Bungee Fitness: Work out in the gym with a rubber band without gravity

Indoor fitness? Let’s do the weird thing!

We all want to fly in zero gravity from childhood. To do this, today, you don’t need wax wings: just sign up for a course Bungee fitness, One of the fastest growing trends in indoor sports, conquering the whole world from Thailand. But let’s take a closer look at what it is.

Bungee Fitness: What it is and how it works

Bungee Fitness or bungee gym is a very fun and at the same time very lively suspension discipline. It is practiced to support it Elastic cord Attached to the body through similar professional harnesses, used for sport climbing Bungee cord.

Bounce of rubber band It lets you go into space by playing with gravity, doing acrobatic movements, jumping and bouncing to the beat of music which is impossible to achieve in the general class of body weight at the gym.

Just watch a video of a lesson to understand how it might feel: remove both feet from the ground and lie down The feeling of flying. Choreographic sequences are exercises for sprint, arm and leg push-ups, back, abdomen and jump. All the exercises that are usually done in the gym can be done in mid-air, resisting the force of gravity and significantly reducing fatigue.

The benefits of bungee fitness: This is why they and others like it

In Bungee fitness fans, And of the gaseous chains that make up the absence of gravity in general, there are caliber stars. Madonna And Vanessa. The two celebrities first discovered that it was a very high-impact activity but so much fun that it almost ended the effort.

From the first lesson, one lives a life of experience Aerial danceAs explained by Camilla Luchini, creator of the Bungee Fly® brand, who founded the Bungee Fly Dance Company in Milan in 2019.

“Through this discipline you can communicate with your center of gravity – he explains his training courses – and tones the muscles of the whole body, especially the abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks and back. The area that has benefited the most from this type of training is COREThe center of the abdomen that includes not only the superficial and deep abdominal muscles, but also the paravertebral muscles, extending to the buttocks and pelvic floor.


Bungee Fitness Benefits: Fit, have fun and fly

Bungee is effective for developing fitness Movement coordination and oculo-muscle coordination. This is a complete body conditioner workout in all respects: you can do it within an hour and a half of class Burns As far as possible 1000 calories. All the muscles are sculpted without putting too much pressure on the joints and ligaments. In addition, tolerance, balance, adaptation and rhythm are developed.

The organism responds in the usual way to all cardio activities: increase lung capacity, blood volume, capillary. With all this we must add a beneficial effect on the psyche: the sensation of flight produces a Adrenaline rush which gives goodness and happinessAnd helps relieve stress during the day.

The beauty is that No special predispositions are required: Anyone can practice bungee fitness, if they are in good health and do not suffer from diseases like spondylosis, severe arthritis, hiatal hernia, herniated disc, damaged meniscus. And always rely on experienced and qualified trainers.


Not just bungee fitness: everyone is crazy about antigravity discipline

Bungee fitness is the most recent, but there are other training disciplines that allow you to do gymnastics in weightlessness and gravity. The most famous isAntigravity yogaWhich is practiced through hammocks hanging from the roof on which various positions are performed.

The last hour Pilates Cadillac It is practiced in suspension, performing simple Pilates exercises using a canopy-like tool equipped with hooks and rods but not resting on the ground.

Elastic tie rods are also used TRX suspension training, Inspired by military training and developed by “US Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick”. This type of training is also recommended for runners and cyclists who want to develop strength and stretch their muscles.

Finally, the inspiration for the circus world Zucchini fit to flyDeveloped by Reebok in collaboration with its artists Round playground du Soleil. In this case, a tool similar to a trapeze hanging from the ceiling is used. And we fly.

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