Another great victim of propaganda war: journalism

War correspondent
April 1, 2021

Watching television and reading the newspaper As we talked about the war in Ukraine, we realized that things were not going well, things were going badly.

We were or were war correspondents In the most heterogeneous countries, we have been bombed, some of our colleagues and friends have fallen during the conflict, we have been near people torn apart by explosions, we have collected the wounded and witnessed the destruction of towns and villages.

We took a lot of escape photos, Saw children isolated by landmines. We found pictures of children in the wallets of some slain soldiers. Some of us were abducted, others just got out of his car and fled just seconds before being detonated by a bomb.

Here, we have seen war Really and from the inside.This is precisely the reason why we do not like it today The conflict in Ukraine is depicted as the first far-reaching conflict in the advanced web age.

We are flooded with news but media representation Rebels are divided into good and bad. Really very good and very bad. But it is not. We must understand that war carries with it unspoken interests that avoid being disclosed to the general public.

Flooded in the news, we said, but no one verified the news. The media has given extensive coverage of the genocide at the Mariupol Theater but no one has been able to confirm what actually happened. In the days that followed, the mayor himself announced that he was aware of only one victim. Other sources make it clear that two people were killed and several others were injured. But the genocide in the theater, which has been sanctioned by the media, has hurt public opinion.

Only one victim of propaganda Journalism

Let’s be clear: no one here claims that Vladimir Putin Let him be a humble lamb. He started the war and brutally invaded Ukraine. He is the person who fired the missile which caused pain and death. Of course. But we have to ask ourselves: But is he the only one responsible?

The media continues to offer us A touching story of pain and death that profoundly affects public opinion and prepares it for an unavoidable race towards a very dangerous renaissance race. For Italy, military spending growth could reach 2 percent of GDP.

Military spending is an investment of this magnitude This will inevitably lead to a reduction in the expenditure earmarked for the welfare of the population.

The state of emergency in the war seems to have pushed away our principles of tolerance that a liberal democratic society like ours must know. Only one influential figure is credited and those who do not think so are identified as Putin’s friends and, therefore, somehow, co-responsible for the genocide in Ukraine.

We express our solidarity with Ukraine and its people, But let’s ask why and how this war was born. With Putin’s supposed insanity, we can’t rush through the motives.

Unfortunately, we notice that it is missing in most cases An in-depth analysis of what is happening in the media (especially the largest and most widespread) and, above all, why it is happening.

This is not to say that Russia should be exempted And the dictator Vladimir Putin is out of their responsibility, but only if we deeply understand and analyze this terrible war can we prevent such a conflict from happening again in the future.

Massimo Alberizi Former Corriere della Sera
Remigio Benny Former Ansa
Giampaolo Cadalanu – Republic
Tony Capujo Former TG 5
Renzo Cianfanelli Della is the best in Korea
Cristiano Larufa Photojournalist
Alberto Negri ex Sole 24ore
Giovanni Porzio Former Panorama
Amedeo Rikuchi RAI
Eric Salerno Former Messenger
Giuliana Sgrena Paper t
Claudia Swampa Former time
Bhanna Bhanuchini Former Republic
Angela Verdo Former Ansa

