Call on the evening of May 3. Judgment already issued? By Lucy Percy

The war in Ukraine and the impending economic crisis surrounding Italy have cast a shadow over doctors, with the president of Venice’s medical order boasting that “our homepage of the site has surpassed nine in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of access.”

The undersigned, as a representative of the category, has given more than fifty interviews on radio and television in the last one year and has been published in the local and sometimes national press almost daily referring to our organization. “

Doctors’ orders call Dr. Balanzoni a punitive procedure; Readers will be amazed at what the doctor has done in the contest again:
The answer is nothing.

It is based on information that has already been heard.

It would be funny if it wasn’t for crying, but the joke is still in the beginning: in fact, even the meeting time is funny: 9pm.

There is a lot of talk about violence against women but in reality there is an opportunity to be a victim.
Lack of morality to force a woman to travel in the dark.

Any mother would be worried if her daughter was called to the office at 9 pm and
He thinks there is a corrupt person behind it; Instead for the orders of Venice and its own doctors
Mirror Deontology believes that summoning a woman to the Maestro station in the dark, often a scene of violence, is an accurate and even brighter fact, if one expects the evening to be stellar.

The resolution of 29.3.2022 with which it is called does not even give an account to the members present, it is a sign that we want to teach morality to others while in the dark, thus omitting any essential information so that an administrative work is a non-economic The order is valid.

In terms of resolution, the finger is pointed at “some of the numerous posts” without pointing.
From which social network these posts were extrapolated, on what date, but the context has been released and does not indicate who reported them; At least in the name of transparency and simple faith
The names of the journalists had to be sent to Dr. Balanjoni.
So far, with all the distortions, one would think that the resolution was written by one of the doctors hired by the hospital co-op who showed up drunk at work.
Instead the reality is bitter and calm, the resolution shows that the doctor was expressing himself. “
Violent, aggressive, obscene and intimidating anti-vaccination position without evidence
Scientific “. So, we are ordinary citizens, we ask ourselves: Balazoni is equipped with rights.
Aggression to get off at Mestre station for 9 o’clock?
It is recalled that President Leoni’s colleague, Padua President Dot. Chris had it
A few years ago, he expressed his anti-vaccination stance on influenza: “I have one with my clients.
The relationship of faith and I would not recommend something that is not experienced enough, in which
The state of conservation is displayed mercury “(Source:
It is valid to ask whether the whole disciplinary theater is a matter of direction and sympathy: if Dr. Balanzoni says it is wrong, but if Dr. Balanzoni says it. Crisarà, we understand, is
All that remains is for Albo Medici to run after the social work of the Chirugi Commission.
A doctor, suspension of other doctors who do not comply “do not forget”
Vaccination otherwise will not only disturb the penal code, but also the commission
The crime of its abuse should at least be provided to the appropriate prosecutor for self-reporting
Of course, if it turns out that there was a suspected doctor, Dr. Balanzoni can paint
Withdrawals, which, according to the commission, are “inadequate” and, in fact, have serious causes
A break with members from Tuesday evening, May 3, for the convenience of the President.
Dr. Balanzoni’s perversion is obvious: in addition to violating his privacy by sending
Provisional communication also to the prosecutor and the Ministry of Health, he was forced to go to an office at night that only gets during the day.
According to the order, the doctor’s scientifically opposed position has been denied by Venetian data:
About 81 health workers were infected last week, of whom 20 were injured
One week ago about 100 operators were infected and 8 were injured, they will come
Summons guilty of infecting patients?
We will see if darkness is really conducive to order and if darkness is favorable
As far as the European Court of Human Rights, going through the prosecutor’s office: the devil makes the pot but he
Even repetitive.

Not in Idea.

Lucy Percy

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