards body buildingBut also For whom Practice other games Want to strengthen a muscle Specific.
Sets for all weights and pockets and comes with a workout card to draw inspiration from some kits.

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Fitness elastic set

Even without dumbbells you can do many types of training Stretch to Strengthen Real
There are different types of rubber bands: open, handle or round and different resistance.
Depending on the muscle group we want to use and the intensity we want to give in the exercise, we will choose a different type of elastic or a different resistance.

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Smartwatch or fitness tracker

This is the most desired fitness accessoryBoth by athletes who want to keep track of every detail of their training sessions, but also by those who just want to monitor their fitness levels, daily energy expenditure or the steps they take at the end of the day.
Also in this case, the different models differ from each other in terms of function, from “Pro”, sleep monitoring, the ability to add a SIM, music or plan, and the ability to customize our workouts.
In addition to being very famous Apple Watch And Samsung Galaxy Watch

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We can orient ourselves Specific brands for athletes How:


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Action cam

Action cameras are now well known and used Immortalize sports “tasks” with photos and videosBut not only.
The most famous is of course GoPro, but there are many more models that are equally valid and low cost.
In case of choice you need to evaluate the supported formats, the possibility of expanding the memory through a microSD, battery life, shock resistance and permeability if you want to use it under water.

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Bluetooth headphones or earphones

Raise your hands Those who can’t do without music during training. I’ll get started!
No matter what kind of sport you play, the music manages to give you that extra boost until the last kilometer, the last repetition, the last stroke.

There are those who like Headphones enveloping or so-called Over-ear Or those who love discretion and comfort In the eari Small earphones Inserted directly into the ear.
The choice is quite personal, but the advice is to first evaluate the battery life and recharge and obviously evaluate the sound quality and the possibility of noise reduction.
Then all that remains is to select the favorite playlist and start our training.

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Give an experience

A lot of the time Memories of shared days or shared emotions They are far more valuable than a material gift, perhaps a set aside and forgotten destiny.
You can choose between smartboxes or similar boxes that offer parachute jumps, bungee jumping, snow travel or quad biking depending on the package, or you can rely on local activities that include horseback riding, paragliding or day out. SPA.

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You never go wrong with clothes: Whether it’s a sweatshirt, a tracksuit, a favorite team shirt or a new gym bag, they will definitely be highly appreciated and exploited.
You can indulge in colors, models, technical attire, outdoor or indoor, you are really spoiled for choice.

Fitness accessories

For those on a low budget or a little thought, they can choose a shaker, a water bottle, fitness gloves or a protector.

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Gift card

If you do not find what you are looking for then just try the optional options. Old and favorite gift certificate.
Amazon, Decathlon, Cisalfa, Nencini offer a variety of giftcards that can be used in both online and physical stores.

If you still can’t find the perfect gift, are you looking for something special and personalized or would you like to offer something to add to your list? Leave us a comment below or write to

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