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Carlo Amabile – Journalist, Lavagna, Genoa
Claudio Aneta – Freelancer
Monica Antonetti
Cecilia Asso – Tuscany
Anna Asumma – Journalist
Alberto Arola – Republican senator, former cameraman
Patrizia Aveledo – Journalist from Milan
Sylvia Bagni – University of Bologna
Alessandro Balestrazi
Franca Baraldi – Angry retired citizen
Roberto Barbara – Former Misna, Former Peace Reporter
Ondina Baradel – Former Foreign Minister
Eleonora barbieri
Fiorenza Belardi
Stefano Belani – Pisa
Giuseppe Bonavolonta – RAI
Daniela Bonito – Journalist
Giuliana Bortolozo – Journalist from Milan
Francesco Bojetti – Former MediaSet journalist
Anna Maria Bruni – Journalist Theater Writer
Paolo Buturini – Former Deputy Secretary of Journalist FNSI
Geivia Caiwano – City
Alberto Calcinai – Photojournalist Laura Calloso – Journalist
Luigi Kendreva – teaching high school philosophy
Antonio Cannon – Former Calabrian Il Domani journalist
Claudio Cardelli – Documentary writer and author
Giovanna Casagrande
Roberto Cassella
Fulvio Casey – Milan
Lucia Castagnoli – Doctor
Michelle Castagnaro – Nairobi (Kenya)
Patrizia Seconi
Ricardo Seriani
Alessandro Serminara
Alessandro Cyrillo – Photographer
Alessandro Cecilin – Area Agency Journalist
Luisella Clottey – Former Teacher
Gianndranco Crescentti – Journalist from Trapani
Maria Christina Kobianchi
Marco Collepiccolo -Cantalupo in Sabina (RT)
Francesca Commandini
Patrizia Cordon – Milan staff
David Costamagna – Kunio
Rosa Maria Cruzi – Former Teacher
Fiammetta Cucurnia – Journalist
Roberto Damiani – Florence
Pino di Maula – Journalist
Piero de Luca – School Manager, Naples
Pio D’Emilia – Sky TG24 correspondent from Tokyo
Veronica de Gregorio – Sociologist, Thoughtful Citizen, Former Journalist
Francesco de Eurio – Vigonza (Padua)
Marina de Marchi
Brno Demetz
Roberto de Nart – Journalist for Belluno Press
Claudio D’Esposito – Environmentalist
Juliet D’Atol
David Giacopino
Domenico Gigno – Journalist BO
Enzo de Stefano – Citizen
Gigliola Donadio
Paula Falcicio
Gabriela Ferrari Bravo
Nadia Finney
Michel Finigio – Director of the online newspaper
Marilena Freely – Cesto San Giovanni
Maria Grazia Gagliardi – City
Silvana Gazola
Andrea Gianelli – Psychiatrist
Antonello Cicozi – Cultural Anthropologist
Claudio Girardi
Tina Judis
Chiara Guinti – Librarian of Florence
Francesca Gomez – Psychiatrist in Verona
Licia Granello – Journalist
Gabriela Greco – Voltaires (Pisa)
Rosario Grillo
Marco Gracie
Stefano Landucci
Eagle Leoni
Luka Lepon
Donatella Lovison
Enzo Magio – Seflu (PA)
Marinella malaria – doctor, psychotherapist
Paolo Manzo – Freelance journalist
Claudio Marabotti – Doctor of Livorno
Costantino Marcedu
Guido Maregatti
Max Marletti
Eleonora Martinelli – City
Francesco Martingano – Lawyer
Donatella Martini
Maria Dolores Month – Psychologist
Simon Masetti – Journalist from Rome
Luciano Medici – Poreta Terme (BO)
Leah Melandri – Journalist
Giovanna Melis – Retired
Maurizia Migliorini – Professor at the University of Genoa
Elijah Mioni
Gianni Monty – House of People’s Rights
Luisa Morgantini – Former Vice President of the European Parliament
Carlo Maria Moscow
Massimo Nava – Della’s best columnist in Korea Balkan Former correspondent for Iraq
Oscar Nicodemo Former Huffington Post
Gabriela Nocentini
Daniel Ogniben – Lazio Regional Councilor
Antonio Ortolani – Retired
Ivana Ortelli
Mario Pesola
Paula Passetti
Alghiro Palazzo – Former Ansar journalist
Luigi Panebianco – Cassintegrato Alitalia
Elva Palchetti – Ripoli in Bagno (Florence)
Carlo Panjeta – Casoria High School Teacher
Giovanni Pascoli – Journalist (Venice)
Ferdinando Pellegrini – War Journalist, Former RAI and Print Media
Claudio Perugini – Cameraman Rome
Maria Pierre – Child Neuropsychiatrist
Ferdinand PG – Photographer
Benedetta Piola Caselli – Lawyer
Marco Pozzi – Director, University Professor
Orsola Priviter
Marika Puitcher – Photographer
Elena Rampello – City
Christina Ri – Former ANSA Journalist
Francesco Rhea – Duke University Medical Physician (USA)
Enrico Rondelli – Fosato de Vico (PG)
Marino Rugeri – Pesaro
Amalphia riji
Fiameta Rope – Sarjana (SP)
Michelle Santoro – Director. Sicily / World Observatory and surroundings
Ernesto Schumber – Naples
Kolar Maurizio Shiano
Vauro Sensei
Maria Aqua Simi – Journalist
Christina Stacey
Guido Story – Pensioner Pisa
Anna Maria Targioni Violani – Psychoanalyst
Rosa Tavela – Physician Former Calabria Regional Councilor
Stefano Tessie – Journalist
Jema TC
Valentina Tuya – Journalist from Milan
Giovanna Vietri – Retired Milan
Cosima Veneri
Claudia Veggie
Astrid Jay – Lecturer at La Sapienza University in Rome
On sunday
Paolo – Soprabolzano (BZ)

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