Dog breeds are compatible with Croatian sheep dogs

Dog breeds are compatible with Croatian sheep dogs. Let’s see what these varieties are and their main features.

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The Croatian Shepherd DogIt’s one Medium-sized dogs, With a rustic and essential look.

It measures about 40-50 cm and weighs 15 to 20 kg.

The Croatian Shepdog is an animal that is suitable for management and guarding SwarmBut many appreciate it Playmates, companion dogs and property guardians.

It tends to have a disposition The other dog wants to dominate the leader and even his owner, when he loves himself.

So, if you want to go with another dog, what are the compatible dog breeds? Croatian sheep with dog? Let’s find out together.

Dog breeds are compatible with Croatian sheep dogs

Croatian sheep dogs, Born in Croatia, this is a small obedient and hardworking dog, if well socialized it can go well with different breeds, But let’s find out exactly which dog breeds are compatible with the Croatian Shepdog.

There List of major varieties compatible with it Croatian Shepherd Dog:

  • Beaus shepherd dog;
  • Oropar dogs;
  • Dutch Shepherd Dog;
  • Brie sheep dog;
  • Kelpie Shepherd dog.

Beas shepherd dog

Beaus sheep dog It was also born as a guide dog for flocks.

Beaus Shepherd dog
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However, it is capable of performing a variety of tasks such as: Dogs, search and rescue dogs, Being enriched by an extremely courageous disposition.

Beauce’s Sheepdog She connects a lot with her family, she loves children, This is why it is often used Also pet therapy.

It is a large, large, square and well proportioned dog, measuring about 62-70 cm and weighing about 40 kg.

However, despite his physical qualities, if well-socialized from the puppy, he could share the space with the Croatian Shepdog.

Oropar dogs

The Oropa dog is an ancient shepherd dog breedOropa is also known as Shepherd Dog or Beales Shepherd.

The other shepherd
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Originally from PiedmontIt has always been used to control and manage sails across the Baylar region.

Characteristically very regional, Not aggressive with humans but especially defensiveWhen It is not very common with other dogs.

However, it can be a good companion for Croatian sheep dogs, as they work with passion and herd towards the mountains.

It also has additional features A rather independent, courageous and enterprising character. The Oropa dog is a medium sized dog, measuring 45-60 cm in height and weighing 18-35 kg.

He is the owner of a physicist Especially agile and activeA lean and strong muscle, proportionate, elegant and strong at the same time.

Dutch Shepherd Dog

The Dutch Shepherd dog is particularly affectionate and friendly. A loving, obedient, humble dog, always alert and always alert.

Two Dutch Shepherd puppies
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Police with it Very loyal breed With and from his Lord Loving and lively characterJust like Kelpie Shepdog.

And always like the latter, He is an excellent keeper of the sheep, An excellent animal employed for the civil service and a Highly appreciated companion dogs and games for kids.

This is a dog Medium-sized, very muscular, With a strong and balanced, agile and chic structure. It dries to about 57-62 cm and Weight 23-30 kg.

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Brie Shepherd dog

Comes with Brie Sheepdog Courageous dispositionWith an insightful preparation and A better dealing ability Different Problems

Brie sheep dog
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The Brie Sheepdog was originally a valuable pastoralistWhen Today Considered A good guard, search and rescue dog.

He is a very cheerful and active dog, he loves familyWith them he is affectionate and humble, but a strong will characterizes him.

She likes to be with the kids, which is why she is often used in stomach therapy as well.

This is not a dog that needs a lot of care, Tends to be in good health. However, It has to make a lot of movement and stay out.

Brie is medium to large in size of sheepdogRather massive but not thick, it measures about 62-68 cm and Weight about 38.5 kg.

Kelpie Shepherd dog

Shepherd dog KelpieAnd A breed of Australian descent, born from a cross between a border collie and a dingo.

Shepherd Kelpi
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This is a dog In size Average, In good proportion to that Measurements about 46-51cm e Weight about 14-21 kg.

Like the Croatian sheep dog, it was born as a guide dog for livestock Although It is currently used as a watch and companion dog.

She loves him Loves to play with family and kids, since + Too much Friendly, cheerful, active, affectionate and humble.

This is an adaptive, intelligent and therefore very prone dog Training but in order to share space with the Croatian Shepdog, he must socialize from a puppy.

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