Mapei solution for FIT tennis courts

04/06/2022 – Measurements And the Italian Tennis Federation is pleased to announce the renewal of the Italian Multinational Inclusion Agreement between the official suppliers of the Federation. As such, Mepe will continue to leverage its innovative technologies in this favorite sport to create increasingly high-performance areas where the next sports competitions will be played.

Thanks to the relentless work of research and development laboratories, MapEi technology has sophisticated solutions for creating acrylic resin playgrounds, designed for indoor and outdoor environments: the resulting surfaces are perfect for performance, safety, comfort, resistance. All weather conditions and long lasting.

The renewal of the partnership with the Italian Tennis Federation marks an important recognition that places Mেইpec among the top companies in the resin sports flooring sector for tennis. It is a relationship that has developed over the years and is able to satisfy high-level performance requests for major events organized by the Federation.

Technology and performance

Floor system Mapecoat TNS Uniform ball bounce by Mapei, in favor of high-level technical performance with excellent game comfort and high resistance and elasticity features.

Mapei offers multilayer systems in acrylic resins – ITF (International Tennis Federation certified) – that can be made from scratch or even designed to be applied to existing floors, allowing satisfactory requirements for both professional, competitive and amateur use. Mapecoat TNS systems allow you to customize the performance according to your needs because, by selecting the base levels correctly, it is possible to gradually increase the comfort of the game and increase the elasticity of the floor.

For example, the modern Mapecoat TNS C systemushion Use layers of Mapei-enriched acrylic resin with recycled rubber granules with variable elasticity that, when modulated together, give a higher play comfort and a progressive shock absorption ability.

The multi-layer type system also offers high playing comfort Mat Which provides, instead, the installation of a prefabricated rubber mat with a high elastic performance at the base of the colored finish.

These modern multilayer systems, in addition to adjusting elasticity, vertical distortion, shock absorption and consequent play comfort, allow you to change the bounce of the ball and speed of play thanks to a variety of colorful finishes. In addition, the Mapei system requires less maintenance, which allows clubs to significantly reduce operating costs.

For the construction of playgrounds for temporary events, Mapei offers a removable system, ITF certified which, thanks to its versatility and speed of installation, can also be placed on existing floors and later removed while saving the underlying surface.

Aesthetics and color

From color charts to 36 color ranges from Melbourne Blue to Swiss Red, London Green to Paris Red, Sydney Blue, you can customize your sports flooring aesthetically. Also, MapE’s colormap tinting system is able to meet any color requirement on request because it allows you to customize indoor and outdoor playgrounds, as well as line tracing, freeing up your imagination and at the same time respecting comfort. Play and the athletes you need.

Sports in DNA

In Mapei’s history, the sports world has always played a pivotal role: thanks to the provision of flooring for the athletic track for the Montreal Olympics, the company entered the international and world scene first.

Today, Mepei represents a global partner in the construction and redevelopment of sports facilities for public entertainment or clubs, where tennis is practiced at both the amateur and professional levels. The collaboration with FIT marks a new milestone: Mapei is committed to bringing excellence that sets it apart and has seen the same results in the world of tennis.


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