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A reminder to your loved one. A motto that represents us. Or an episode that marks life, for better or for worse. Tattoos are born as an indefinite mark on the skin, which tells the story of the wearer. From time immemorial a distinctive symbol of tribal society, from the Celts to the Aztecs to the Mরিori, tattoos are increasingly popular in modern society as well, renewing tradition with different shapes and styles, but keeping the meaning unchanged.

Tattoos: What the law says

Black or colored, tribal or Buddhist, Rules effective January 2022 The European Union prohibits some use Pigments containing isopropanal, A substance that can cause allergic reactions. So it is important to rely on expert tattoo artists who report the elements of what they tattoo before starting work. Favorite organ of men? It is ArmWhere a design, especially if it is small, can be hidden under the sleeve if needed.

The size and style of the tattoo

Black and white tattoos are most commonly used on the arm Tribal, Which adopts games of geometric shapes, curves and styled zoomorphic symbols. Wisdom, strength, courage, honor, some of the values ​​that embody animal graphics. For those who like it Old school style of twentieth century American schoolColor is a must, such as shading effects including anchor sizes, bottles and daggers, but also compass, sailing ships and nautical stars of navigation inspiration.


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Tattoo ideas for men on the arm

The arm is considered a mildly painful area to treat, although the elbow and inner part are exceptions. When the design of the arms becomes more minimal and smaller, we look for mathematical or even spiritual symbols such as the small cross, the infinite sign and the tree of life. Or you can still opt for Guide animals Very popular graphics for their symbolism, such as wolves, lions, tigers, snakes and owls, associated with feelings of freedom and independence.
But the arm is also the ideal part for tattoos BraceletWith an infinite variety of lines, chains and knitting, which creates a play of shapes with bracelets and watches on the wrist.

Small tattoo ideas for men

Small tattoos are among the latest and consolidated trends in the world Hand And Fingers. There is a need to return to tattoo artists with long experience who are able to work on miniatures with precision. The skin of the fingers and hands is, in fact, very delicate and thin, so small needles must be used. The subject is in recent fashion Ring finger tattoos, Which is valid as a promise of love. They became identical on the fingers of lovers and replaced the exchange of rings as a seal of love.

Small people tattoo

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Arm choice

It is important to make an initial reflection when choosing a weapon for your tattoo. Good outside or inside? Those who choose the front arm and the inside of the arm always want to have the design they choose under their eyes. About a The message that you want to remind yourself, As well as communicating with others. However, the upper and outer part of the arm is open to the naked eye and visible to those who choose it only in the mirror.
Very popular are forearms Animal statisticsThat part due to movement allows andMore realistic and fluid effect. As well as 3D drawing And fantastic stats. Make way for hummingbirds, octopuses, dragons and more or less invented landscapes.

Tattoo Man Characters

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Name and letter tattoos

For those who have a motto that represents their arm and wrist and they lend themselves particularly well to tattoos with letters. Famous phrases, Quotes And aphorisms Before we start talking they say something about our personality. But emotional relationships are also formed by names: that’s when they become weapons Dedication for parents, and children, Loves that lasts a lifetime. Partner? It is better to opt for Initials. After all, love lasts as long as it lasts, while tattoos last forever.

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