Kovid, another 2,300 health workers infected: hospital in crisis for relocation

More health workers have been infected or re-infected by SARS-Cove 2 in Veneto: As of March 31, Azienda Zero has acquired 2,260 (Compared to 1,982 in the previous week), including 344 hospital white coats, 760 nurses, 342 social and health workers and 85 family doctors and free choice pediatricians. A problem that now exacerbates chronic and pre-covid staff shortages, has already been exaggerated by 502 doctors and 380 nurses suspended from service until 31 December because there is no vaccine, 200,000 blocked 200,000 need recovery by USL for Ukrainian refugees Provides additional load services for protected epidemics and visits, swabs and vaccinations. “The result is that, as always, those in the ward have to do twice as much work,” he explained Giovanni Leoni, Seymour Regional Secretary, Hospital Union -. Even fighting to organize medicine, radiology, intensive care, general surgery and first aid shifts. They have to take extra shifts or shifts based on their scheduled overtime, which is not paid. For some time, as a trade union, we have been saying that overtime hours approved by primary care professionals will be paid to doctors separately and will not be included in the item. The salary earned, So that they virtually disappear. At least this eternal consciousness of service should be recognized. “

Problem hospital

106 white coats and 126 nurses were not vaccinated but recovered from Covid-19 and then re-admitted to the service for the latest provision from the Ministry of Health, which forced them to immunize themselves within 90 days of infection and USL overcoming. Another task, the disposal of the concerned bureaucracy. In short, hospitals have problems and are at risk of losing patients. Sabino Eliseto, Head Professor of Cardiology at Padua HospitalSent a note to his colleagues in the department and cardiac surgery to warn: “The well-known and consistent size of the waiting list for hospitalization in cardiology, currently estimated at least 4-5 months, is constant and accurate. Assessment of access priority levels. And / or those who are on the list need to have a clinical condition and a preliminary assessment cannot be excluded from the hospital admission proposal. Inconsistencies have been found between the declared urgency and the actual clinical conditionEliasson therefore asked colleagues to fill out a specific, more specific form to request hospitalization of a patient who “must be informed of the current status of the waiting list.”

“The situation is dramatic”

“The situation in Vicenza is dramatic,” he said Andrea Gregory, Narcissus contact person, Nurses Union – Ward reduced by 5 or 6 operators affected by Covid. Even if the Omicron 2 variant does not cause symptoms or looks like a cold when vaccinated now, they should stay home until the tampons are negative, that is, at least 10 days. And especially in this situation Cardiology, Functional Re-education, Radiology, Endoscopy, Hemodynamics And it is not always possible to cover all nursing shifts in operating theaters, with the risk of reducing the number of beds or slowing down the waiting list. ” General managers do wonderful things to avoid it. “So far we are accustomed to doing without an average of 130 workers per week, infected – he confirmed Edgardo Contato, director of the Serenissima Local Health Authority – And what makes our lives more complicated is the hospitalized patients in the general ward who test positive for swabs later. Reconstruction is underway, fortunately I can rely on the willingness of doctors to exchange Venice and Maestro hospitals for compensation for the absence of colleagues. And since then the region has provided USL 28 million euros to buy additional services from employees, even though it is tired of the two-year epidemic. “We are infected like the rest of the population, but if we are tested twice a week we are immediately detected, even if 70% have no symptoms -” he said. Adriano Benazzato, regional editor of Anao Asomed (Hospital) -. Booster, taken four months ago, protects against serious illness and death, but not always against infection.

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